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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Requirements for undergraduate application There are no entrance examinations for local high school students in SwitzerlanD.Instead, they decide whether they are qualified for college or not based on their high school graduation results.
Swiss high school graduates are usually 20 years old, which is equivalent to Chinese sophomores or juniors.
Because of the above characteristics of Swiss public universities, foreign students want to study in Swiss public universities, but at the same time, they must meet some of the more stringent admission requirements formulated by Swiss universities.
First, the qualifications of academic qualifications:
if you want to study in a Swiss public university, you must satisfy the qualifications of each university.
Language Conditions:
Swiss applicants must take German and French language examinations held by Swiss public universities.
Switzerland allows students to take the exam after they arrive in SwitzerlanD.The main way to take the exam is for a professor to talk to you.
If the results are not good, there is still a chance to study.
It is also permissible to take the exam again in half a year.
Students who pass the exam will have the opportunity to enter public universities.
Third, economic conditions:
the tuition fees of foreign students will be slightly higher than that of Swiss students.
As for the living expenses, they vary from person to person and can not be generalized, but they also need at least 20,000 Swiss francs per year, which is about 120,000 yuan.
Requirements for Postgraduate Application 1. Academic qualifications of foreign students:
Twelve public universities in Switzerland have their own educational qualifications.
Students can meet the requirements according to their own choices.
2. Language conditions:
Applicants studying in Switzerland must take German and French examinations held by Swiss public universities.
The exam can take place after arrival in SwitzerlanD.The exam is conducted by a professor who talks to you, similar to IELTS and TOEFL.
If the result is not good, there is a chance to take the exam again after six months of study.
Third, the economic conditions needed:
Foreign students will pay slightly higher tuition fees than Swiss students.
The cost of living toilets varies from person to person, but it costs at least 20,000 Swiss francs per school year.
Twelve public universities in Switzerland do not provide accommodation.
Generally speaking, like Swiss students, they can rent an apartment in groups of three or five, each with a room and a common living room.
But public universities in Switzerland are not allowed to work.
But in winter and summer vacation, foreign students can work to ease their burden.
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