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What month is a better time to travel to the United States?
What places are worth recommending?
The greatest pleasure of traveling in the United States is free and unrestrained driving.
When driving in the United States, the most important thing is to choose interstate when you are in a hurry; when you are not in a hurry, choose the non-interstate highway!
In this way, we can get close to the scenery of the United States:
looking at the sea (California Highway 1), mountain watching (Colorado's mountainous area), enjoying the rural (central states), history of goods (Highway 66), and I think it's one of the essence of American travel.
The route can start from the Northeast (New York).
Yes, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC and other historic cities, many museums.
By the way, you can go to Falls, CT, Rhode Island, surrounding universities, Woodberry outlet, etc.
Then along the east coast to the south.
You can go straight to Florida (in the middle, Virginia, North Carolina can skip).
Apart from the famous Orlando, Miami and KEY WEST, Florida has countless clean and unmanned beaches, such as Pensacola in the weSt.There are so many such beaches that you can enjoy them slowly without worrying.
In addition, you can consider taking a cruise to the Caribbean Sea, which is very beautiful and can be chosen for about a week.
And then along the south to the west, heading for New Orleans and Texas.
If you have time, you will actually pass interesting towns like mobile (AL) on the way.
After Texas, you can go to the mountains of Colorado.
Colorado has countless beautiful towns (such as the largest ski resort in the United States, the best iceberg climbing town in the United States, etc.
In addition, mountains and lakes make people linger and forget to return, and historic sites such as mesa verda are amazing.
Then go to Utah and go south to ArizonA.Again, when traveling in the United States, if you have time, you can visit more "unknown" towns, such as AZ's page, an unknown town, but there is a scenic spot called Horseshoe Bend:
If you go to Grand Canyon and other national parks, you can go to Las Vegas and then to CaliforniA.Veas and intermodal attractions (such as death valley) are too well-known to be repeateD.Just to add that many hotels in Vegas can tip the front desk and the front desk person can help you upgrade the room.
It's very cost-effective.
The tickets for the show should be decided early and the seats should be chosen early.
California has countless scenic spots from south to north.
Beaches, parks, Silicon Valley, universities (UCSD, UCSB, STANDFORD, etc.
) are beautiful.
To add a word, even the University of San Diego, an unknown university, is very beautiful.
In the United States, you can go to unknown places when you have time.
Highway 1 from Santa Barbara to Montery is also strongly recommendeD.Of course, I'll end up at 17 miles.
In addition, national parks such as Youshan Meidi are also recommendeD.In addition, California has many well-known wineries, such as near Sanfan.
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