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How to apply for a U.S. Free Travel Visa?
The United States generally issues more than 10 years of valid visas, and the entry and stay time is generally no more than 180 days each time.
In fact, visa officers rarely ask to review any documents and materials.
The original visa officers liked to gossip about your family photos, pictures of outings or other things.
Recently, they preferred to see your real estate certificate, of course.
They usually only brush their faces.
In the process of US signing, free travel belongs to the type of B visa for private travel to the United States.
The minimum you need to prepare is an ID card, a passport, an electronic version of a 50*50 white-background color crown-free photo and a printed version.
What you need to do:
Du Niang searches the "American Embassy" according to the guide registration account, chooses the face-to-face city, generates and fills in 160 forms, pays the visa fee on the Internet connection of the registration account of the CITIC Bank website, obtains the UID code and makes an appointment for the interview time (the contract letter will send you a designated mailbox).
Face-to-face preparation:
bring 160 printed forms (the one with bar code), reserve face-to-face signatures with bar code, passports and ID cards, and print photos with stickers on the front of the passport.
Just go to the embassy or consulate on time and line up for face-to-face signatures as required.
Points added:
dress neatly and modestly, many security officers and secretaries have bad attitudes, you can also bear, passbook room, car certificate and other certificates of financial resources and past travel photos with family photos, but people do not necessarily see.
Consulate can't bring anything in except visa documents, including mobile phones, so it's better to ask friends to drive with you to pick up your bags or at least pick up the phone for you; the nearest consulate is Guangzhou, but you want to sign in Shenyang, Chengdu, north without anyone stopping you; the visa officer receives your passport basically means issuing a (I met the visa officer hesitantly, informing you that you need to take another examination).
Considering that the passport has been withheld for 7 days for background checks) About mailboxes:
Any mailbox is OK for US signature, QQ mailbox is OK.
U.S. signatures now generally allow more than one round trip a year, with a maximum stay of six months each time (sometimes re-qualified at the Customs) enough for free travel.
If you still don't quite understand, you can find a substitute for the US signature, try to find more than 1200 visa fees, when the US signature 978 cost is the lowest 999 Taobao, this price actually helps you sign a contract to pay money, consulting, accompanying, taking, filling in the form are irrelevant, not very reliable.
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