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How much does it cost to go to high school in the United States every year?
Traditionally, most of the American high schools that international students apply for are American private high schools.
Next, we will take private high schools as an example to explain the cost of high school.
1. Tuition + board and lodging The main difference in American high school tuition is accommodation.
According to the different ways of accommodation, American private high schools are divided into boarding high school and walking high school.
Students who choose American boarding high schools to live in school dormitories are safe and secure.
Students can also get more study time, and enjoy all-round guidance from school teachers.
Their grades improve faster.
But boarding high schools in the United States are relatively expensive, with an average annual cost of between $40,000 and $50,000.
The cost of high school boarding is generally more than $60,000.
2. Personal pocket money As a high school student, most of his time is spent in school or in a boarding family, usually without excessive personal expenses.
In big cities, such as New York, Boston and San Francisco, personal expenses are higher.
If children like to shop or eat in restaurants with friends, their living expenses can easily be doubleD.Everyone's consumption level varies.
Most students spend $1,000 a year, equivalent to RMB 6,300.
3. Incidental expenses The incidental expenses of American high schools generally include books, medical insurance, extracurricular activities, school uniforms and so on.
These costs vary from school to school.
Generally speaking, books cost about 500 to 800 dollars, medical insurance cost about 500 to 1500 dollars, extracurricular activities cost about 300 to 1000 dollars, and school uniform cost about 500 dollars.
In addition, there will be school registration fees, Guardian supervision fees, ESL and other fees.
In summary, about $2,500 is needed, equivalent to about 16,000 yuan.
4. Transportation charges The annual round-trip domestic air ticket is about 16,000 RMB.
On average, an international student spends 300,000 yuan a year in the United States, multiplied by 4, which is 1.2 million yuan for four years in high school.
To sum up, if a child is thrifty and hard-working in the process of studying in the United States, it will cost about 1.31 million yuan from preparing to study in the United States to completing four years of high school life.
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