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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
1. Academic qualifications of foreign students:
12 public universities in Switzerland have their own academic qualifications.
Students can meet the requirements according to their own choices.
Language conditions:
Swiss applicants must take German and French examinations held by Swiss public universities.
The exam can take place after arrival in SwitzerlanD.The exam is conducted by a professor who talks to you, similar to IELTS and TOEFL.
If the result is not good, there is a chance to take the exam again after six months of study.
Third, the economic conditions needed:
the tuition fees of foreign students will be slightly higher than that of Swiss students.
The cost of living toilets varies from person to person, but it costs at least 20,000 Swiss francs per school year.
Twelve public universities in Switzerland do not provide accommodation.
Generally speaking, like Swiss students, they can rent an apartment in groups of three or five, each with a room and a common living room.
But public universities in Switzerland are not allowed to work.
But in winter and summer vacation, foreign students can work to ease their burden.
Switzerland is undoubtedly a paradise in the eyes of many students eager to study abroaD.Many people think that not only is the environment beautiful, the level of education is also at the forefront of the world, but also the visa pass rate is high -- "go to Switzerland and study while working, maybe you have earned your tuition fees before you work.
" However, such an idea is very dangerous for students to get a visa eventually.
Visa officers are likely to refuse to sign because students have "bad intentions" to "work".
Generally speaking, foreign students studying in Switzerland are not allowed to work.
More importantly, studying abroad is learning.
Never let the other party feel that working is more important than going to school.
Working is an important source of income for your study and life abroaD.In fact, the purpose of the visa is to examine whether the purpose of studying in Switzerland is true before going to study in Switzerland.
There are three main principles for embassies to review student visa applications:
1. The visa officer checks the applicant's degree of completion and the reason why the student went to Switzerland for further study.
2. Visa Office interviews students.
According to the different requirements of the school, students should be able to speak French, German or English.
3. Students are able to pay for their studies in SwitzerlanD.After the application is approved by Switzerland, students must pay the related fees (including the first year's tuition, medical insurance and accommodation fees).
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    ABOUT oklahoma local customs, tourist attractions
    The western United States of the vast wilderness, was a cowboy active world, they wear cowboy costume, riding a horse, with 1, with wild and intractable expression, the American western movies in the iconic image.
    In the United States Oklahoma city will have a dedicated Museum of cowboy culture - the National cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.
    From chester Reynolds (chester a.
    Reynolds) proposed in 1955, the Museum as a cowboy hall of fame and Museum is built to commemorate the cowboy and his glorious era.
    In the same year after a period of time, the Museum will now renamed the National cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.
    To commemorate the founder of the Museum, the Museum set up a chester Reynolds Memorial Award, in recognition of the western United States for the protection of history and heritage and made outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations.
    The Museum's exhibition area of 19000 square meters, with a collection of more than 28000 pieces of cowboy and Western culture of Western and American works of art and relics of Indian.
    Here has the American rodeo, photos, barbed wire, saddle and early Rodeo trophies and other related collections of the world's most extensive, the collection is focused on the protection and interpretation of the unique cultural heritage of the western United states.
    Invite art exhibition and sales during the Grand Prix in June each year to the west, there will be a gallery, Grand Prix art will sell as a Museum of working capital.
    National cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
    Reason: the most important American Western cowboy culture Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state: Oklahoma [Oklahoma State]
    city Attractions: Oklahoma city [Oklahoma city]

    The wasp nest Oklahoma city
    After thinking for more than a week, the Hornets finally decided to home court in Oklahoma city, 41 home court game they will be part of the new season held there, the rest is to rent the Ford center Stadium and Oklahoma city government negotiated contract.
    Oklahoma city Mayor conet said, in the end a few games held at the Ford center, will be decided jointly by the NBA and Louisiana Lewis.
    "If Lewis Anna cannot hold a contest, I would like to take this opportunity to prove Oklahoma is the sports market."
    He said the teSt. He also said that Russia's municipal government on Wednesday held a meeting to discuss the Hornets' lease.
    In order to maintain and Louisiana Lewis contact, the Hornets will also play on part of home court "the shark" O'neal's alma mater, Lewis State University is located in Baton Rouge of anna.
    Introduction to Oklahoma city: Oil thrives and thunder brings glory.
    After six rounds with the Spurs and Rick Mavericks, the Lakers, the Thunder finally got on the finals stage.
    This is also the first time that thunder has entered the championship since moving to Oklahoma city.
    This is not only the pride of the Thunder team, but also the pride of Oklahoma city.
    It is believed that during the Finals, the Thunder brought not only popularity, income, but also unparalleled glory to the city.
    Oklahoma city was established as the capital and largest city of Oklahoma city in 1889. Oklahoma joined the United States in 1907, and Oklahoma city replaced Gasley as Oklahoma's capital, so many people moved their capital from Gasley to invest in Oklahoma city.
    Oklahoma city has flourished since the discovery of the oil field in 1928 in Oklahoma.
    Oklahoma city is a large agricultural and livestock distribution center as well as an industrial and commercial center.
    According to the July 1, 2005 population statistics, the population here has reached 532517. 1980 of the data show that the large urban area is 834 thousand.
    Oklahoma city is located in the central part of Oklahoma.
    The area is 621.2 square miles (1,608.8 square kilometers), of which the water area is 14.2 square miles (36.7 square kilometers).
    Here, the petroleum processing industry has become an important sector.
    In addition, there are aircraft manufacturing, oil well equipment, steel products, furniture, fiber, electronic equipment, food processing and other industries.
    There are important air bases nearby.
    It has a Museum of state history and a Museum of shepherds.
    On January 1, 2008, the Seattle Supersonics officially renamed the Oklahoma city Thunder, the name of the team, the color of the team has also been changed, and began a planned gradual relocation to the new home city of Oklahoma.
    Finally, on April 16, 2008, the day the 2007.08 NBA season ended, Seattle agreed to relocate the supersonic stadium to Oklahoma city, but the supersonics paid a price, offering Seattle $75 million in compensation.
    So the team name was finally identified as Oklahoma city Thunder.
    In this way, in the 2008.09 season, Oklahoma city ushered in their Oklahoma Thunder, just four seasons, the Thunder has gradually become a strong team in the West, and this season defeated all the players to become the Western champions.
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