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On Thursday, November 22, one of the most grand holidays in the United States is Thanksgiving!
On this day, Americans gather together to share a turkey feaSt.Not only that, but also on Thanksgiving Day, there will be synchronized or exciting or warm Thanksgiving activities.
On this Thanksgiving day, let's tell you how to play without regret even if there is only one day.
~At the end of the article, there are also "Black Friday" shopping tips!
Scenery chapter Photo courtesy of Metro's Bike Share Apart from car rental and subway trips, there are many ways to explore Los Angeles, which can help you discover the city's uniqueness.
Join the "Cycling Day" in Los Angeles and follow the army into back streets; walk to the community to experience the daily life of the local people; ride the Metro's Bike Share on the coast of Santa Monica; walk up the Hollywood Mountains, watch the Hollywood signs and overlook the spectacular urban landscape.
Photo courtesy of Barnsdall Art Park What a travel strategy might not tell you:
It's not just Griffith Observatory and Runyon Canyon that have a 360 degree view of Los Angeles.
Los Feliz's Barnsdall Art Park also has an excellent view of the city of Los Angeles and boards a lush hilltop.
You can not only see the scenery of Griffith Park and Hollywood from afar, but also the South Bay and the Pacific Ocean.
Beach chapter Photo courtesy of Eric Lassiter, Flickr Los Angeles has eight beaches, each with a different personality.
Skateboarding, surfing, street basketball and other outdoor sports keep the beach alive forever.
But actually to the beach, the most interesting thing is that there are all kinds of people here.
In addition to tourists from all over the world, Venice Beach's famous Broadwall also has a variety of entertainers, hippies and a number of high-profile performers.
Harry Perry is right if you see an artist in a headscarf playing guitar on a roller skate.
The top five schools of Yale University Yale has nurtured a large number of outstanding Chinese students, including Zhan Tianyou, Yan Fuqing, Rong Hong, Ma Yinchu, Yan Yangchu, Li Jidong, Yang Shixian, Shi Ruwei and so on.
There is a portrait of the visitor center in Yale rong.
Here he.
Chinese first modern history students first obtained a bachelor's degree in American universities Chinese, is also the first to obtain Yale University degree Chinese.
He is a pioneer in Chinese students career, known as "the father of Chinese students".
The winter of 1854, Rong Hong returned.
He not only brought a diploma from the Yale University, but also brought back a dream, a day after the impact of several generations of China youth fates and the historical process of Chinese dreaM. "In the last year of college," Rong Hong later recalled, "I have been figured out what I will do.
I believe that the next generation of young people should be able to have the opportunity to Chinese by what I have been through education, western education, Chinese may become civilized and strong regeneration.
To achieve this goal is for my career ambition is.
" He is responsible for planning the first China America students plan, 120 China send children arrived in the United States near the Yale University city Hart Ford learning.
Almost all of these children came from a poor family, many of whom are able to enter the Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
They learned to be proud, because in them, there was a railroad mogul Zhan Tianyou, Prime Minister Tang Shaoyi, Cai Tinggan Tang Guoan, President of Tsinghua University, Beiyang university president Cai Shaoji.
By the way, to Chinese student based organization of Yale University rowing team, has repeatedly defeated the Harvard University team in the game.
Start the travel.
Front Gate is the first stop of Yale, Phelps arch.
Once learned English textbooks in the United States national hero Nathan Hale (Nathan Hale), 1755-1776, 1773 graduates of Yale University.
He is the general George Washington intelligence agent, executed by the British arrested.
Before his death, hale uttered the words read today: "I only regret that there is no second life for my country.
" (I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.
) on the right side of the house is a bronze statue of Hale he studied at the Yale University when lived in the dormitory.
Looking back on the Phelps arch.
Yale chapel.
Yale squirrel.
Theodore Dwight Woolsey statue.
Theodore Dwight Woolsey from 1846 to 1871 as the president of yale.
It is said that Yale and Harvard: always lose, but when President Woolsey to watch Yale always win, he gave Yale people good luck, then people to touch the foot of statue, to achieve their own aspirations, so the foot was touched shinily.
The statue of Pierson AbrahaM. Abraham Pierson is the first president of Yale, this statue is located in the old campus of Yale, located in the east of Tower Harkness.
Harkness Tower.
Located in the old campus of Yale (old campus) on the west, a typical Gothic architecture, built in 1917-1921, Anna M. Harkness Charles William Harkness in memory of her son and donated Charles William, Harkness 1883 and Yale alumni.
The building is James GambleRogers, he presided over the design of a lot of Yale Gothic architecture.
Yale Art gallery.
The Yale School of drama.
The Yale graduate student dormitory.
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