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How can international students get a work visa in the United States?
There are several kinds of work visas in the United States, each of which is different and targeted at different groups.
Here's a brief introduction.
1. H1B The most common job visa for international students is the H1B visA.In order to obtain H1B, applicants must have a bachelor's degree or above.
If you don't have an American degree, you need to evaluate fairness.
If you are a junior college or a lower degree, you need to work in the same field to make up for it, usually three years of work one year of study time in American universities.
Most international students should satisfy their academic qualifications.
In order to apply for H1B, you have to find a job first, and the employer is willing to help you apply for H1B.The process is relatively simple for us to submit materials such as passports and degree certificates.
But it's still a bit troublesome for employers, especially for startups.
You need to submit Labor Condition Application (LCA) to the U.S. Department of Labor to prove that hiring a foreigner will not affect the work of U.S. citizens (such as not hiring you for unfair competition at a low wage, you can find the minimum wage for your location and type of work at FLCDataCenter.com), and then submit your H1B application to USCIS.
2. J1 In addition to H1B, many of the PhD graduates who choose to be postdocs apply for J1 visas.
Class J visa, also known as exchange visa, is mainly for short-term exchange visits.
It has an 18-month validity period and will theoretically return to China for two years.
But in fact, you can apply for waive when it expires, and then seek to change to H1B or other ways.
J1 is better than H1B.In fact, many bull schools now only sponsor J1 instead of sponsor H1B.And J1 pays very little (or even exempt) tax.
But the disadvantage is that the validity period is short, and you can't apply for a green card.
3. O Maybe many students don't know there are O visas.
Class O visas are for aliens with extraordinary ability and their support team.
If you have enough cows, you don't have to squeeze tens of thousands of H1B places every year, you can also try to apply for O.
I heard of a senior who applied for O directly after OPT, got a visa soon, and soon became green.
4. L1, E, in fact, there are other types of work visas in the United States, such as L1 for staff of multinational corporations and E for import and export traders, but they are not commonly used by foreign students.
In short, it is not easy for foreigners to work legally in the United States.
That's why OPT is so important.
During OPT, we try to find a job and apply for visa.
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