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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Many students choose to study business in France.
How about the cost of French business schools?
Cost of studying abroad in French Business School Domestic:
Contract fees for studying abroad in China range from 14000 to 18000 yuan English learning costs IELTS study is about 38000 (CET-4 English reaches IELTS 6.5) IELTS test fees:
1750 yuan (exam time is available every week, but two months in advance) Current transfer and withdrawal fees remain unchanged at RMB 420 French face-to-face fee (also known as material audit fee) 2200 yuan (90 days before the start of school, CAMPUS FRANCE, the French Education Center, will be mailed for face-to-face signature, and it will take 4 weeks for materials to be audited) French Delivery Fee About 700 RMB (equivalent to 99 Euro RMB, the delivery time needs 5 working days after the end of the face-to-face signature, and so on.
The Wuhan Consulate is allowed to sign directly after the face-to-face signature).
Dual certification fees:
400 yuan (mainly used in France to apply for housing subsidy, if you need to mail to France, you need to pay 200 yuan postage fee) Overseas:
9000 Euro-20000 Euro Cost of living:
8000-10000 Euros per year Harvard is he registered for "reserve" of University The end of a year, Li Wenbo not only broaden their horizons, but also more and more confident.
"I can take an examination of the first grade senior high school in the United States, why not apply for the best universities in the United States?" Li Wenbo decided to focus on the "capture" of Yale University after coming back.
Because the Yale University was founded in 1701, along with Harvard, the Princeton University, over the years for American College and Graduate School (q) of the top three.
The 43 president of the United States so far in 6 from the Yale University.
Just in case, Li Wenbo to Harvard and MIT are listed in his "reserve" in the list of colleges and universities.
Yale, the United States will participate in college entrance examination of the SAT and TOEFL exaM. As the mainland did not set the SAT exam, in October this year, Li Wenbo went to Hongkong to participate in the SAT exam, and get 2250 points.
In November, the same score on the TOEFL exam, Li Wenbo confidently to the Yale University issued a request.
Li Wenbo said that the score is only Yale threshold, the application also requires one to two essay, teacher recommendations, extracurricular activity etc.
"A successful personal statement may be more important than high.
" Li Wenbo said that his personal statement "topic is what I've learned" in Oklahoma, tells the story of his high school in the United States do China culture club and the Sichuan earthquake donation experience.
"Yale University students very valued leadership qualities, see if you can have a positive impact on the environment around, can inspire people around doing something useful to the society.
" Li Maoqi said, this experience is very convincing, this is a lot of extra points for hiM. [interview]
In English and Yale alumni talk Obama The admission interview is also crucial to Yale University.
11 at the end of the month, Yale sent a foreign teacher in Beijing Yale alumni interview Li Wenbo.
"I talked with him for 3 hours, from the cultural differences between China and the us to talk to the U.S. presidential election, said Obama.
" Li Wenbo said that the interview is full English, like a chat, there is no standard answer interview questions.
"The interview did not pass, as long as the bold to express their views can be.
" Li Wenbo said, the interviewer asked his childhood experiences, exchange the feelings of students, and some views on current affairs.
Both men talked very happy, even from time to time point of collision.
Li Maoqi said, the interviewer will examine the applicant's knowledge through dialogue and reading the breadth and depth of thinking ability, expression ability, etc.
The ability to obtain the favor, is that students answer the questions and try to prove their views in the process of comprehensive quality show.
The evening of December 15th, Li Wenbo received the mail sent to the Yale University, congratulations he was admitted with a full scholarship.
The scholarship of $53 thousand a year, enough to pay his tuition at Yale, accommodation, living expenses and round-trip ticket.
Looking at the child let him correct Li Wenbo's mother is an associate professor at the Henan University of Technology, father is a sales manager for a company.
"We basically do not correct his mistake, but let him make mistakes, correct themselves.
" Wenbo said Dad, son they basically is much less observed and corrected, is completely "laissez faire" management.
An error correction, parents may be less than 100 times, he realized a child.
Wenbo said Dad, son also once addicted to computer games, parents do not have to scold him, but let go let him play.
School competition pressure, affect the results, he realized.
This "laissez faire" management makes cultural independence strong, had to rely on their own habits.
This father said, from June this year, pick school, curriculum, school, contact is ready to apply the information, the Internet is full of his own hand care, parents did not intervene.
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    ABOUT michigan local customs, tourist attractions
    The Ambassador Bridge
    The Ambassador Bridge is a bridge connecting international, Michigan in the United States of Detroit and the canadian province of Ontario, Windsor, as the international border Bridge North America's busiest, between America and canada more than 25% of the merchandise trade through this bridge, the bridge is for the United States and canada has important significance.
    The Ambassador Bridge began construction in 1927, completed in 1928 and opened to traffic, this is a magnificent bridge across the Detroit River, 2286 meters long, 46 meters from the river, the largest span of 564 meters, in the completion of the world has the longest bridge in central span.
    The bridge design is the art deco style and sleek modern architecture design, and the addition of a Gothic architecture, mainly made of steel, but the river on both sides of main tower made of steel made of silicon alloy, tower bottom concrete pier.
    The tower above the water depth of 118 meters, 35 meters, made of 19000 steel bridge middle span is only by pulling up the suspension, the leading road and leading up to the main column by the cantilever truss support structure.
    The Ambassador Bridge magnificent posture and important geographical position, in many novels, movies and TV series 0, such as film "the last giant", "8 miles", "this killer will be difficult", "Sicko", "Byrne" and other Bowling for columbine.
    Ambassador Bridge
    Reason: the busiest international border bridge in North America
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Michigan: [Michigan State]
    Detroit city attractions: [Detroit]

    The freedom of the sky at the University of Michigan
    University of Michigan is located in the eastern United States, the last post I study abroad for four years.
    Because of this, I especially cherish there in just a year's time.
    Three years ago, I was in England Volcker University (University of Warwick) to study economics.
    The days just to go abroad, I like many students, trying to adapt to the new environment, adjust their standard education system in Singapore has been the mode of operation.
    At the beginning, you cannot get rid of those eager to find a sense of belonging will, so many times, although everyone in different countries, but still live and life as before, with the same Singapore nationality friends, eat or the familiar dishes.
    Everybody is not willing to change yourself to adapt to the new environment, rather than changing the environment to adapt to their own.
    Of course, this is just a very general analysis.
    Among them, can really liberate yourself, try to deal with Singapore and foreign friends or students, but the proportion of There are plenty of people who may be biased, does the former more.
    University of Michigan is located in the Middle School of the bell tower, in the spring when the tulips with bright.
    The reason for this is too much, It differs from man to man.
    After all, the reason you go abroad, to achieve different goals.
    Finally, no one needs to explain to others why out of the country, the reason is also the day and Singapore student together.
    Maybe to get rid of in the British way of life, so I chose to pursue a master's degree in america.
    The traditional and conservative social values, to create a unique learning environment.
    The relationship between teachers and students is more formal, usually in addition to academic research, a rare opportunity for further cultural exchanges.
    In contrast, the University of Michigan is much more open and free.
    In this piece was a colonial empire soil, I breathe the air filled with the liberalism, the new life yearning for new introspection and reflection.
    Determined to put down past that rely on familiar faces and accent life day
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