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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Standard of living expenses for studying abroad in the United States (in US dollars) First-class cities:
mega-cities in the United States San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Hawaii, Chicago, Washington Capital, 1,000-2,000/month Secondary Cities:
Big Cities in the U.S. (in U.S. Dollars) Pittsburgh, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Detroit 0-1,000/month Level 3 cities (in US dollars) South, Midwest, Southeast, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Utah, Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, 0-800/month Level 4 Cities:
Other Regions (in US Dollars) Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, South Carolina 0-600/month For example, the monthly rent for a single room in Manhattan, New York, is about US0-1200.
If you arrive in Kansas, it's only about US0-700.
The price of a bottle of fresh milk in New York is almost as low as that in Kansas.
Generally speaking, accommodation includes meals in the monthly rental expenses of the host family, but additional transportation expenses must be borne.
If you live in a dormitory, you have to pay extra for meals.
Students can use the school restaurant or buy a buffet carD.Each meal ranges from $2 to $7. The cost of studying abroad in the United States is the most important consideration for students and parents.
These are the basic cost of living for students studying in the United States every year.
Because there are differences in the cost of studying abroad in different regions, we choose the most suitable colleges according to our own conditions to avoid the impact of economic pressures on children's studies.
The new regulations of Yale Yale University life has been strictly controlled and manipulated orders.
The school not only allows the sophomore "repair" freshman (this is also known as the "run"), actually they are expected to do so, said this to the tradition of the school.
Freshmen are required to follow.
The following is the specific provisions of the new school: Was admitted to Yale, every student must comply with the following regulations, the regulations formulated by the code of conduct and maintain good order of the department.
Bill: high grade students have the responsibility to the school rules and customs to teach students, they have the right to order the entire freshman class or any of a member at a specified time and place for acceptance or admonition and guidance.
Act Three: in the principal or the professor in front of the office or in the front yard, the principal distance of ten bar (a special unit of length equal to 5.5 yards or 5.03 meters' distance), Professor eight bar, five bar within the distance of counseling teachers, students and other students must take off, not allowed to wear a hat (except stormy weather).
Five: the new regulations shall be dressed in robes, not with crutches or untidy clothes or not wearing a hat to appear outside his room; every newborn to high school students to speak or have high grade students to speak, freshmen should take off his hat, until the other show it can wear a hat.
Without invitation, new and high grade students may not play; he is not allowed to show any close move to theM. Rule six: in the face of personal humiliation circumstances, Junior can provoke reprimand and give new.
In similar circumstances, sophomore can leave to senior, then we can give a new life to reprimand, detention time shall not exceed five minutes.
After this time, even without permission of newborn can also be returned, but must leave in a respectful way.
Fourteen: when the new regulations in the vicinity of any door of the campus, he had to look around, to observe whether high school students are walking towards the same door; if someone comes along with a distance of less than three bar, without the permission of the other.
He may not be through the door.
Downstairs, after the entrance or any other time in the narrow channel, if the students met high grade students, he must stop out of the way, the most convenient for the other side (if the stairs for the handrail side).
The new school can not run at the Plaza or stairs, nor from the window of any school greeting.
Enter the senior dormitory must knock on the door, and the bedroom door intact, either open or closed.
Enter the senior dormitory, they shall not speak, people speak to them until they have to answer all the questions; modestly, words must be courteous.
Unless invited to sit down, otherwise they shall be dissolved in senior room stay.
Students every time to enter or leave the room, or in any senior presence, they should always get up, get permission before shall not sit in the front.
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    ABOUT north-carolina local customs, tourist attractions
    An ancient building Museum is located in Fayetteville city of Rowley street in Rowley city, the beginning of the first exhibition in 1993, is a focus on the story of Rowley city history Museum.
    The establishment of a history Museum is a local historian Bess crabtree (Beth crabtree) in the hope that after the death of her wish to achieve.
    The Museum aims to protect the city of Rowley for the future of the past, the collection and protection of cultural, educational programs for the public, so that more people understand the history of the city of Rowley.
    The Museum's main exhibition "let us forward --- Rowley for civil rights in the way," Rowley from 1000 acres "and" Rowley city flag, lost and found".
    "Let's go the way of civil rights - Rowley" focuses on the changes of the 20 century in the middle of 50 to 20 in the mid 70 century occurred in the city of Rowley and the great struggle.
    You know one of the 450 city Rowley city has the world flag?
    Rowley, the banner is how to produce, who designed, what does it mean?
    This series of questions will be answered in the "Rowley city flag, lost and found".
    Raleigh city Museum
    Reason: the best Luo city Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, North carolina State: [North carolina State]
    city Attractions: Rowley [Raleigh]

    Morehead planetarium and Science center is located at the University of North carolina at chapel Hill campus, was first opened in 1949, it is for the purpose of interstellar navigation technology training project Gemini and Apollo plan astronauts.
    The astronomy and Science center is one of the oldest in the United States, the largest astronomical center, in its 2009 60th anniversary anniversary year, received a total of seven million tourists from all over the world. Morehead planetarium and science center had copernicus orreries, the largest in the world, until 1990, this set of equipment is composed of the University of North carolina at chapel Hill alumni John Monterey - Morehead (John Motley Morehead) III donors.
    The Observatory has a carle Zeiss 6 type astronomical projector, this is one of the United States is now using the Zeiss 6, the observatory dome 68 feet in diameter, making it the largest Observatory in North carolina.
    In addition to the display of the observatory, planetarium and Science center in its NASA Digital Theater provides high resolution movies and live science show, open to children and adult classes, summer camp, monthly astronomical observation activities, guest lectures and other activities.
    On February 23, 2007, Morehead planetarium and Science center opened its first interactive exhibition hall focused, it close to the limit of the size of display of the development in science today.
    The astronomical science center and the most popular astronomy Exhibition "Magic Tree House: space characters" and "target space", "the sun and her companions", "extinct!"
    And "Bethlehem star".
    Morehead Planetarium and Science center
    Necessary to Reason: North carolina's largest Observatory
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, North carolina State: [North carolina State]
    city Attractions: orange [Orange]

    Wiley is a lake across the United States in North and South carolina lake name from the catawba power company (catawba Power company) founder Wiley (Dr.
    Gil Wylie), for the 325 mile long coastline and famous Wiley Lake in 1904 due to the dam and the formation of the dam, rebuilt in 1924, the lake area has been expanded, is one of the most ancient lakes on the catawba river.
    The lake surface area of 54 square kilometers, the depth of up to 73 meters, has become the most important local people on weekends and holidays of entertainment.
    The lake provides a boat tour of the area for tourists, but also for the fishing enthusiasts provides fishing places.
    Is the most beautiful season of Wiley Lake in autumn, autumn quietly lush trees on both sides of the lake is dyed red, yellow, with green, their reflections are reflected in clear water, people can not distinguish the real or reflection.
    Lake Wylie
    Reason: North carolina's most picturesque lakes
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Province, North and South carolina, [North carolina and South carolina States]

    Sherlock, the National White center is located in North carolina, which opened in 2006, is a non-profit, outdoor recreation and sports training venues, Olympic slalom sports official training sites.
    A torrent of inspiration comes mainly from the center established for hosting the 2000 Olympic Games in Penrith Stadium (Penrith Whitewater Stadium) torrent, the main characteristics of artificial circulation Bailanghe the world's largest and most complex.
    The torrent center has 12 million gallons of water every 24 hours will be through filtration and UV system for purification, divided into two composed of obstacles in the waterway, drop of 6.4 meters, to facilitate the game.
    Torrent center is mainly used for water sports and sports activities on land and air sports held, such as white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking.
    us National Whitewater center
    Reason: the most popular American jet center
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, North carolina State: [North carolina State]
    city Attractions: Sherlock [charlotte]

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