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About Woodbury Otterles Woodbury Common Premium Outlets (Woodbury Otterles) is the most prestigious Otterles in the East.
An hour's drive north of New York City, accessible in a variety of ways, is the ultimate destination for shopping and catering choices in the United States.
There are 240 well-known global brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta and so on.
They offer discounts up to 3.5-7.5%.
There are many restaurants to choose from in the shopping mall, such as Sushi, Shake Shack, and Le Pain Quotidien.
You can also enjoy some convenient services such as free WI-FI, storage services, children's play areas, shuttle buses and so on.
In addition, attractions near shopping malls are also very accessible, such as Bear Mountain State Park, West Point, the Newburgh Waterfront, Mansion Ridge Golf Course, Storm King Art Center and Angry Orchard Brewery.
I believe you can get a great experience of shopping and playing here.
Official website:
http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlet/woodbury-common Itinerary Modern Outlet has become a synonym for fashion, brand, quality and low price.
In recent years, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, located in Upper New York, USA, has become the best choice for people to pursue fashion, brand, good quality and low price.
This is the famous brand discount shopping center, the world's largest brand direct selling center, unique outdoor environment design, a collection of many high-end brands, such as Burberry, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Prada, etc.
, daily discounts up to 25% to 65%.
After the trip, return to the boarding place.

When the other students are busy reviewing for the Zhengzhou foreign language school, high school student Li Wenbo had already received the admission of the Yale University also received the confirmation letter, including tuition, accommodation and living expenses, the $53 thousand annual scholarship.
An ordinary high school students, how to become a member of the Yale University 1200 freshmen from global admitted in? This reporter Zhao Yuan intern reporter Diao Xianwei / Zhang Xiaodong Wen / Map [character]
name card Li Wenbo is 18 years old, Zhengzhou foreign language school students.
recommended reason (academic ability assessment, American college entrance examination (q) ") score of 2250 points (out of 2400), TOEFL 114 points (out of 120), the United States was admitted to the Yale University, in recent years, our province high school students admitted to the first American top universities.
Yale University admission notice sent He saves the meal to buy "toilet cleaners" obligation to brush over 200 between men.
Private classmates called him "the silly root" The height of one meter 75, a dark blue sportswear, and acne on the face.
Yesterday morning, the reporter saw the "legend" of the Li Wenbo in Zhengzhou foreign language school.
"Congratulations on becoming the 2012 Yale University students, we expect you to become the excellent campus is an important contributor to.
" Li Wenbo showed the Yale University sent from the Internet to the reporter offer (admission), the word dog is the mascot of Yale University "handsome Dan (HandsomeDan)", the paper will be sent to the admission notice.
Li Wenbo said the professional has not decided that he is going to study humanities or economics.
"Every year only about 1200 admitted to Yale undergraduate applicants in the world, the competition is fierce.
" Li Wenbo said, this session of their applicants from dozens of countries, and the world of American 50.
Last year, Yale University has enrolled 13 mainland students in china.
Zhengzhou foreign language school educational administration office director Li Maoqi said that Li Wenbo was at admission in advance, only the best candidates that have this opportunity, the general candidates admitted until next year 3 month.
銆銆 SAT score 2250 points (out of 2400), TOEFL 114 points (out of 120), Li Wenbo's performance in the U.S. high school students is "top".
But the American college students not only to see the SAT and TOEFL scores, but also comprehensive investigation of comprehensive quality of students in school performance, personality and social activity ability etc.
In fact, Li Wenbo also applied to Harvard, MIT and other 4 American Ivy League, can also be admitted to know until March next year.
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