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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
One of the ways to save money for studying in American high schools:
Choosing public high schools 360 Educational Group introduces public high schools in the United States, which are similar to those in China to some extent.
Some public high schools are also built by the U.S. government at the expense of the U.S. government, and the U.S. government budgets part of the teaching expenses every year.
The number of public high schools in the United States may be slightly higher than that of small classes in private high schools in the United States.
Therefore, the tuition fees of public high schools in the United States must be lower than those of private high schools.
Two Ways to Save Money by Studying in American Senior High Schools:
Choosing Boarding Families to Save Food Costs If the child lives in a boarding family, it will save a lot of money to eat with the members of the boarding family, and the host of the boarding family is usually middle-aged, they will take good care of the child.
Three Ways to Save Money for Studying in American Senior High Schools:
Save Tuition Fees and Buy Second-hand Textbooks In the United States, textbooks are quite expensive than in China, not only three times as many as in China, but also to change units into "dollars".
If you don't want to see the price drop when you get the textbook at the beginning of school, you'd better take a good way to save money and not affect your studies - buying second-hand books.
Purchasing second-hand books in the United States is a reasonable and legitimate move, but it should be noted that:
do not make it easy to copy textbooks, otherwise you may constitute a tort, you know that the United States attaches great importance to copyright countries.
Four Ways to Save Money for Studying in American High Schools:
Transportation Taxis in the United States are expensive and many cities don't have taxis, so students in big cities can save money on transportation by using extremely convenient transportation facilities, such as buses and subways, for about $1.5 each.
If you live in a school, you can save money on transportation.
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