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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What should I buy to go shopping in America?
First of all, you need to prepare an empty suitcase.
If it's only carry-on size, I'm afraid it's not enough.
It's better to have a check-in suitcase.
Then, just look at these brands and buy them firmly.
Anthroplogie, you just know how MUJI works, upgrades and better versions are here Because it can really be called the most beautiful lifestyle brand in the world, not one of them.
It is also the most unique buyer's shop.
Anthropologic has been developing for more than 20 years, but only in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France offline stores, adhere to the boutique line operation.
Urban Outfitters, a more distinctive street fashion brand than Zara and H > M Locate younger people, but design sense and quality are much better than Forever 21, and there are often joint designs with other brands.
In my own experience, it is the best choice to buy all kinds of retro style bags in their home.
They have unique design and are very cheap.
Madewell Literary and artistic youth like it best.
The best products are knitted sweaters and jeans.
I recently bought a dark blue cropped, rough knitted sweater vest from their family, matched outside a black tall collar sweater skirt, and immediately looked calm, much like the image I should have when reading in a library or illustrating in a coffee shop.
Their family is also worth considering the bag series, most of which are minimalist design of daily work shopping bags, more durable and well matched.
Everlane There is no offline store, which is a rising brand of clothing in recent years.
The main idea is to let you know where your money is spent.
The specific cost components of each garment and accessories will be carefully listed, including the proportion of design, raw materials, production, transportation and market costs.
It's also a brand that seldom discounts, so when you see what you like, just place an order on the website, send it to the hotel and bring it back.
The most famous item in their family is Shopper.
Angelina Jolie was caught in the street with it on her back, which made the brand popular.
Their shoulder bags are also good, men and women are generous, simple and generous.
Beyond that, what clothes are depends on whether you like this kind of pure-color neutral wind, which has been hot in recent years.
Theory, starting with Uniqlo gossip, teaches you how to save money on New York designer brand coats High-end New York Designers Acquisitioned by Uniqlo
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    Austen digital art Museum was established in 1977, is the first to digital art as the theme of the Museum in the world, not only shows the digital works in the region, will also be the digital art works around the world to Austen, have been recognized internationally, the initial size of digital art.
    The Museum aims to strengthen tourists on the understanding and appreciation of digital art.
    Digital art is the use of digital technology and computer program of pictures, audio and video files are analyzed and editing applications, finally get the perfect upgrade works, so the digital art industry is the core industry of knowledge economy industry in twenty-first century.
    The final form of digital art that can be viewed on the website or computer software, which is different from the traditional Museum features.
    Digital art products in the Museum on images and music, into the animation in the music, to lead the audience into a "Avatar" of the world, let people fall into a reverie, have lamented the power of digital technology.
    Austin Museum of Digital Art
    Reason: the digital art Museum in the world the earliest
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    city Attractions: Austen [Austin]

    The world is full of magic and strange and novel architectural features, with some classical beauty, with some modern elements, can be said to be an ornamental art.
    Different people have different aesthetic standards, but some are actually attracted the attention of the world, Tsuboya is one of them.
    Kettle house is located in Texas, Galveston, near the Gulf of Mexico coast, is regarded as one of the 10 most strange roadside buildings.
    It is said that a house built in the 20 century 50, a flip launch class, placement of the roof, the other people feel is on weekdays, we eat the bowl.
    Where is the most magical pot house in the 2009 hurricane AIKE attack still does not fall, which makes it more full of mystery.
    According to the records in a book, built by the local Tsuboya tank one building, the local people said that no one had ever lived in the house, but there is a person to carry on the regular repair, but it also has disappeared for a long time.
    Kettle House
    Reason: one of the most magical buildings in the United States
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    Galveston city attractions: [Galveston]

    Are you enjoying a leisurely weekend or a fast road trip?
    We love traveling. We've been looking for small and beautiful places.
    It turned out that we were all around Texas. Texas has all your fantasies: from the most intense wildflower countries in the urban world to even mountains (yes), these are the most photographed spots in Texas. Brenham
    If you're going to live in Texas all your life, you'll have a picture of you and your family playing with a cornflower in the water.
    If you have a new state, it's just a matter of time. And the Fredericksburg area has some blue beauties, and we can't help but be with them. It's just for us and Brenham to work together in the field. Big Bend National Park
    This is one of the few places in Texas where you can reasonably ask, "Wait, are we still in Texas?"
    I can affirm without hesitation that you are a lone star state. Although most people think Texas is completely flat. Here we give you a new visual feast.
    Walking along the San Antonio River
    Along with killer Margaret, the best Texas and Mexican wandering bands in the country are here. No wonder tourists flock to San Antonio.
    The music and the beautiful scenery are perfectly integrated here. Every fan who comes here will be attracted by the beautiful scenery. They may forget that they are here to listen to songs. Hell's Gate in Opossum Kingdom Lake
    Red Bull Cliff Diving chose this as one of the few places to hold annual competitions around the world. It's huge.
    This is surprising. This is terrible. Like Texas, it gives us the feeling.
    Fort Worth Livestock Farm
    Is it a typical opening TV program?
    Yes, it is. Is it always a completely accurate picture of everyday life?
    No. What's so amazing about cattle driving every day in 2017?
    Absolutely. Dallas Arboretum
    More than a million people have visited the 66-acre botanical garden.
    Every year its beauty touches a large number of people. No matter the season, flowers, plants, pumpkins will be more elegant to please your eyes. Especially your camera. Hindu temples
    For the first time in North America, this remarkable Hindu temple stands on the outskirts of Houston.
    Want to take a closer look?
    The temple is open to everyone. All the tourist items are free.
    Texas State Capitol
    It's a ritual of passage: when you first come to Austin, you have to take pictures near the Capitol Building. Feel this handsome, authoritarian history. Standing under the building, feel the call from history. The Capitol makes every visitor here feel the vicissitudes of history.
    Reunion Tower
    The building looks like a combination punch. When shooting from the ground, you can shoot with the Dallas Skyline in its unusual structure.
    If you take pictures from inside, you get a totally different view from the outside, you get an experience point of view, competitors take pictures from helicopters. Hamilton Pool
    You really see what you think you see?
    It's a beautiful natural swimming pool in Texas.
    But don't let this picture deceive you: unless you're in the early morning, it's going to be surrounded by Austin swimmers. Come here with your family and use your camera to leave good memories.
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