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If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle for a while and feel the life in the countryside, a trip to Texas is a good choice.
As the second largest state in the United States, developed highways make every trip possible.
Whether it's primitive open wilderness, rich multicultural history, lively art and culture, or coveted food, you can find it in Texas!
Get a set of car keys from Alamo and start exploring Texas, the representative of the southwestern United States.
Houston Houston If you're not familiar with Texas, start your adventure in Houston, the most populous city.
As the center of economy and culture, many buildings in Houston have witnessed the evolution of American architectural style.
Various galleries, museums and galleries show the diversity of the city in every way.
NASA Johnson Space Center is absolutely the best of many scenic spots.
Here, you can watch the weightlessness training ground for astronauts, learn how to operate a spacecraft, try on a space helmet, touch the moon rocks, experience the landing of a spacecraft, and even try out a space walk in the most advanced simulator.
In addition, the Museum of Houston has many museums suitable for family visits, including the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
Here, you seem to be returning to the Ice Age, not only to personally explore the mysteries of the Earth, but also to understand the wonders of the planet millions of years ago through the exhibition of paleontology.
Austen Austin It's about 265 kilometers west from Houston, and you can get to Austin.
In addition to the world-class museums, there are wonderful live musiC.Austin Music Festival is held every year from September to October.
Top artists from all over the world gather to bring wonderful music performances to the audience.
Apart from the rich cultural activities, it is also very suitable for outdoor activities.
Austin has a pleasant climate all year round, and Lady Bird Lake in Zick Park is the highlight of the city.
The lake is clear and beautiful.
It's very suitable for renting a canoe or kayak.
In addition, you can challenge the standing surfboard to experience this popular sport in Europe and America.
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