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What do you need to pay attention to when you travel to the United States by car?
China's driver's license can be used directly in most states of the United States (a few states do not recognize it), so you can rent a satisfactory car from a rental company with your driver's license and passport.
Because China has not joined the International Driving License Organization, there is actually no so-called International Driving License.
Prepare another translation.
Find a template online and translate it by yourself.
Rent a car:
Book car rental online in advance.
Get off the plane, do shuttle bus and go straight to the store to pick up the car.
1) Rent for 5 days is the same as rent for 7 days, try to rent for a week, which is the most appropriate; if only rent for 1-3 days, the following options are not available.
2) Rent more than 4 days, there is an option called "Platinum", which is the most cost-effective way.
It includes the price of the first tank of fuel, the price of the second driver, compulsory traffic insurance, third party insurance and no deductible, as well as all airports and government taxes.
Don't underestimate insurance and taxes.
If you rent through other channels, you will find that it is much more expensive than the rental car itself.
3) When you pick up a car at an airport, the salesman will sell you all kinds of upgrades.
The wisest way is to refuse them altogether.
Sometimes it tells you that you can upgrade to XXX or something with 15 knives.
But you have to know that every penny you spend will add about 30% extra service fee, airport tax and government tax, which is quite impressive!
Navigation can be rented online; TomTom North American version can also be installed on your mobile phone; if your mobile phone has traffic over there, you can also use Google Maps.
Google Maps can't navigate, and there's no voice to tell you in advance which intersection.
Come on.
Stop the car and go to the convenience store next to him and tell him how many guns you have and how much it will coSt.Buy a good bill, come back and start to add, basically self-help, do not know how to add can ask for help shop assistants.
Most places should be 2-3 yuan per liter, and in many places cash is 0.
1 knife per gallon cheaper than swiping a card.
Matters needing attention:
1. Better rent a familiar model.
2. Don't violate the rules, what kind of speeding, random parking, don't do anything, receive a ticket, it's not the simple 1,200 RMB in China.
3. When driving, follow the traffic force, do not occupy the overtaking lane for a long time, and return to the right lane immediately after overtaking.
4. Many cars in the United States don't have backing radar.
They Park in one enD.Apart from big cities with tight parking spaces like San Francisco, it is necessary to pour into narrow parking spaces.
In addition, parking in the United States is generally free of charge, except in the urban centres of large cities.
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    ABOUT ohio local customs, tourist attractions
    One of the National Aviation centers, with Dayton University, State Wright University, Air Force Technical college and other universities, Wright Air Force Base and the Air Museum.
    The transportation is convenient and the industry is developed.
    There are refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, paper making, electronic weighing apparatus and other industries.
    Founded in 1795 by a group of veterans during the war of independence, the town was set up in 1805 and the city was set up in 1841. Population: 203588 (1980)
    The Dayton Accord, which ended the Bosnian civil war, was signed here as the home of the Wright brothers and the birthplace of Major League Baseball Hall of Fame star Mike Schmidt.
    Butler, American Academy of art in Ohio city of Youngstown Witkey Street No. 524, established in 1919, is the first dedicated to the American Art Museum exhibition.
    The Museum by local entrepreneur and philanthropist Joseph Green Butler (Joseph Green, Butler, Jr) created from the founding date, the Museum has been in public 0 form operation.
    The Museum where the building is "McKim, Mead & White" construction company's masterpiece, has been included in the list of the national register of historic places.
    The main mission of Butler American Academy of art is the preservation and collection of American art works, the collection of more than more than 20000 pieces of works of art, the Museum is the world famous "".
    Among them, the most famous Museum in the permanent collections of Winslow Homer "Snap the Whip" creation, this is a tribute to the famous work of art in the age of one room school.
    Winslow has created a "Snap the Whip" works, another one is stored in the Metropolitan Museum of art.
    These two works are both similarities and different, the Butler Museum this piece of mountains as the background, and the Metropolitan Museum of art that is not.
    In 2007, the Museum of Norman Rock's creation at a price of $16 million, making the "Lincoln the Railsplitter".
    The United States in the past show in southwestern Native American painting collections.
    In addition, there are some of Mr. Butler's private collection.
    The Museum collections are in scale and expanding year by year.
    Butler Institute of American Art
    Reason: the earliest establishment of the American Art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Ohio: [Ohio State]
    Attractions: Youngstown city [Youngstown]

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