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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Living expenses for studying in the United States.
The living expenses of studying in the United States mainly refer to clothing, food, housing, transportation and other aspects.
Here, let's just talk about eating for the time being.
How much do you need to spend for meals in the United States?
Way 1. Dining in the school dining hall:
Eating a canteen is simple and fast, but it costs a little more than cooking by yourself.
A normal lunch (similar to the level of Peking University Farm) costs about $4 to $8. PIZZZA in the United States is also very cheap.
Supermarkets sell $2-3 each.
You can buy one and share it with your classmates and friends.
Way 2:
Make your own meals.
This is a cost-effective way.
First of all, many Chinese students can't stand American fooD.They can save money.
Let's figure it out.
1. Rice:
American rice is divided into good rice and inferior rice, good rice is quite expensive, broken rice is very cost-effective, and the price of domestic rice is almost the same.
Good rice costs less than $1 a pound (1 pound = 0.
45 kg).
2. Vegetables:
Vegetables cost about $1-2 a pound, but there are also cheaper ones.
For example, tomatoes are expensive when they are produced, and cheaper two days ago.
3. Meat:
Meat prices in the United States have always been similar to those in ChinA.But beef is more expensive.
It costs $10 for 2.3 pounds.
We can divide the dietary expenses of American towns into four grades:
the first is less than one dollar per meal, you can eat noodles with old stepmother; the second is between $1 and $2, generally speaking, girls can do this, boys are more difficult; the third is between $2 and $3, you can eat better and more full, men only; the fourth is more than $3, belongs to luxury type.
This shows that if you want to live well, the cost of maintaining a meal is $2 to $3. Two meals a day totals $5. If you add one dollar for breakfast, six dollars a day and 180 dollars a month, it's okay to have less than $200.
Way 3. Dining out:
It costs about $5 to $8 to eat a hamburger, sandwich or pizza at a snack bar in the United States, about $15 to $30 for a better restaurant, and no more elegant environment than $50 per person (which is basically the upper limit of corrupt life for international students).
Note 1. Tips:
American fast food restaurants don't need tips, such as McDonald's KFC, and restaurants with waiters need tips.
The amount is usually 15% to 20% of the meal price.
A table of friends only gives a tip when they eat together.
Of course, tipping more or less is entirely voluntary, but when the restaurant service meets the basic standards, it is basic personal courtesy to give appropriate tips.
Note 2. Snack fruit:
There is no reason why there are so many fat people in America, because American sweets are cheap.
For example, the price of Haagen-Dazs is only 1/4 of the domestic price, 27 yuan is sold here for $1, 78 yuan is sold here for $2.95, and 340 grams of Hershey chocolate is $2.3, DOVE is similar to this price.
American fruits are very expensive.
Watermelons are sold "one by one" and warehouse is sold for $5.99, equivalent to 40 yuan for a small watermelon.
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