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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Types of Student Expenses in the United States The types of study expenses in the United States are mainly classified as tuition, living expenses, insurance premiums, incidental expenses, application fees and so on.
The tuition and living expenses account for a large proportion.
The tuition fee is usually around $25,000 a year, which is the standard for most schools.
First-tier cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Chicago and Miami, cost about $15,000 a year, second-tier cities about $12,000, and central cities about $10,000.
Expenses for Undergraduate Studying in the United States According to the approximate tuition fees of private universities:
In the four-year system, the annual tuition fee is $30,000, or RMB 189,000.
The total four-year tuition fee is RMB 756,000.
Public universities are cheaper than private universities of the same rank.
One year's tuition fee is $25,000, or RMB 155,000.
Four years'total tuition fee is about RMB 620,000.
The above are only tuition fees, excluding living expenses.
Because of different schools and different majors, the cost of studying abroad in the United States is also different.
Costs of Studying for Graduate Students in the United States American master's degree usually takes two years, such as management, computer and other disciplines.
One year's study includes LLM in finance and law, while accounting takes nine months to 19 months.
The tuition fees vary greatly depending on the academic year of the major and the difference between public and private universities.
Law School:
Between $43,000 and $35,000 a year.
Business School:
$46,000 to $39,000 per year.
College of Engineering:
$35,000 to $15,000 per year.
In fact, there is another algorithm for master's fee.
Most Masters in the United States calculate tuition fees according to the number of credits they took in that year.
A credit in a first-tier city or top 30 schools is about $1300-1500.
Other cities or schools are about $1000.
Masters'credits are about 40 credits.
So we can calculate the total tuition fees in the United States based on this.
The above are only tuition fees, excluding living expenses.
Because of different schools and different majors, the cost of studying abroad in the United States is also different.
Doctoral Study Expenses in the United States The cost of a doctor is basically the same as that of a master's degree, but most scholarships are considered when applying for a doctor's degree.
Applying for a full prize is almost free of tuition fees, while half-prize goes out at about 500,000 yuan.
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    ABOUT georgia local customs, tourist attractions
    classic tricky "Amen corner" Augusta International Golf club stands on the top of the hill, after Jones and Roberts first came to this land, this is quickly becoming the dream of Jones golf course.
    Augusta fairway is undoubtedly the best in the world. In Japan, there are many golf clubs in the fairway design follow Augusta.
    Because this course is a model of strategic design, so that each one of the golf players must seriously consider how every shot.
    The club is built, according to Perry Maxwell, Robert Jones and Jack Niklaus were famous golf master's instructions were rebuilt, the track is more classic The club has a standard 18 hole site and a 9 hole site, at the foot of the mountain, through the woods, at the corner of the stadium is 11, 12 and 13 holes, is considered the world's most difficult hole, also known as the "Amen corner".
    It originates from the famous American golf writer Hobo Valenvind, because he thought the ball here, only by praying to God to make the ball played ping.
    In the "Amen corner", as well as the difficulty of hitting ball in the rapid speed of rolling green, constitute the main features of Augusta stadium, also make it become an important means to test the level of golf players.
    Many golf masters also, this also wins.
    The 11 hole is 455 yards long par 4 in the front and left the pond surrounded by Nick Fedo in 1989, 1990 masters overtime two consecutive champions.
    There are some players including Jack Niklaus, rise above the common herd, that 155 yards long par 3 12 hole is very difficult, kicking off need to be cautious, to avoid trouble.
    The 13 hole is a dogleg, 465 yards long and 5 bar holes, 12 holes for players is a great challenge.
    Many players are trying to hit the ball from the distant green, but the ball falls in the hole before the stream.
    Their name "" Every hole Augusta National Golf club is named after growth in the course of the trees, flowers and shrubs.
    Along the fifteenth fairway and green blooming magnolia is the name of the fifteenth hole.
    The pitch of the most demanding twelfth hole, named forsythia.
    Those beautiful flowering trees and shrubs and careful care of the edge of the pitch, and manicured fairways and greens side by side.
    Fairway looks very attractive, broad green and full of vigour, and only sporadically visible bunker.
    In recent years, it has a lot of improvement, but the overall planning and design of the stadium style changes in the 70 years of follow the basic design idea of Jones -- as much as possible the use of natural conditions here without having to rely on artificial obstacles, to make the game interesting.
    Private management The club of Augusta to implement a very personal management, the green fees and membership lists are confidential.
    It is said that Augusta is now a total of 300 members, is America's top political and economic elite.
    To join the membership only after the recommendation to apply for membership, only when the existing members died or exit, the applicant's eligibility to positive.
    So far, Tiger Woods is an honorary member of the club.
    Savannah's natural landscape
    Savannah is a city of southeast Georgia, is located in Savannah near the mouth of the river was built by James Oglethorpe in 1733, is the oldest city in the state, since the early nineteenth century became a major port in the United states.
    In this small town with a population of 130 thousand, living a lot of love of gardening, Jeanne is one of them.
    Gardening occupies almost all her life.
    In a Steel corp and an empty train station on the grounds of Jeanne's paradise plant.
    She has no specific planting plan, the garden as a daisy in the sea spread growth.
    Jeanne's love of climbing plants to be, she is currently the what kind of plant is more suitable for Savannah's sand and marsh weather.
    Jeanne said: "I love such a thing used to describe yourself, gardening of the human nature in the natural place."
    So her garden can be seen everywhere from recycled materials to do the design, like hanging down from the tree made of abandoned pipe snake, and pleasant shape of the scarecrow, it reminded her of life in the weSt. Look around the garden, you can find she is very good at things will give new meaning.
    In addition to her garden fence typical brick stone edge, and oak, blue glass bottle and the insulator.
    Jeanne rarely buy plants, but love the exchange of seeds and plants and others, which makes everything in her garden has a significant history.
    Every year she recorded the story of the garden, and every week for "Savannah Morning Post" wrote a column in the comments here live.
    To come to Savannah to see who will notice this spectacular oak, clusters of grey green parasitic vines hanging on the vertical.
    Although these parasitic vines are epiphytic plants, but not mosses, but the bromeliad family, can grow up to six hundred or seven hundred metres long.
    They are grown on the oak tree and other plants, making nutrients through photosynthesis, absorb moisture from the air, it will not cause damage to other plants.
    A landscape that is in Savannah, it grows from Virginia to Florida, from the west to the Texas state humid coaSt. When you are in Savannah, one stop shade in the 21 square, ancient city, can be closely observed that.
    These characteristics of plants to Savannah to add a lot of unique flavor.
    Emory University of Emory University was founded in 1836, is located in the United States Georgia, Atlanta, is a long history, outstanding comprehensive private schools.
    In 1999 and 2000 the United States University Ranking in the school is sixteenth and eighteenth respectively.
    The school has a total student 1 million people, including graduate students more than 1500. School of capital adequacy, the total assets of more than 11 billion dollars.
    As the founder of the coca cola co has donated a lot of money to build the school, so the school has a "coke University" title.
    The school scholarship for many outstanding students, the scholarship or full tuition is not what difficult.
    The school consists of many disciplines, ten undergraduate majors.
    The medicine, dentistry, law, chemistry, psychology, history, philosophy, mathematics, English and other professional students favored by.
    college of Arts and Sciences, School of business, School of medicine, School of Dentistry, law school and graduate school also do very distinctive, enjoys a high reputation.
    college of Arts and Sciences graduate students enrolled in science: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, biostatistics, computer science etc.
    School of business in several American Graduate School Ranking in the top 25, its unique "leadership and occupation study" curriculum has long attracted many national administrative personnel and executive participate in various seminars, not only expand the students knowledge, but also naturally to bring competitive graduates employment opportunities.
    Other less influential business courses and commercial bank management, international finance, organization and management.
    The evaluation of the graduates of the school's many large companies in the United States is the leadership and ability to exclude the difficulty.
    The school has a social science research center, research station, killing plateau biological function control research center, humanities, health research institute and other research institutions, most of which has a strong academic ability, can be awarded a master or doctor degree.
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