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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
If you want to travel freely, how do you apply for a U.S. freelance visa?
In fact, visa officers rarely ask to review any documents and materials.
The original visa officers liked to gossip about your family photos, pictures of outings or other things.
Recently, they preferred to see your real estate certificate, of course.
They usually only brush their faces.
U.S. Signature Procedure, free travel to the United States for personal reasons, visa type B 1. The minimum you need to prepare is an ID card, a passport, a 50*50 white-background color cordless photo, an electronic version and a printed version.
2. What you need to do:
Du Niang searches the "American Embassy" according to the guide registration account, chooses the face-to-face city, generates and fills in 160 forms, pays the visa fee on the Internet connection of the registration account of the CITIC Bank website, obtains the UID number and makes an appointment for the interview time (the appointment letter will send you a designated mailbox).
3. Prepare for face-to-face signatures:
bring 160 printed forms (the one with bar code), reserve face-to-face signatures with bar code, passports and ID cards, and print photos with stickers on the front of the passport.
Just go to the embassy or consulate on time and line up for face-to-face signatures as required.
4. Add points:
dress neatly and modestly, many security officers and secretaries have bad attitudes, you can also bear, passbook room, car certificate and other certificates of financial resources and past travel photos with family photos, but people do not necessarily see.
5. Tips:
Consulates can't bring anything in except visa documents, including mobile phones, so it's best to ask friends to drive with you to pick up your bags and pick up the phone at leaSt.The nearest consulate is Guangzhou, but nobody wants to sign you in Shenyang, Chengdu, north.
The visa officer's receipt of your passport basically means issuing a visa (I have met the visa officer hesitantly, informing you that you need to repeat it).
Consider a guest whose passport has been withheld for 7 days for background checks.
6. About mailboxes:
Any mailbox is OK for US signature, QQ mailbox is OK.
U.S. signatures now generally allow more than one round trip a year, with a maximum stay of six months (sometimes re-qualified at the customs) enough for free travel.
If you still don't understand, you can find a travel agency to send the US visa, for example, this website has a visa service.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    Disneyland Disney save money Raiders
    Disney is the child's paradise, is the best place to miss the adults childlike.
    In Orlando, Disney is the world's first Disney theme park, holiday time, a young man with his girlfriend, young parents take their children to the world's oldest Disney a carefree trip.
    But, you know how to swim Disney in order to save money?
    (of course, can ignore the following order to the nouveau riche) in Disney's world money saving tips, with the view of it.
    1. note Giveaway Disney before the world has avoided a discount, but in recent years began to adjust the marketing strategy more active, free gifts, such as park tickets for free or free food.
    many of Disney's free gifts usually takes at least 4 days to stay in the park, during the peak season (7 months, there may be other holidays), network query.
    2. bought a Duorimen No matter where I heard the Disney theme park tickets after the discount is not used.
    However, you stay longer, you can pay less.
    The payment of $89 a day for adults, but if you stay for a week, equivalent to the daily pay only $41.14. Note:
    4 days can usually visit 4 Disney theme park.
    In addition, for a long time may mean that you will miss other places of interest in Florida, such as Orlando, sea world, Universal Studios Kennedy Space center.
    3. don't drive to Disney If you want to leave the car at home, or do not want to rent a car, you can rely on Disney free bus transportation system (DTS).
    If you live in the Disney theme hotel, resort will have free will you express train to Orlando international airport.
    Tip: DTS may be slightly slow and crowded, if you do not want to endure long wait or drive to.
    4, visit the season in the off-season Disney's "Value" hotel offers 8640 guest rooms, the off-season for $85 a night (usually at the end of August, September and January), when children are on vacation, prices will soar to 200 dollars per night.
    "Value" is the Disney Park Resort Hotel, is actually a motel.
    The DTS bus is the most crowded, but here is the most suitable for middle.
    class families travel.
    The off-season cheap and convenient, season dogfight.
    5. non Disney rent a room The cheapest room four limit, if the family has more than 5 people to rent two.
    But in Disney a few miles away, there is a special holiday for the rental of buildings, facilities, swimming pool, grill, big screen TV etc.
    Through the All-star IPG holiday homes or Florida vacation house to rent, the rental cost of three rooms to the minimum of $165 per night.
    Tip: if you're renting, you can not appreciate the feeling in the Disney Park Live fantastic dream.
    But if you are not fanatical and stubborn "Disney powder", you can choose.
    6. free attractions to visit Disney Some sites do not need to spend money through the contemporary resort: monorail or across from the Epcot above, the water would climb through the magic kingdom.
    Every night 9 to point 10 will have the water curtain open performance.
    unless you booked in the vicinity of the hotel, or are you from the hotel bus here, or you need to pay the parking fee of $14. 7. buy Disney catering plan If you can bear to eat in fast food counter, then Disney's fast food service plan for you, a day of two full meals and a cheap and convenient snack.
    Small tips: this plan is only return chowhound who never skipping a meal.
    In addition, if all of the Disney restaurant prepaid plans, you will miss the try something else.
    You know, Orlando's Vietnam cooking is great oh.
    8. yourself ready to eat Just a few years, a national Orlando Disney fire chicken rose from $8 to $9.49. However, you can buy a double cheeseburger, and then buy a Dinner Roll, so you can make two hamburgers.
    (Department of not very smart?
    ) Or, you can not eat French fries or a small bag of potato chips, and can save a few dollars.
    although it looks very cheap, but there are still shortcomings, only to buy a hamburger, you can eat?
    But also to save money to the belly.
    9. special allowance Disney Hotel In Orlando, all in the name of a "Disney" of the hotel are very expensive, but they will provide extra allowance.
    You can get free parking, but also get additional "magic time" in the park, the non open time in the park visit.
    It sounds very attractive oh.
    Disney hotel is usually expensive than other hotel two to three times, in addition, additional "magic time" may not be enough to offset the expensive hotel Disney.
    Of course, there are still many people think that "magic" is priceless.
    Disney was every girl dream place, Xiao Bian also deeply in love with Mickey and it have many friends.
    This is a castle like paradise, bring the world with joy and innocence of a child.
    Disney's magic and fantasy can be said to be "with no predecessors", although "after the newcomers, but no one can go beyond the classic Disney!
    With the person you love, find the inner child!
    Having dinner One day the family dinner will accidentally spend $100 or more, but there are some tips to help you save money.
    First of all, according to the co owner of the theme park money website MouseSavers.com Don Monsil (Don Munsil) said, in the park, often eat cheaper (not surprising).
    But this is not the only way to save money, Monsil said, as one of the most secret known, is in costco or costco.com to buy a Mccormick & Schmick 's discount gift card ($100 par value of $80), then you can use this card in the restaurant, but also can in the use of the popular Rainforest cafe and Bubba Gump Shrimp co.
    , because they are the same boss.
    Eat a meal really cheap meal, he recommended the Earl of Sandwich (usually the children can eat a sandwich, most prices far less than $10).
    You can also register the Earl in a few weeks to go to Disney Park (Disney Park of Sandwich and other restaurants) frequent flyer programs, because they will often give you a coupon;
    they often as the birthday gift to customers free sandwiches, if you go to the birthday of Disney Park, it is a good way to save money.
    ThemeParkInsider.com editor Robert Niles (Robert Niles) said that adults can also eat meals for children in the park (in Disney, they think you took the children), while in the hot dog stand is very cheap, you can buy a hot dog with fries, if you do not ask with French fries, they could lose $1. Of course, in a restaurant than to your own food.
    According to Monsil, but to Disney you can play with snacks and drinks.
    He suggested that many people often do not have the picnic area to find a staff to inquire about the park.
    Get accommodation Disney inside the park hotel is often the most expensive, so I recommend Mengxi park outside the hotel to save money (many of these hotels close to the park, some will be able to walk, but we must look at the map to make sure it is not very near, but not to believe in it from the park hotel website on how close it).
    Monsil said, if you want to further save money, it might be the hotel search scope to the entire area of Orange county -- especially if you want to visit some other attractions of southern california.
    Niles said, if you really want to Disney in the hotel accommodation, then find a package type money program.
    He suggested that the money program on Disney.com as a benchmark, and on other websites (Mousesavers.com summarizes this kind of money looking for a better way to save money scheme).
    Monsil said that the military and AAA members can often get discount card holders as like Disney Visa.
    Then calculate your home whether it is appropriate to do so: let a person buy a year passes, and then let the human family hotel - sometimes, because the Disney Hotel on the annual pass holders of the discount rate up to 25%, it may be quite cost-effective.
    Admission ticket Monsil said, AresTravel.com currently has a ticket money program good, because they have a large number of Disney in the price before buying, but in general the price changes every week, so be sure to inquire around;
    in addition, designed for families to spend many days in the park for several days tickets will be more value for money.
    (make sure from Disney authorized dealer to buy tickets for the tickets, because many swindlers.
    Just by looking at the forum and comments in advance about the dealer).
    Nair said, parents should also give the company's human resources department phone, if they have no Disney tickets, because the company may also according to the original purchase price of the tickets, and as soon as possible.
    Parking Monsil said, not many very cost-effective ways to save parking, but here is a simple trick: you can three hours free parking in downtown Disney, then if you find a restaurant that your tickets can also stop two hours.
    In addition, according to Niles Disney, and not the same as the world inside the case is located outside the park, many hotels still can park a few steps away, so you might even do not need the car, so you can save the parking fee.
    Palm Beach class: don't county Administrative Region Area: Miami Area under the jurisdiction of West Palm Beach Government resident: Palm Beach Phone number: 561 Postal code: 33480 Location: East Area: 27 square kilometers Population: 12386 (2013) Dialect: English climate: tropical climate Famous attractions: Palm Springs Hotel, Palm Beach Living celebrities: Regal Trump, Abu, Stallone etc
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