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My father and friends are going to travel freely in the United States.
Can you give us some advice on what we need to pay attention to?
The United States is sparsely populated, so mobile phone signals and 4G signals are not good in many places.
Especially in the natural scenic spots, I drove up the No.
1 Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and there was no mobile phone and 4G signal in the middle.
Therefore, it is suggested that the theme father rent a satellite positioning in the car rental shop, where there are signals, more stable than the mobile phone.
In addition, San Francisco is very cold in summer, which is unimaginable in ChinA.You must bring your coat!
Take your coat!
Take your coat!
How thick?
At least with a windbreaker, the very thin, sunshade coat that domestic women like is impossible to withstand the San Francisco summer!
California has plenty of sunshine.
Pay attention to sunscreen, SPF 50 + on the beach.
I personally prefer Hertz, the largest car rental company in the United States.
It's cheaper.
I can make an online reservation in advance, and then take my driver's license (I rented a car in the United States with a Chinese driver's license.
It's OK.
I don't need any extra translation or notarization) to get a car.
I need to buy insurance when I rent a car.
Oh, don't miss Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles!
Invincible beauty!
When you see stop at an American intersection, you must stop for a while.
Look, there's no car to go any further.
If there is another car at the same time, the car on the right will go first!
Do not overspeed the highway, 60 mph, 70 mph.
are all possible, more than 80 mph is dangerous, more than 90 mph, my friend said before, 90 mph more than 2 minutes after the *** appeared!
(Who knows, never tried) Also, don't drive too slowly.
If it's too slow, it's not allowed to drive in the rightmost lane!
(My friend's grandmother was ticketed for driving 50 mph on the right lane.
) Don't honk your horn carelessly.
It's a disgusting thing for foreigners.
The problem of tipping is that the general consumption of more than twenty may be about three to four knives!
(Poor) If you eat 300 knives, you'll have to be decent!
No password is used for card swiping abroad, OK is OK for signing a name, dear ones, be careful!
It's better to prepare a charging treasure.
After all, using Google EMAP every day consumes a lot of power.
I can't remember it!
Los Angeles temperature difference is big, cold aunt pay attention to take thin coat!
It's very hot and sunny during the day!
People enjoy the western sun, so go love the sun.
San Francisco has a steep slope, which is just a reminder!
Take a look at strip clubs, *** dance bars.
Characteristic ah characteristic ah!
Remember that dancers all need tips!
I can't think of it.
I want to come again!
In short, Google map is the best travel partner!
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