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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Do you apply for a U.S. European Free Travel Visa or travel agency?
It's better to find a travel agency.
First, the United States signs the big hill of the visa, but once it's ten years old, other visas are much easier to handle.
First of all, your bank should have a certain amount of running water deposit.
It needs work certificate, bank slip company business license certificate, application form and passport for about 5 weeks.
American visas are more appropriate for negotiation.
From the moment each applicant submits a visa application, the visa officer has considered it to be "illegal" in the United States.
An interview is to give the applicant a chance to negotiate and prove that you are not.
Interview is the most important thing.
This is the American writer Mark Twain known as the most beautiful path.
Deep and Chinese relationship of the Yale China Association, Yale is homophonic Yale.
6 1901 25, by the Yihetuan Movement stimulation, the Yale University students to China missionary Organization (Yale-China Association) the Yale China Association was formally established, Professor Bi Hailan (Prof.
Harlan Page Beach) as the first chairman, the German Kang (Lawrence Thurston) as the first secretary.
Tokumoto Yasuku Chinese studied for 2 years, eventually to Yale will choose Hunan in Central China Changsha China as work base.
Hunan Yali middle school, this is the gradual establishment of the Xiangya Hospital.
Xiangya School of medicine "(Hsiang-Ya Medical College), was soon to be Chinese first class medical colleges, enjoy the" Southern Hunan, North Union "reputation.
New Haven town Yale University Tour

銆銆銆 銆銆 Don't say what! The elite is awesome! Just take a picture is the desktop! Especially in the building, the other school is really incomparable.
The transit network Someone else's library! Oh.
All the above text, there are Chinese yo ~ There are many small squirrels! This is a rare and Manuscript Library law school It looks like Studies Grafuate.
This car was.
Finally there is a courtyard open in.
After the East Rock Park went to yale.
Climb to the top of the mountain is a monument.
Overlooking the city.
From the foot of the mountain.
All the way through West Haven, in a Dezhou barbecue restaurant for lunch.
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