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America's National Park has a world-renowned reputation.
It is equipped with enough and good equipment to experience the charm of backpack hiking by staying in nature on weekends.
For new backpackers, how to pack up their backpacks properly and enjoy a safe and comfortable backpack hike if they want to go to the National Park of the United States on the weekend?
Backpack The backpack mainly looks for light, waterproof and strong fabriC.The backpack design mechanism can protect the user's waist and assist the user to carry the load forwarD.Gregory Caim 68 is recommended for female backpackers, which is specially designed for women's body structure to facilitate women's backpackers to organize and travel activities.
Tent Tent The selection of tents is a technical work, which requires that the tents themselves should be light enough and easy to fold, so that travelers can carry them with them easily.
Waterproofing and warmth are essential, and brackets should be particularly strong, so that users can be protected in the mountains under heavy winds and rains.
For tourists who have less experience in outdoor camping, it is recommended to use simple and operational tents in order to avoid increasing the difficulty of camping at night or in harsh weather.
The Msr Hubba Hubba NX tent series is recommended, which is light and spacious and can accommodate two people.
Sleeping Bag Best choice for sleeping bags is light packaging, with waterproof, wear-resistant function, warming function must be guaranteed, the temperature in the old forest at night is very low, even in summer may be as low as below zero.
Sleeping Pad Sleeping mattress is a necessity for backpack travel.
It is light and durable.
It can provide long-distance hikers with a good sense of comfort when they rest.
Solar Charger Solar charger is a necessary artifact in outdoor long-distance travel, charging treasure or can meet the needs of hikers for a day, but in the long-term outdoor environment, solar charger can ensure the safety and continuity of the journey.
Hikers are advised to tie the charger to their backpack so that they can recharge during the hike.
Music Player For hikers who want to play with a bonfire party, don't forget to bring a player.
It's recommended that they choose battery power durable and waterproof.
Headlamp How can we walk in the mountain forest after dark night without a light?
Taking LED headlights can make hikers walk safely and conveniently in the field with insufficient light, greatly reducing the possibility of accidents.
Furnace Portable Burner In order to survive in the field, we must not take outdoor stoves and gas bottles.
In fact, it is not a wise choice to pick up wood and get fire on the spot.
Some forests may be dry for a long time, and firewood piles can easily cause an irremediable mountain fire; in rainy or windy seasons, it is impossible to find a dry wood fire or to protect the fire.
Safe outdoor stoves and foldable and convenient design greatly facilitate the travel of travelers, even in the wilderness forest can also allow people to enjoy hot water, cooked food.
Cookware Outdoor dining is actually very simple, boiling water, heating food or stir-frying some fresh ingredients, with a kettle and small pot can be, dishware should be chosen to carry easily, do not bring non-degradable or non-recyclable items, bring more weight to nature and our living environment.
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    ABOUT tennessee local customs, tourist attractions
    Tennessee trip Tennessee is located in the south central United States, compared with the north, is a complicated topography area.
    So the travel agency tourism named "four days fairyland" tour.
    The car 9 in the morning around 40 starting from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania route, in the state of Virginia, the first leg of the tour is Virginia Xianrendong (Luray caverns).
    In fact, the so-called "Fairy cave" is a natural underground cave, the rugged rocks, half hidden, meandering around, stalactite wonders every kind of constantly, with fantastic light color, colorful.
    Although compared with the domestic cave, is inferior to that of many, not to mention other, is its "Yuhuadong", both in length, or attractions, than the nation's largest cave "is more beautiful.
    However, I found that the old beauty in tourism introduced very hard, they not only produced a large number of exquisite, free publicity materials, but also for all the attractions that are developed in detail, in the tour process, pay great attention to the protection of environment and the safety of tourists, make people feel friendly, cordial.
    The second day after breakfast, we went to visit the state of Baja Tennessee, the most famous scenic spots - Great Smoky Mountain (Great Smoky Mountain National Park).
    According to the tour guide said that Great Smoky Mountain is so named because the mountain is misty day, like smoke.
    In fact, the mountains are only 2000 meters, just as in the United States is a relatively high mountain.
    And also by tourists as one of the nation's top five best camp.
    We took a cable car up, this is known as the world's largest aerial tramway is two-way traffic, travel every 20 minutes, can take 50.60 tourists.
    In the tramway, along the mountain overlooking the scene, everywhere a different style of a wild profusion of vegetation, interspersed with small villa, like a painting.
    Great Smoky Mountain is really famous variety it has diverse flora, plant is said to total amount can be comparable to the whole of europe.
    Because of abundant rainfall, there are more than 100 for this native tree park, rich deciduous trees and a large number of red spruce and Eastern largest primitive foreSt. The park scenic ancient trees tower to the skies.
    The wild animal park in the opening of the 1934 is very rare, but the sanctuaries law enacted after the opening to a number of wild animal rose, white tailed deer, bobcats, foxes and grouse, black bears live in the mountains.
    There are more than 1000 million visitors each year, is the most visited national park.
    No other features in the park, there is no natural attractions like home, on the top of the mountain is built of artificial ice rink, ski and several children's play point.
    So, after the turn, we go home.
    It is on the road, the store is full of people coming and going, streams of people busily coming and going Benz cars, the streets, men and women, old and young.
    If not the exotic house, really think in a domestic shopping malls, streets.
    According to the travel arrangements, 4 in the afternoon we go to watch the famous rodeo.
    Equestrian show is in a town called Pigeon Forge, heard that the equestrian team had been performing at home.
    In fact, we are really interested in is, watching the horse show, each of us can get a free meal in the audience.
    The performance venue is indoor, 50 meters x 20 meters of open space, covered with a thick layer of ground covered with loose, wet sand.
    There are around four stands, can accommodate more than 1000 people.
    Interestingly, both north and south the audience and the bathroom reads "Southern special (South Only), North Special (North Only)".
    A lot of people watching us, that day, is the tour will have 9 cars.
    Before entering the performance hall, each group and individuals were also photographed, and then they do in each 5$sold to you, of course, you can also choose not to.
    The audience is according to your hand tickets are placed, each row of the audience before the corresponding with a sliver of table, when you are seated, dressed in military uniforms in the north and South guy, the girls began to busy drinks, according to your request, give you a Pepsi cola, iced tea and coffee, hot Iced Tea.
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