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Start from Las Vegas, fly over Grand Canyon Dam + Lake Powell + Castle Rock + Rocky Creek National Park + Suspension Wharf + Cathedral + Red Stone Group + Rainbow Bridge, Monument Valley Airplane Hodgner Tour.
Flight routes:
Your plane will fly over Grand Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, Castle Rock, Colorado River, Horseshoe Bay, Antelope Canyon, Novarho Canyon, Taqiu, Gregory Hill, Rock Creek National Park, Suspension Wharf, Cathedral, Red Stones, Rainbow Bridge, and finally return to the airport to finish the journey.
Lake Powell - the second largest artificial lake in the United States.
Located at the junction of Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell is one of the largest man-made lakes in the worlD.The magnificent and magnificent Canyon contains the water of a blue lake.
Grand Dam, one of the most spectacular dams in the world, is one of the most magnificent and complex buildings created by human beings.
A U-shaped channel of the Colorado River in Arizona.
Navajo Region - An indigenous people of southwestern United States.
It is the largest indigenous group in North AmericA.It spans Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.
It is the largest Indian reserve in the United States.
Rainbow Bridge - at the end of Lake Powell is the world's largest and tallest natural stone arch bridge Rainbow Bridge.
Introduction to Scenic Spots:
Monument Valley Monument Valley, one of the ten most charming deserts in the United States, is part of the Colorado Plateau.
The location of Forrest Gump is located in the Navajo National Nature Reserve.
The Navajos call it "Tse Bii Ndzisgaii" (meaning Rock Canyon).
The 30,000-acre Monument Valley Tribal National Park stretches across Arizona, Utah, and is made up of rocky highlands washed away by millions of years of wind and rain.
The local people divide the monuments into three types according to the different erosion stages of the rocks.
One is called MesA.The rocks are in the first stage of erosion.
They are relatively wide and flat, such as Yushen Mountain; the other is Butte, which is from Pingdingshan to the second stage of erosion.
The shape of the rocks is smaller, such as East-West thumb gloves; and the last is Spire, which moves from the lonely hill.
In the third stage of invasion and erosion, the rocks become narrow and stand freely.
After washing and washing by wind and rain, only the rocks with sandstone at the bottom can stand proudly in the desert, such as the three sisters and totem poles.
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