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How much does it cost to go to the United States for an mba?
How much does it cost to go to the United States for an mba:
tuition Generally speaking, it takes two years to go to the United States for an MBA.The tuition fees range from $10,000 to $30,000.
However, in addition to paying tuition fees, students have to pay a large amount of other expenses for studying abroaD.At present, the lowest entry fee for MBA students in the United States is 250 US dollars and the highest is 700 US dollars.
They also pay books and computer usage fees, which are generally between 1000 US dollars and 5000 US dollars.
It costs about $50,000 to $300,000 to study abroad.
How much does it cost to go to the United States for an mba:
living expenses In the United States, besides high tuition fees, the cost of living is also higher, generally between $22,000 and $66,000.
Moreover, when studying in the United States, foreign students have to buy health insurance, which costs between $1,000 and $6,000.
In addition to these major expenditures, there will also be some daily temporary expenses, such as calling home or purchasing daily necessities.
However, this cost can save a lot of space, mainly depending on the standard of eating and living, such as the cost of living alone and sharing with others is obviously different.
According to the survey, the total cost will be as low as 50,000 US dollars and as high as 300,000 US dollars.
Yale University: classical and beautiful charming summer PK winter feelings

Yale University was founded in 1701, its par and Harvard University, Princeton University, over the years for college and graduate school before three.

At the Yale University academic elite, 13 scholars won the Nobel prize.

Yale also train a number of outstanding students China.

They are the most famous are Zhan Tianyou, Yan Yangchu, Ma Yin elementary.

The United States Princeton Review in 2006 at Yale University in the United States the most difficult of the University ranked second.

Yale to the humanities, arts, history, law and the most famous; Yale science and Engineering in the United States is relatively weak in the elite class.

The most proud of the Yale students than grade 1773 students, the Americans called national hero Nathan Hale.

With fiery patriotism Nathan Hale in the American War of independence of British defense intelligence was arrested and hanged.

Die before he left for generations of heroic Utterance: "my only regret is that there is no second life for my country.

" This story we should have learned in high school English class.
Yale summer attraction 銆銆 銆銆 gothic architecture Modern architecture and Gothic architecture and beautiful George Dynasty style architecture to each other films, the whole show was very classical and beautiful campus.

銆銆 Harkness Memorial Tower Harkness Memorial Tower, erected in 1921, rises over the campus in this view facing northeast.

High school boys entered the Yale University scholarship of $53 thousand
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    ABOUT new-york local customs, tourist attractions
    Broolyn children's museum is the world's first children's Museum, located in the New York Broolyn cloth crown heights (crown Heights).
    The museum was founded in 1899 years, the original is a part of 1823 to establish the Broolyn Science Museum of art.
    The museum has created a good environment for children to be educated in their own hands, through their own experiences, to help children understand the world better.
    Four floors of the Broolyn children's exhibits in the museum can meet the children of all ages, children from toddler to 10 years old and older children.
    Most of the exhibits are tangible, all exhibitions provide a learning experience and appreciation.
    The entrance to the museum is a corrugated galvanized metal tunnel, tunnel with a waterway, waterway is equipped with hydraulic, sluice and other large river water flow control device model.
    The tunnel is surrounded by a huge Fowler labyrinth in greenhouse, jungle, windmill, steam engine, tank model etc.
    The collection includes history, nationality, nature, geology, mineral, animal, technology, machinery and other kinds of subject objects and specimens of more than 5 pieces, reflecting the law of natural development and the development process of human culture through the exhibition.
    Broolyn children's Museum Hall, children's library, children's photography, art, music, science and geological exhibition hall.
    The children in accordance with the staff of the project to develop, in the class, practice, experiment, sometimes visiting historical monuments, archaeological activities such as simulation.
    Through rich and interesting learning and practice, so that children get a good view of development.
    Brooklyn children's Museum
    Reason: the world's first children's Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    Madame Tussaud's in New York in 2000 began to receive visitors from all over the world, is a magical place, a people can realize their own place and Hollywood star, with a famous person in history and have the opportunity to meet the star of cash for the tourists, is a visit to New York to one of the big attractions.
    When the moment into the museum, the museum will be shocked by the lifelike figures, including movie stars, sports stars, famous musicians, singers, influential world leaders and other historical figures, including Bill Gates, Hilary, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Bush, clinton, Nixon, Reagan, castro, Powell, Michelle Kwan, Napoleon, Jordan, Leonardo etc, so amazing.
    Although the figure is stationary, but people have to move, and they shake hands, hug, photo, which allow visitors to delight, because from the photos do not see the photo of the characters are real or wax, which is a wax museum where the most outstanding.
    In addition to the many celebrities gather wax walk, New York Madame Tussaud's also provides interactive exhibition from the project, together with Usher Ramond and Jennifer Aniston together to mix the red carpet, which makes the Madame Tussaud's from many boring Museum stand out.
    Madame Tussauds New York
    Reason: one of the most outstanding waxworks
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York]

    The Hudson River is located in the us state of New York, discovered by Italy Explorer Giovanni Da Verrazzano in 1524 years, New York is the most important river in one of its economic lifeline.
    The Hudson Heyuan Adirondack (Adirondack) mountain glacier lake, a total length of 507 km, flows through the New York city, Albany city, finally into the Gulf of New York, watershed area up to 34628 square kilometers.
    The Hudson River is the mother river of New York, nurtured the people on both sides, has made an important contribution to the development of economy, culture and life.
    The Hudson River without our Yangtze River long, we have no the Yellow River wide, but the water is very clear, the river water depth of over 12 meters, autumn night, dragon boat light beacon on the river like the winding roads, dotted the night under the Hudson river.
    The best way is to visit the Hudson River by boat to watch, on both sides of the charming scenery, and the building well-proportioned, some magnificent, some exquisite.
    Statue of Liberty is gentle, tender in the blue sky under the background.
    The river scenery side by side, complement each other, painted a beautiful picture scroll makes the world marvel.
    Hudson River
    Reason: New York, one of the most important rivers
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    Broolyn botanical garden is located in New York's Brook forest, established in 1910, covers an area of 52 acres, is home to more than 10000 kinds of plants, known as New York's "Wizard of Oz", welcome to 900 thousand tourists every year.
    The Broolyn arboretum hailed as a model of American excellent city garden and horticultural exhibition, one of the New York botanical garden is the most popular.
    The botanical garden is divided into different sizes of the more than 20 categories including small garden, cherry garden, Japanese garden, rose garden, Shakespeare Yuan de Gran, aromatic garden, children's garden, rock garden, unique, different style.
    There are more than 200 cherry trees in cherry garden, is the largest outside of Japan, the most important of the cherry garden, the cherry blossom season, there is always huge crowds of people, the ideal destination Sakura viewing.
    Japanese garden is the first to establish a public park in the United States in the garden, is a masterpiece of Broolyn botanical garden, rockery, waterfalls, small bridges, pavilions a flow of music, a sound picture, intoxicated people.
    Grand de rose garden is the largest, and it is also one of the best rose garden, more than 5000 clusters, about 1200 varieties, including all kinds of America rose.
    Broolyn botanical garden, although not large, but it is a step king, have great originality everywhere have a surprise, every hour and moment found.
    The opening time of Tuesday to Friday morning to the afternoon 8:00 to 4:30, 4:30 in the morning of the opening weekend time to 10:00 in the afternoon, do not open on Monday.
    Brooklyn Botanic Garden
    Reason: one of the most popular botanical garden in New York
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    Fifth Avenue (Fifth Avenue), is the United States of New York Manhattan city, an important north-south road, south of Washington Square Park, North Street at 138th.
    The Fifth Avenue is located in the center of Manhattan Island, the island of Manhattan on East-West streets sometimes in the street to something called for the world. (for example, Fifth Avenue West ten Street, known as the West ten Street).
    Many attractions in Fifth Avenue, from south to north are The Empire State Building, New York public library, the Rockefeller center, St. Patrick's cathedral and central Park.
    In addition, the Metropolitan Museum, Whitney Museum of art, ancient art museum, cooper ham root Hewett Design Museum and other famous art museum near the central Park, it was known as the "Museum Mile" (Museum Mile).
    In the 60 to 34 street between Fifth Avenue, known as the "dream Street", gathered here because many famous brand shops, shopping is advanced.
    According to the annual survey a British consulting firm in 45 countries around the world, Fifth Avenue is still the world's most expensive rent retail locations.
    Fifth Avenue shops rent can exceed $1000 per square foot (1 square meters =10.764 square feet).
    The traditional route way of Fifth Avenue is the people of New York to celebrate the prohibited automobile traffic pedestrian street in the summer on Sunday.
    Fifth Avenue in early nineteenth century but is empty land, after expansion, becoming the senior residential district and celebrities gentry New York gathering places, the upscale shopping also began to appear.
    After entering in twentieth century, the Fifth Avenue became a skyscraper "for the high" place, which opened in 1934, The Empire State Building is the tallest building.
    The Whitney Museum The Whitney Museum (Whitney Museum of American Art) the full name is the Whitney Museum of American art, in 1931 by Ms.
    Gtru Vanderbilt Whitney (Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney) was established in Manhattan District of New York city.
    The museum is famous for the modern art collection, some other works than a museum of modern art and the new museum built in front of Whitney, in 30 years, the United States is quite conservative and European art worship, art exhibition, purchase and education is almost by the National Institute of design led, so the Whitney Museum was established.
    To break the conservative, American art is only a beginning in 1918, the Artist club achievement exhibition, known as the Whitney studio club, the annual exhibition has attracted more and more contemporary American artists, in 1928, membership growth to around 800, and began preparations for the establishment of the museum in the United States in 1931, officially opening on the upper east side of Manhattan.
    The early Whitney Museum in favor of realist paintings, and later in 1940s began to become a modern art completely, it is abstract and conceptual works.
    In 1960s, yinpu pop art flourished, adding a lot of popular image, with the irony of modern works.
    In 1968, Whitney began a sculpture exhibition in the museum, for the first time from the famous artist Dennis O exhibits openheimer (en:Dennis Oppenheim) and Mike Heise (en:Michael Heizer).
    In 1970 due to the art popular in the city of New York, Bronx, artists Rob Smithson (en:Robert Smithson) works "Di" (Spiral Jetty) spiral.
    After 1975, the film art is compelling, Whitney will also be included in the video, photography and film art collection.
    Then is the beginning of 1981 of installation art works.
    In 1989 further also a collection of works of art behavior.
    The Whitney Museum in the United States to become the first contemporary art trend, also laid the foundation of the Whitney biennial position.
    At present, the Whitney Biennial is one of the key activities of the museum and art circles in the United States, there are few artists do not know the Whitney biennial.
    The museum has a collection of Edward Hope's many works in recent years is also actively developing part of network art exhibitions and collections in the Whitney Museum, on the site, there is a special area of network art, formerly known as "Net Art", now renamed "Artport".
    Washington Square park is one of the most famous parks in New York city, is the main landmark of Greenwich Village in Manhattan, is also a popular meeting venue and arts venue.
    The fountain in the park has become one of the most famous scenic spots in New York city, local residents and tourists will come to visit.
    Most of the buildings surrounding the park belongs to the property of New York University, New York University is some self construction, the other is later used for teaching and residential building.
    New York University will hire Washington Square Park as a graduation ceremony venue to arch as the main focus of the symbol, also hope to become the park campus In early 1922, the New York University school field predicted that they would take over the whole park alone, but it did not come true.
    Local residents believe that the park is one of the most important places in the surrounding communities, so has launched several large scale activities to save it.
    This park is located on Fifth Avenue is on the north side of the boundary of Waverly Place, east of the park to the West; on the eastern side of the University Place to the north; on the south side of west 4 Street in the East, west of South Park; Mike Doug Street (MacDougal) to the North, to the south of the park.
    Although there are many flowers and trees in the park, but because the relationship between paved walkway, small area planting.
    Two of the most prominent features of the park to commemorate the Washington arch and a large fountain, other facilities include children recreational facilities, trees and gardens, walking trails, chess area, park benches, picnic tables and memorial statue.
    The statues and monuments to commemorate the characters including George Washington, Giuseppe Garibaldi (a Italy patriot and soldiers) and Alexander Liman Holly (Alexander Lyman Holley; a senior engineer, to promote the development of the American steel industry).
    New York city police station in the park have installed security cameras, the Ministry of public security of the New York University will regularly inspect the park, also in New York city park management department will send guards to patrol the park, so become the safest city in the lowest crime rate in the area oF- (Lake Tahoe), is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains formed northern fault states of california and Nevada border on freshwater lake.
    North to South and 35 km (22 miles), east-west width of 19 km (12 miles), an area of 500 square kilometers (193 square miles), with an elevation of 1899 meters (6229 feet), the depth of 500 meters (1640 feet).
    In 1844 by the Explorer Fremont (John c Fremont) found.
    Is a famous tourist resort.
    Lake Tahoe's strength is about 35 kilometers, a maximum width of about 19 km.
    The shoreline length of 116 kilometers, the lake area of 490 square kilometers.
    About 2/3 of the shoreline is located in the territory of california.
    Hunan is located in shore of Lake Tahoe near the largest city - South Lake tahoe.
    The city is located in the northwest of the shoreline to Tahoe city.
    Although there are a lot of Expressway around Lake Tahoe, but many of the important part of the shoreline is either located within the State Park, or are protected by the National Park service.
    Lake Tahoe watershed area of 1310 square kilometers, which includes lake land, drainage system and lake trail.
    The Lake Tahoe Basin is formed by geological layer fracture.
    Geological layer refers to the fracture caused by crustal fracture of a land plate moves up and down.
    The rise of the plate created the Lake Tahoe east of the mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains west of carson, and the decline of the plate in the two mountains created the Lake Tahoe basin.
    More scientifically speaking, Nevada micro fracture between the plate and the North American plate layer with a velocity of about 12 mm.
    The formation of Walker Lane fault zone.
    Lake Tahoe is the youngest in the peripheral basin with Walker Lane fracture.
    Rockefeller center Open time: 8:00.24:00 (a last time 11:00) Ticket price: Adults $25, $9, $14 for the elderly children The country: the United States The city: New York Manhattan Recommended play time: 2 hours Rockefeller center is a 19 Building, covers an area of 22 acres of buildings, is a Rockefeller family funded by the city (the entrance is located between the 50 street, between 5 and 6 Avenue).
    The American broadcast TV base and many international companies are headquartered here.
    Underground shops and restaurants, all the building together.
    Rockefeller center (Rockefeller center) Raymond M.
    Hood designer.
    Rockefeller center is composed of 19 commercial buildings buildings, each building is connected to the bottom.
    Which is the largest general electric building, 259 meters high, a total of 69. The center occupies a total area of 22 acres, the building completed in 1939. In Manhattan city, east-west, from 48 to 51 street, accounting for three blocks north to south, from Fifth Avenue to Seventh Avenue, more accounted for three vertical blocks.
    The buildings are funded by the Rockefeller family.
    This building is the us government as a national historic landmark in 1987 "(National Historic Landmark), which is the world's largest private owned buildings, but also marks the landmark Art Deco building, capitalism, its significance, the building itself is over.
    Rockefeller center is known as one of the greatest urban plan in twentieth century, using this area of public space for the opening up of a new style of city planning, shopping malls and office buildings in the city of Manhattan to complete the Wall Street, becoming the second New York city center.
    Rockefeller center is almost perfect for Ellis paintings, including the distribution and configuration of the buildings group, relatively low international building near Fifth Avenue to Sixth Avenue gently rolling the highest Ge building, between the staggered across the square is available for public use (the lower Plaza Garden channelGarden, LowerPlaza etc).
    Battery Park because clinton castle (clinton castle) is famous In 1808 - 1812 years in the United States during the war, the fort built many castles around the city of New York, against the British attack.
    War does not extend to New York, so that the batteries have not really come in handy.
    The castle is the east coast of New York Immigration center in 1855 - 1890 years, an estimated eight million migrant population from log entry.
    1896 - 1941 years, Fort clinton for the park land, as New York is open for people to visit the aquarium.
    The two World War broke out in the battery park plan for the construction of the long delayed, but built, the soldiers monument, New York, 1982 officially announced the battery park design for harbour park.
    There is a monument to clinton castle in the north side of veterans.
    The monument is very high, the middle cut out of a soldier's body.
    The creation of the monument monument artists will be designed every July 27th sundial, at 10 in the morning, the end of the war, the sun will directly penetrate the soldier's head, to illuminate the ground Memorial badge.
    Fort Park has many sculptures, the most notable is the "immigrants (TheImmigrants)" many bronze statues carved with Eastern Europe, Jewish, African slaves and immigrants, limbs and face radiate.
    The statue in 1983 was completed, the donor is a charity entrepreneur, to commemorate his parents immigrated to the United states.
    "The east coast Memorial in the park at the southern end (East coast Memorial)" more than 4000 soldiers during World War II to commemorate the victims in the Atlantic, the Name, wall engraved with the rank, state etc.
    There is a bronze monument in the east coast of the Eagle Statue, claw clutching laurel, a symbol of American spirit.
    A piece of land in the park erected on the left 911 towers a fire destroyed the deformation of round objects, a device on the ground in the fire kept burning, to commemorate the victims of the.
    The center is the battery park and sailing yacht club, just a few minutes walk can sail boarding in the Hudson river.
    Fort Park is full of green and blue light conglong sea, is a land of idyllic beauty Manhattan downtown in the Financial District of jincu.
    Battery Park has become a tourist place to go, because see Statue of Liberty from here.
    The ticket in the clinton castle.
    The ferry from Fort Park of first arrived in Liberty Island (Liverty Island), and then to the Alice Island (Ellis Island), and then returned to Fort park.
    The park can be seen everywhere in the real play fake liberty, they wear masks standing motionless on the table, there are a lot of tourists and their photo.
    The town has a total of 4340 people, from the city of Albany (Albany) is only 35 miles.
    Thomas Kerr (Thomas cole), the founder of a school of landscape painting, since 1830 he came to the town of root, love for the town of unspeakable.
    The history of the town site attracted more artists coming to make it more colorful.
    The town's art gallery and full, cafes and taverns set in a romantic and simple is the best place for travelers encounter.
    The town a total population of 9619, 93 miles from New York city.
    New York city, due to rising rents, many artists and shopkeepers are pouring into the town, where they can rent to the high quality and inexpensive store never heard of before.
    Now, visitors go to the town you can visit to the artist's gallery, exquisite antique shop, can also taste the delicious American cuisine and Pork chop stuffed with pumpkin sauce.
    Lake Placid, quiet and free for a lake or lake, is the Essex county in the US state of New York (Essex county) of the Adirondack Mountains (Adirondack Mountains) in a village.
    According to the 2000 census, Lake Placid 2638 people.
    Because the village near Lake Placid named.
    Lake Placid Winter Olympics held by 1932 and 1980 in the Winter Olympics is famous, not only is a good place for summer vacation, but also a good place for winter vacation.
    The Lake Placid Lake near the Adirondack Mountains "and" mountains "will give you praise, but also a variety of activities available.
    You can walk in the hiking trails, you can ride a bike, playing golf, skiing or fishing boats by kayak.
    Lake Placid town from Lake Placid about 2.1/2 miles, the town has not only luxurious and rich local flavor of the hotel, also has a top restaurant.
    Arthur Avenue When you walk in the city of New York asked passers-by, where has the flavor of Italy, they would no doubt tell you Arthur avenue.
    The North Arthur Avenue is located in Bronx District of New York city, Bronx District, New York city, "Little Italy" is also the most flavor of Italy avenue.
    Arthur Avenue is not only the most Italy local flavor, or the taste of Italy local delicacy, more is the only one who can buy authentic Italy sausage road in New York city, popular people welcome and love.
    The Italian immigrants still retain a long tradition, on both sides of the road is full of all kinds of delicacy on the Italy store, the road full of Italy sausage and pepper flavor and fragrance, has been living in this city is known, many tourists travel to the United States in order to taste the authentic Italy delicacy, will the trouble to this hoe.
    Arthur Avenue is the world famous movie filming, many novels are also mentioned, "Bronx story", "true" police in this shot, don Delillo's novel "0" plot launched here.
    Arthur Avenue
    Reason: New York city, the most flavor of Italy Avenue
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    Howe cave is also known as "Howe cave", is located in the us state of New York is located in Schoharie county, 48 meters underground, over millions of years to form, the source name found in caves in Leicester - (Lester Howe), Howe has good tourist destination for potholers attractive.
    Howe cave was discovered in 1842, in the shapes of stalactites, stalagmites, underground river and underground lake, not to be missed.
    cave in rock is caused by water erosion, so we can enjoy the beauty of the underground river and underground lake.
    The whole tour takes more than 80 minutes, can understand the caves built with electrical lighting and the myriads of changes, traffic system, elevator up and down.
    The main route is a 2.4 km long curved aisle, so that visitors can move forward in the winding path, the left and right sides of the Shek Pik seems to be cut in general.
    In addition, tourists can also take Venice batteau swim in the 0.4 km long lake Venus (Lake of Venus).
    Howe caverns
    Necessary to Reason: the mysterious cave in the American state of New York
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
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