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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is the cost of living in the United States for one year?
Cost of living:
RMB 8-100,000 per year Accommodation is the largest part:
the cost of living on campus is $3,000-7,500 per year, and the cost of renting off-campus housing is $3,600-7,200.
Book fees:
between $500 and $1000 a year; Food:
about $2,500 a year; Health insurance costs range from $300 to $500 a year.
In addition, there are travel expenses, transportation expenses and so on.
Meal and dormitory:
average $5000 Some schools require students to live in dormitories, at least for the first year.
There are also schools where students can walk.
The day-to-day students save more money than the resident students, but increase the cost of transportation.
Average $600 Dormitory fee refers to a double room.
It is necessary to know whether the accommodation fee includes bedding (quilt, pillow, blanket) and basic dormitory services.
If you live on campus during the summer, the budget for accommodation and meals will need to be increased by three months.
In addition, the school's transportation budget usually does not include your international travel between the United States and China, so you have to add this section of the two-way coSt.If you plan to change from residential to walking, you will have to bear the local transportation costs.
Personal expenditure:
average $1000 These expenses include basic necessities, services and activities, such as laundry, movies and sports.
Health insurance should also be includeD.If you have family members or special medical needs, your living expenses will increase a lot.
Roughly including:
comprehensive medical insurance fee $300 - $500, student activity fee $100 - $300.
The cost of studying books and personal expenses in the United States is about $600-2600, and the cost of miscellaneous expenses and insurance is about $150-1000.
In this way, the cost of living for studying in the United States is about $6750-14600 per year, which is estimated at $10,675 at the medium level and converted to about 90,000 yuan.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Redwood National Park, the United States of North america.
    Redwood National Park, located in the northwest of the Pacific coast of the western United States of california, 1980, UNEScO Redwood National Park as a natural heritage included in the "World Heritage list".
    The earliest I is from the American North American official website to understand, here is actually the world's tallest plant can grow to 350 feet of red cedar evergreen foreSt. Gary california, travel information, you can view the United States National Tourism Bureau of california chinese web page.
    More than 170 square kilometers of National Park, there are many more than 100 years old forest region, because here near the sea, mild climate and humid, Sequoia growth has created extremely favorable conditions, there is also the growth of one of the world's largest mahogany plant in california.
    Mature Redwood trunk tall, up to 70.120 meters, 800.3000 years old, plant landscape is rare in the world, in addition to the park there are a variety of rare animals and plants, more than 400 miles to the Panhandle, have beautiful beach, quiet valley.
    As we drove into the park, the sight of the large spread slowly rising global, spectacular and Sequoia trees.
    The more close to the more lush, until the clouds covered the sun..
    In the primeval forest, obviously feel here is very humid, many branches covered with moss.
    There is a 30 cm thick, short branches, tip, leaf can often deep green, sometimes pale yellow.
    The 800.1500 year old coast redwood, Sequoia mountains is as high as 2000.3000 years.
    Mature trees up to 70.120 meters.
    The Redwood thick skin, fat and small trees are strong water absorbing performance like sponge, so it has strong resistance and fire resistance.
    One special and strong vitality, fast growth, high survival rate, and even put its roots into pieces can grow new trees, so it is considered to be the world's most valuable species.
    Also known as Sequoia Sequoia, growth in california and Oregon, the Sequoia variety is the coastal redwoods and mountains sequoia.
    The coastal redwoods distribution in the Pacific coast mountains, at an altitude of 1000 meters on the slopes, adapt to the warm and humid climate, and the mountains in the southern coast mountains Sequoia distribution inside of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, at an altitude of 1600.2700 meters on the slopes, to adapt to the cold and dry climate.
    The Redwood National Park, 1980 has been included in the world heritage liSt. The north and south of the park stretches nearly 600 km, mature Redwood trunk up to 70.120 meters tall, 800.3000 years old.
    Plant landscape is rare in the world, in addition to the park there are a variety of rare animals and plants.
    Yosemite National Park (Yosemite) is one of the three oldest natural park here in the magnificent natural landscape and famous waterfalls, huge Huanggang rocks, towering, towering redwood forests and precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, so here throughout the year are packed with tourists from all over the world. In the beautiful natural scenery spectacular Yosemite or to leave everyone personally feel, so I think in this article to provide some more pictures and practical information to help you design your own tour line according to yosemite.
    Park overview Yosemite National Park is divided into four major scenic spots, corresponding to the four gate: Yosemite Valley (Yosemite Valley), is located in the center of the park, Yosemite attractions are mostly concentrated in the Yosemite Valley, including four falls (Bridalveil Yosemite Fall, Vernal Fall, Fall, Neveda, Fall) and Tunnel View, Half Dome, El captain, Mirror Lake and so on.
    And most of the accommodation and service facilities in the park, including the visitor center, catering accommodation, post offices, Museums have gathered here.
    This area corresponds to the west gate of the park, the road outside is 120. The town is also a popular choice outside the West Park hotel.
    Metasequoia (Wawona), located in the district on the south side of the park, there is the largest park a giant sequoia community, more than 300 species of Metasequoia touch the sky.
    There are two different areas of Metasequoia hiking route, lower loop takes about 1 hours to 4 hours, upper loop.
    This area corresponds to the South Gate Park, outside is highway 41. The dam area (Hetch Hetchy), located in the north-west corner of the park, there are no facilities, few tourists, only a huge dam, such as the jade lake.
    This is the area that we give up.
    This area corresponds to the north gate of the park.
    Meadow area (Tuolumne), located in the east of the park, here there is an elevation of more than 3000 feet, on both sides of the road are alpine meadows, open scenery.
    This area corresponds to the East Gate Park, outside is highway 120. Meadow area (Tuolumne) the way we play from San Francisco to Too vast lake, from Too vast lake to drive to the lonely Lake Mono, was granted from the east gate into Yosemite park.
    The road from the mountainside across the deep valley, peak height.
    Tunnel View this is one of the most famous Yosemite scenic spots, located in the Yosemite Valley area on the west side, from here you can see the Yosemite valley.
    The right hand side of the mountain waterfall is the bride Veil Falls (Bridalveil Fall), named for the mist shrouded like a veil.
    This evening, we chose the Yosemite Valley is located in the area within the Park Hotel (Yosemite Lodge at theFalls).
    In Yosemite Park beware: some guy bear!
    So, this is everywhere in the park bear box for camping outside the store visitors carry some easily attract bears items, such as food, with the smell of things and so on.
    check Inn Hotel, will give visitors bear special tips, parked outside in the vehicle must be clean, which can not leave any food, soap, perfume fragrant8 items can not stay.
    This is not alarmist, Yosemite park every year will more than bear in order to destroy the vehicle foraging events, so in the following, we car items are strictly clean.
    Yosemite Valley (Yosemite Valley) Yosemite Valley area is the focus of most of the tourists enjoy it, wide, about 7 years, a road through the valley, flanked by towering waterfalls and precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on both sides of the river, a wild profusion of vegetation large American pine, showing the magnificent scenery, simple, full of wild nature.
    Yosemite Valley Road basically is counterclockwise one.
    way, the middle two connected to a single line of fast connection channel, combined with the map, walk around the basic can remember.
    In the valley there is a river crossing, actually can not go to the scenic spots, but resort to the mentality of this release is the nature of city.
    Drip water, picnic, the sun is no better.
    Yosemite park half month mark Hill (Half Dome), although it has been eighty-seven million years old, is the youngest flowers in the park just rock.
    The Yosemite Valley area of another major attraction is the waterfall Valley, a total of four falls are: the bride Veil Falls (Bridalveil Fall), Yosemite Falls (Yosemite Fall), Vernal Fall and Neveda Fall.
    Bridalveil Fall bride veil falls: The Yosemite Falls is not the largest and highest waterfall, but considerable fame.
    5, June is the best season of Yosemite Falls, abundant water, great water from the cliffs above the vent, a low roar.
    The bride Veil Falls misty, under the action of wind and its transformation, the bride like a windblown veil, hence the name.
    Yosemite Fall Yosemite falls: Our hotel is very close to the Yosemite Falls, so you can hear it by the rumble of sound in the 1 stage.
    Yosemite Falls is the largest waterfall drop in North America, sixth in the world. Looking from the outside, the waterfall is divided into two sections obviously, are called on Yosemite Falls and Yosemite falls.
    There is a turbulent region between the two segments.
    The other two Vernal Fall and Neveda Fall falls, the need to walk to arrive, it is said that in the valley is not to see, but you can see from the Glacier Point, which is one of the best place to watch the sunset, see below for details.
    In addition to a photographer's magic falls without mentioning: horsetail falls (Horsetail), it is flying high in the Emirates (El capitan) on the rocks.
    It is in the most days of the year, but in February of each year in some specific days, this waterfall will appear "fire waterfall wonders.
    The sun shines into the time line just falls, the original white water was rendered as volcano lava flows, like a blazing fire waterfall, gorgeous and fantasy.
    This is June, natural stone missed such wonders.
    Glacier Point Glacier Point is located in Yosemite Valley 40 miles, looking across the half dome and the Yosemite Valley, is the need to focus on the recommended sunset viewing point.
    From the Yosemite Valley mountain is, there are continuous curves, and narrow roads, and banned the tourist bus into the car, only to.
    This road is generally open until May.
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