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Where are those American shopping rebate agencies located?
How do I inquire about this?
Uncle Sam Tourists usually get tax rebates when they shop abroad, but only a few states in the United States can refund their excise tax.
In California, the most developed tourist states, there are no rules to refund their excise tax.
In addition to Texas, there are also Louisiana states that can refund their excise tax.
Louisiana tax rebate provides shopping rebate services for international tourists in more than 1,000 shopping malls in Louisiana, such as Saks, Best Buy, Macy's, J.
C.Penney, Gucci, The Gap, Sears, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Coach, etC.Most of the major shopping malls in New Orleans and Baton Rouge are tax-free zones.
Louisiana's tax rebate conditions.
Currently, Louisiana only provides tax rebate services for travelers who stay in the United States for no more than 90 days and hold tourist visas.
Foreign students are not included in the scope of those who can apply for tax rebates.
Shopping must be done at designated duty-free shopping shops (LTFS members).
The steps of tax rebate are as follows:
1. Take your passport with you when shopping, and show it when checking out.
Request the corresponding amount of tax refund voucher.
Keep the tax refund voucher and shopping receipts properly.
2. In the LTFS refund center, the printout of passport and departure ticket itinerary will be presented, and the refund tax will be collected by the refund voucher and the corresponding shopping receipt.
The refund center will charge a certain handling fee and deduct it from the refund.
3. Refunds of less than $500 will be refunded in cash and more than $500 will be sent to the visitors'residence by cheque.
Ralph Lauren, COACH, Cher's and Apple Electronics are the most popular brands among Chinese tourists.
It is recommended to buy them in places with lower shopping tax.
At the same time, you can also go to the Autleys Discount Center, where there are many brands and styles may not be novel enough, but the price is sure to satisfy you.
In addition, DFS in the Los Angeles Highland Center is also a shopping destination for Chinese tourists.
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