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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Boston Dinner Cruise Boarding the cruise and enjoying a variety of cocktails and modern style buffet in a pleasant atmosphere.
With DJ music on the cruise, you can dance, take photos and enjoy the scenery from the open roof and deck windows.
If you are on a cruise at night, you can also see the sunset in Boston Harbor and the glittering city skyline.
You can enjoy the beauty of Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge, Boston Harbour Area and the long history of the Constitution.
Spirit menu LUNCH (Monday to Saturday)/BRUNCH (Sunday) menu Salad:
Organic mixed green vegetables (cherry tomatoes | cucumber | carrots | corn | goat cheese | black olives | kidney beans | sunflower seeds, vanilla and garlic | home-made pastures and vinegar sauces | low-fat Italian flavor).
Organic spinach and cabbage salad (Parmesan cheese | chili | red onion | roasted garlic and lemon dressing) Mediterranean chickpea salad Roasted Red Beet Salad (pickled green onion | fresh mint | Italian parsley) Main course:
Baked North Atlantic flounder (fresh shallot | tomato | soup sauce) Sweet Sesame Chicken (Fresh Onion | Fresno Chili) Vanilla Chicken (Olive Oil | Rosemary | Parsley) Baked Italian macaroni (cheese and spinach sauce | Parmeson cheese).
Baked cauliflower (olive oil | garlic | chili chips) Garlic butter mashed potatoes (butter | cheese) Dessert:
Shijin Bar Pecan Pie Butter Pound Cake (Hazelnut | Peach Fruit Plate | Raw Cream) Layered Chocolate Banana Pudding In the American high school organization for Wenchuan earthquake donations 7 2007 to 2008 5, Li Wenbo (q) excellent oral English because the school was selected to Oklahoma durafiber special town high school as a exchange student.
"Help to me is the most likely to the United States when the students a year.
" Li Wenbo said that in the American family, attending the local public high school students and the United States, is a huge challenge for me.
This year, Li Wenbo not only overcome the differences of language and cultural adaptation, the school is still achieved "eye-catching" performance.
At the end of the school year, 174 students in Grade 11, Li Wenbo won the first grade total score.
In my spare time, he also participated in the school speech contest and baseball games.
In order to let the local people know China culture, Li Wenbo is still at school to do Chinese culture club, for the local newspaper.
5 - 12 Sichuan Wenchuan after the earthquake, Li Wenbo immediately organized a fund-raising activities in school.
3 days to raise $700, he sent directly to the Sichuan middle school in Deyang.
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