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[Start every day] Empire State Building + Ring Island cruise ship depth 1 day tour!
Broadway The West End of London and Broadway in New York are British.
New York has become the world's Art Center and entertainment pioneer, and Broadway has contributed to it.
With the inheritance of artistic attainments of generations and the incorporation of new concepts of some new generation playwrights, Broadway has remained independently of modern film and television entertainment for a long time and remains vigorous, and is still very popular today.
Famous plays on Broadway include Lion King, Cat, Titanic, Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon.
In 1946, the American Theatre Federation established the Tony Award in the name of actress Antonite Perry.
In theatre, the award is equivalent to an Oscar in the film industry.
Nineteen of them are awarded to Broadway theatre every year, such as The Lion King and Titanic.
Broadway's drama is easy to understand, has a strong ornamental and entertaining, no theatrical experience of the audience can still deeply feel the charm of the drama, and thus have a deep taste of American culture and music.
Recommend the classic opera Phantom of the Opera and Lion King, which is suitable for children to watch and has low language requirements.
Broadway theatre area tickets are divided into three grades.
Generally, the first tier fares range from $30 to $75 per ticket; the second tier fares range from $20 to $45 per ticket; and the third tier is below $15. Major New York metro lines stop at Broadway, such as the 1/2/3/7/N/Q/R/S line and get off at Times Square/42nd Street Station.
Metropolitan Museum of Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the United States and also the world's famous museum.
It is known as the three largest museums in the world together with the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is divided into 17 departments.
The main building is usually referred to as the Met.
The museum contains over 330,000 art treasures from Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, the Far East and the Near East, Greece and Rome, Europe, Africa, pre-Columbian America and New GuineA.It includes buildings, sculptures, paintings, sketches, prints, photographs, glassware, ceramics, textiles, metal products, furniture, ancient houses, weapons, armor and musical instruments in all historical periods.
Visiting the entire Metropolitan Museum takes at least one full day, and it is planned to take a walk.
It will take at least seven or eight days for a truly meticulous visit.
Visitors can get a map of the museum at the service desk, decide which pavilions to visit and plan the routes before visiting, which can save time effectively.
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    ABOUT arizona local customs, tourist attractions
    utumn is a good time to travel, then I am American play in Grand canyon National Park, this came to Grand canyon National Park to play only one purpose, which is to be on the glass bridge, see the Grand canyon in the magical scenery.
    Grand canyon National Park tourists throughout the year in a continuous line, in fact, the most important reason is that a lot of people like me, want to see the Grand canyon of the glass bridge.
    Grand canyon Skywalk Glass Bridge Park Visit the Grand canyon Park in the glass bridge requires a certain courage, because the glass bridge is located at four thousand and eight hundred feet, go up at the foot of the bridge deck are transparent glass, if timid people will be such a breathtaking scene scared, but standing on the glass bridge overlooking the canyon wonders is very interesting things!
    colorado Grand canyon is located in the western United States of Arizona, northwest of the Kaibab plateau, is six, close the second longest river canyon (after the Yarlung Zangbo Grand canyon).
    The Grand canyon is 446 kilometers in length, uniform width of 16 kilometers, the maximum depth of 1740 meters, the average Valley depth of 1600 meters, a total area of 2724 square kilometers.
    Because the colorado river flow through the Grand canyon, the nickname for colorado, it is a world well-known natural wonders, is also connected with the UNEScO Office selected as one of the protected natural heritage.
    At the entrance of the Grand canyon of colorado colorado Grand canyon National Park bat rock panorama Go to the Grand canyon of colorado have their own names, a glass bridge and lunch, return the vehicle a total of 230 dollars, such as a direct upgrade travel necessary for $more than 400, but including the colorado River cruise tour.
    We chose the car tour.
    The bat Rock Scenic area built on the cliffs of the glass bridge, from this point of view, built on a cliff on the glass bridge modeled very steep.
    he training course in a company car time to America, I also use the rare trip to the United States, driving in Grand canyon National Park in a car tour.
    Grand canyon National Park self driving tour 1 Grand canyon National Park self driving tour 1 plan is as follows: 1. morning, from the hotel to drive to Grand canyon National Park.
    2. around 10 driving on a california highway one, you can see a lot of wildlife along the way.
    3. continue to drive to the Grand canyon, back to Las Vegas in the afternoon.
    Grand canyon National Park self driving tour 1 This time the Grand canyon National Park self driving tour 1 although only a short day, but along the way but to see the beautiful natural landscape of the western United states.
       Idaho State Highways in the United States, from the Inagi El 14 kilometers, there is a driver who has been called the "devil's triangle of Idaho," the terrorist roll band.
    When the normal moving vehicles once in this zone will suddenly be a we can not see the secret power into the air, followed by a heavy ground, a heavy trouble car crash.
       The mystery of death: the Grand canyon of colorado highway According to statistics, in the same address, there were 17 lives in the same way to destroy.
         china in Lanzhou to Xinjiang, 430 kilometers, not only frequent attacks and car rollover incidents, the reason is also a mystery.
    The normal operation of a good car, traveling here, at least a dozen attacks.
    More than twenty or thirty.
    Although the driver like guard against, still continue to trouble.
    The traffic department has reconstruction this road, but could not stop bouts of terrorist incidents, highway of death.
    The mystery of death: the Grand canyon of colorado highway Who lives in Arizona with White family car began their trip to the grand canyon.
    This is the first time he brought to the Grand canyon tour with children.
    The car traveling on the very beautiful natural landscape, from Arizona, Utah, colorado, moving to the direction
    At noon, when the car turned a ravine, White presented in front of a vertical highway, which makes him a poor mood immediately a lot, then stepped on the accelerator.
    Then there is one family desperate scream, a family of four people and cars in order to speed down the cliff, buried in the bottom.
    The mystery of death: the Grand canyon of colorado highway      The next few days, similar incidents continue to attack, especially make people doubt understand is that knowing is in front of the cliff, why drove through here, both on the pedal, rather than on the brakes.
    The devil entrenched on this road that rampant moment, in the American heart cause intense fear.
    What is the reason causing the disaster again and again?
    The local police to the exploration of this area.
         The police found trouble not only attack on the same road, but all the time in the morning at 10:30 to 12 noon, into the cliff car almost no brakes, but the accelerator.
    Through a period of time to inquiries, the traffic police are on the cause of trouble attack still can not explain.
    This makes you more trust is a supernatural strength at the mercy of the road.
    By Thanksgiving, our family went to a pedestrian in the southwestern United States feel there's magnificent Western scenery, which as a symbol of the western United States "Monument Valley" (Monument Valley), give us a most memorable.
    1. of the trip, we go to Arizona (Arizona) town Pugh (Page) for two days, visit the magnificent Wei Hu package (Lake Powell), the magic of the Antelope Valley (Antelope canyon), and the thrill of the Horseshoe Bay (Horseshoe Bend).
    The third day in the morning I have to go again the beauty of the lake to watch the sunrise Wei package, and then leave town Pugh, to the coveted Monument Valley.
    2005 we travel to colorado, on the way back once again.
    The Monument Valley projections the vast expanse of the desert on the Red Butte makes us deeply shocked.
    This time we decided to visit the Monument Valley, close to feel the distance on behalf of the United States western natural monument.
    At the junction of the 2. Monument Valley is located in northern Arizona and Utah, about 125 miles from the town of Pugh.
    We first along the highway 98 East and then turn to highway 160. A road is almost barren, some places were covered with snow.
    3. after a while, we came to a small town called Kayenta, highway 163 from here we turn to Monument Valley.
    The road is not on the train, the scenery is very desolate.
    When we drove on a plateau, the scene in front of the US saw stop.
    The distance of two towering red sandstone Butte rises like the two pagoda like standing in the desert, at the foot of the road straight through between the two natural pagoda.
    This scene makes us feel a kind of unspeakable shock and desolate beauty.
    This is true in the West!
    The western United States is going forward, red!
    The peak (Butte) and flat top mountain (Mesa) more and more.
    The occasional roadside cabins and riding cowboy, in reality show us here in the western style.
    4. follow the signs, we finally came to the monument to the Lur Na Vaho Tribal Park "(Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park) of the entrance.
    The Monument Valley is located in the Indian reservation in.
    1958 years, Navajo Indians live in here this park was established.
    5 $5. fee per person.
    The park we bought tickets, then put the car into the parking lot of the visitor center.
    After parking we eagerly came to the viewing platform near the parking lot.
    I saw three flat Big Red Butte stand proudly on a red Gobi.
    Wow, this too spectacular!
    The scenery past seen only in the western, but now it is really appear in front of us, really let us surprised.
    In a three seat facing Gufeng, with bright windows of the restaurant we ate lunch, eat while watching out the window of that awesome natural wonders.
    6. after lunch we drove to a tourist service center is not too far from the attractions.
    There is a called wildcat trail (Wildcat Trail) to one of the three big Butte "West mittens peak" (West Mitten Butte).
    The name of the Gufeng true image, see also really like mittens stand.
    We walked along a path to Butte feet.
    When close in the face of this huge monster, I was shocked by the nature of the extraordinary as if done by the spirits of the miracle of nature, to force feel fear.
    With some 7. desert plants under our feet on the red sand, occasionally see the dead trees makes people feel a sense of sadness.
    There are wind erosion engraved traces, everything is a masterpiece of nature.
    Hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a low basin.
    Later the nature early in the Rocky Mountains mountain a little shock down, one layer stacked here, formation of sandstone and limestone (sandstone and limestone).
    While in the basin below the pressure slowly raise the formation, which gradually became the Plateau Basin.
    Subsequently, the nature and for 50 million years.
    A little bit of time to the etching plateau, finally left this piece of wilderness and is located on the top of a natural monument.
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