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LetGo is currently the second-hand goods trading platform for the development of Zui in the United States.
Users can download LetGo for free and then publish their unused items.
The number of letgo users has increased by 122.4% in the past two years.
It is reported that the company had just received $100 million in financing a week ago and is now valued at more than $1 billion.
Just nine months ago, LetGo announced that it had received $175 million in financing.
LetGo has raised $375 million so far.
When Amazon and Wal-Mart compete for the leading position in consumer retail business, the degree of competition can be compared, that is, LetGo and eBay and other start-ups in the second-hand goods market.
Letgo can be known by many users in a short time, thanks to having a loud name.
"LetGo" is the meaning of "let go, let it go, let go" in English.
It belongs to the daily language of Western countries, and almost everyone understands it.
As early as its inception, letgo acquired and launched the brand domain name letgo.com, and also protected letgo.
With its well-known brand name, letgo has created up to 75 million downloads in just two years, and 200 million people have sold goods on the platform in two years.
Yale University is the establishment of a third university in American history, the first is the Harvard University, the College of William and Mary 2. It is a par with Harvard University, Princeton University, over the years for American College and graduate school top position.
The professor lineup school, academic innovation, curriculum and facilities are first-class.
The campus building to the Gothic style and George Dynasty style buildings, most of the buildings are more than 100 years of history.
A few classical architecture and modern style building to each other films, the whole show was very classical and beautiful campus.
Every autumn, the campus Avenue is covered with dark yellow, red, orange red leaves, the sun shines into the brown stone built in antique buildings, the campus is extremely beautiful and romantic.
The sense of history of Yale University and free academic atmosphere, rich cultural atmosphere, dignified to attract outstanding students from all over the world.
Want to go from New York to Yale University, in New York 34 street Penn Station train station take the Amtrak train in New Haven station (New Heaven).
New Haven city (City of New Haven) is the birthplace of former U.S. President George - W - Bush, located in South Central Connecticut, Long Island bay.
Drowned valley type estuary, water depth can be moored ship.
A Quinnipiac River, West River and Mill Creek at the confluence.
The city planted elm, "elm city" said.
500 1638 Puritans led by early settlers leader Theophilus Eaton and John Davenport established.
This was called Quinnipiac (meaning River land) Indian village, 1640 in British New Haven was renamed.
At the time of its administrative agencies with theocratic political overtones, strict Puritan discipline and restricted to the daily life of residents.
In 1665 it became part of the colony of Connecticut.
Built in 1784, by one of the members of the drafting of the "Declaration of independence" Roger Sherman served as the first mayor.
1701-1895 years as one of the Shuangshoufu in Connecticut.
At the beginning of the late eighteenth Century and nineteenth Century, thriving harbour, then known as the 1 industrial production, hardware tools and carriage.
During the American Revolution was the imperial power of the party.
In 1812 second the British and American war by the British 1. The city building, dating back to 1680, more concentrated on the broad public grassland.
The early church building, central United Church and the church are here in nineteenth Century 31. There are around the city park and park the cliff hole, famous tourist attractions.
Here is the writer and lexicographer Webster, gin inventor Whitney and uncle Tom's cabin "the author Stowe's father, a congregational minister, anti slavery leaders Lehmann Beecher and other celebrities in American history was born, now the city has left their Ji Nianwen.
New Haven train station, 15 minutes walk or taxi to Yale University.
You can go to visit Yale University, Yale University visitor center in the tourist map or take a free travel map.
In the visitor center at Yale alumni figure.
Yale has many distinguished alumni: 5 American presidents graduated from yale.
They are the twenty-seventh U.S. President William Howard Taft, thirty-eighth President Gerald Ford, forty-first President George Herbert Walker Bush, forty-second President Bill Clinton, the forty-third president of the United States George W.
Yale has created amazing miracle: 3 consecutive presidents from yale! George Bush is a member of a Yale secret society known the skull.
Clinton is the president of Yale Law School alumni.
Clinton and his wife Hilary is in the Yale Law School Library met.
According to related statistics, the United States cabinet since 1789, a member of 9% from Yale, 10 more than the United States Supreme Court officer 0 had at yale.
Yale graduates also became the founder of many famous university or first president, such as Princeton University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, and so will the "dedication American College" mother of the crown to his mother.
But as U.S. business leaders at Yale, the number is far more than other universities, aircraft designer and entrepreneur, Boeing, Coca Cola Co chairman Robert Goizueeta, Rodgers, the founder of TIME international investor Henry Ruth, FedEx founder Reid Smith, IBM's former chairman Vladimir John Eccles are well known figures.
The top five schools of Yale University Yale also for American showbiz to transport a large number of brilliant literary star, one of the most familiar Chinese starred in "Sophie's choice is" and "Mrs Cramer" and win the Oscar Prize twice, once with Merrill Streep, "the accused" "silent lamb" were awarded the sixty first session, No.
64 The best actress Oscar Jodie Foster, and starred in "X files" and "fight club" Edwward Norton, and "X files" of the actor David Duchovny.
The famous movie star Judy Foster graduated from Yale college.
Merrill Streep graduated from the Yale School of drama.
Actor Edwward Norton graduated from the History Department of Yale University.
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