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What kind of city is New York, and why does it fascinate different people?
B.White, the famous author of The New Yorker, once wrote:
New York integrates art, commerce, sports, religion, entertainment and finance.
It brings gladiators, evangelical preachers, sponsors, actors, stock market scalpers and businessmen to a compact stage.
The city is characterised by an indelible smell of old age, so wherever you sit in New York, you will feel the echoes of great times and absurdities, as well as those strange things and achievements.
Anyone here will not be tired, because the life of the city's poorest people is difficult to fully understand, as the representative of the world's mega-cities, New York has the broadest tolerance, it happens from time to time novelty, it always has unlimited possibilities, visitors in this city do not have to be afraid of strangers, because it is always in the position of acceptance, greeting and sending, good news spread everywhere.
Thousands of people are good in New York.
If you're planning a trip to New York, here's a carefully chosen guide to the places you must visit.
You can refer to it, not necessarily follow it, because you'll also have your New York.
Statue of Liberty When it comes to New York, there must be the Statue of Liberty.
Its history and status should not need to be elaborateD.But whenever you come to New York, you must go to the place.
To be honest, among the many attractions in New York City, the Statue of Liberty's "ticket" to the island is still quite cost-effective.
The $18.5 cruise ship also includes a voice guide (optional Chinese).
After going to the island, you can not only enjoy the goddess at close range, but also overlook the Manhattan skyline.
The statue is hollow and can be elevated to the crown viewing platform.
Interested tourists need to buy a special ticket, which can be booked one year in advance.
On average, 240 people were allowed to climb the crown every day, 10 in each group and 3 in each hour.
Top climbers are allowed to carry only medicines and cameras, and other items can be temporarily stored in lockers, which also require another round of safety checks.
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