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How much does it cost to go to high school in the United States every year?
Traditionally, most of the American high schools that international students apply for are American private high schools.
Next, we will take private high schools as an example to explain the cost of high school.
1. Tuition + board and lodging The main difference in American high school tuition is accommodation.
According to the different ways of accommodation, American private high schools are divided into boarding high school and walking high school.
Students who choose American boarding high schools to live in school dormitories are safe and secure.
Students can also get more study time, and enjoy all-round guidance from school teachers.
Their grades improve faster.
But boarding high schools in the United States are relatively expensive, with an average annual cost of between $40,000 and $50,000.
The cost of high school boarding is generally more than $60,000.
2. Personal pocket money As a high school student, most of his time is spent in school or in a boarding family, usually without excessive personal expenses.
In big cities, such as New York, Boston and San Francisco, personal expenses are higher.
If children like to shop or eat in restaurants with friends, their living expenses can easily be doubleD.Everyone's consumption level varies.
Most students spend $1,000 a year, equivalent to RMB 6,300.
3. Incidental expenses The incidental expenses of American high schools generally include books, medical insurance, extracurricular activities, school uniforms and so on.
These costs vary from school to school.
Generally speaking, books cost about 500 to 800 dollars, medical insurance cost about 500 to 1500 dollars, extracurricular activities cost about 300 to 1000 dollars, and school uniform cost about 500 dollars.
In addition, there will be school registration fees, Guardian supervision fees, ESL and other fees.
In summary, about $2,500 is needed, equivalent to about 16,000 yuan.
4. Transportation charges The annual round-trip domestic air ticket is about 16,000 RMB.
On average, an international student spends 300,000 yuan a year in the United States, multiplied by 4, which is 1.2 million yuan for four years in high school.
To sum up, if a child is thrifty and hard-working in the process of studying in the United States, it will cost about 1.31 million yuan from preparing to study in the United States to completing four years of high school life.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Palm Springs air Museum is located in the United States of california Palm Springs, founded in 1994, is a non-profit educational Museum, aimed at great contribution through the rich and colorful exhibition so that more people can understand the World War II Fighter made war victory.
    The collection of various Palm Springs Museum of aviation aircraft, including various items of art, books and other related to the history of the United states.
    This is the largest Museum of military aircraft of World War II, most of the aircraft are used in World War II in the movie.
    The Museum's exhibition of World War II aircraft riotous with colour, outside the Museum display is the mainstream of the aircraft, allowing visitors to understand the history at the same time, can also follow the trend, to understand the modern aviation weapon.
    The Museum's opening hours a week from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00, Thanksgiving and christmas.
    Palm Springs Air Museum
    Reason: most of World War II aircraft aviation Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    city Attractions: Palm Springs [Palm Springs]

    Water Disney Hall (Walt Disney concert Hall) is located in california Losangeles, is a Los Angeles Music center fourth building, by Liz laureate general Frank Gary grams of building design, the main hall can accommodate 2265 seats and a 266 seat theatre with Roy Disney and hundreds of small theater seats.
    Disney hall is the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra and choir group headquarters.
    Its unique appearance, make it become an important landmark in downtown Losangeles South avenue.
    Disney hall was completed in October 23, 2003, an important feature of modeling with Deconstruction Architecture, as well as strong Gary metal roof style sheet.
    After the completion, as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, caused a lot of damage to the city is the dispute, and the field of architecture also holds whether the acoustic design of concert Hall effect and good doubt its internal space.
    But after several musical performances, and the Los Angeles Music center another important music hall, Doris chandler Hall (EN) compared to the music hall good acoustics is acclaimed.
    Santa Monica (Santa Monica) is the most famous Venice beach, the scenery is very beautiful, artists along the coast at the seaside beach Avenue put a road of art.
    The various categories of art sold here.
    I remember Ying Da filmed a drama, that is chinese story in Losangeles, Song Dandan, Yang Lixin's name did forget.
    One scene is Venice Beach Art Avenue, this drama for more than 10 years, but I came here to see is a dozen years ago and the scene as like as two peas.
              On the road of many skateboarding young people are guangzhebangzi playing in Beijing in January 6th will be frozen to death this dress?
    The temperature today is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, plus plenty of sunshine is really hot, swimming in the sea is also a lot of tourists, the climate of california is really good.
    Especially in Losangeles, the climate in northern california will be significantly better than in southern california, the climate of San Francisco is very famous, the Americans describe the climate of San Francisco is in just one day a year, early in the evening of the seasonal climate, the diurnal temperature range is very big.
    The roadside lawn lay many homeless beggars, all the luggage is on the back, on the lawn with cover quilt shop even fast asleep, and a game of a fat, and the beggar to form a strong contraSt.           In the street the chair saw print occupy Wall Street, 99% civilians in the interests of the people shouting loudly, but the number of the middle class sports participation is unexpectedly high, the United States also discuss social problems appear the gap between the rich and the poor.
    This is the middle class and the bottom of the people against the US fiscal policy, which is unique in the history of the United States, the United States has been proud of is a large middle class, they and the bottom of the people against the common enemy against Wall Street can not reflect the US fiscal policy.
              At the seaside Avenue 1 to play, I feel a little hungry, to start their own car on the car to the next destination - 3 street.
    The 3 street is equivalent to the Wangfujing in Beijing, is a commercial street, is a pedestrian street.
    3 street is a place, I do not have a specific address, it can not use GPS to my own car navigation, in Santa Monica (Santa Monica) around blind, saw a sign written on the 12 street, then go to the sea to open a road sign 11 street, well, see what happened, has been opened in the past toward the sea is good, the next road just like flashcards has been opened to 3 street.
    To the place I know 3 Street in the seaside, I just play in place not far, I don't have to take the car, walking and playing can be here.
              Now the first problem is that I have to find a parking lot, parking lot ground are scarce and expensive, the general parking places in the United States to Rise a quarter meter 15 minutes off street parking lot, $1 is the price for 1 hours.
    Here is different, obviously more expensive, I slowly open to see if we can find a parking lot, my life is very good, not far away in the 3 at the end of the street there is a vacant parking building.
    Pull in to the ground in accordance with the direction of the arrow to find parking, finally has been open at the top of the nine floor to find parking spaces, good suspension!
    A moment later no parking.
    Take the elevator downstairs out of the parking floor of the alley, turn to the right is just beginning of 3 Street, 3 street to the east end of about 1000 meters from here, I can see it from A to Z to famous commercial street.
         I must first solve the problem of food and clothing, has more than 2 in the afternoon, I did not eat, morning and go the road so much, I really feel hungry.
    Go to a shopping mall and 3 Street, there are a variety of restaurants, I went to a fast-food restaurant street selling all over the world, which have fast food, I don't know much about other countries diet, may also do not adapt to the taste, so the first Japanese fast food in front of the door up.
         The menu box English generally can understand, the waiter greeted me warmly, ordered a shrimp Bento and a bottle of juice boxes, photo is made of wood lattice boxes traditional Japanese style, looks very attractive, but really to take meal when is used in the canteen and domestic plastic tray and as a disposable fast food box Sheng meal.
    The weight of rice is enough, slowly to finish this meal, unscrew the juice, a little drink, is also considered when brushing, when chewing gum.
              After dinner to the sun on the leisure square seat while california winter sun, very warm, very comfortable, some feel be sleepy straws.
    Just took some photos, and walking along the street to walk up.
    Here are some stores, the shop price is not cheap, and side outlets compared to expensive, tourist area, naturally not high quality and inexpensive.
    There are many street 3 Street, show their programs, some people are not to live, do not need to watch the money.
    There is a very fat man, a little girl wearing a mask, a small plait of caps, clumsy dancing with the music giggle and flirt, around a large sign is the marriage conditions: to have Bill Gates's wealth, Tom.
    cruise's appearance, Obama's bizarre rights in the end, he also did not understand what is the purpose
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