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What's a good deal to buy for a trip to the United States?
What is worth buying?
First is skin care cosmetics.
In particular, American brands will be much cheaper than domestic brands.
For example, kiehl's, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Origins and so on.
For example, kiehl's's Amazon white mud mask, Yintai sells 280 yuan, and the United States sells 23 knives.
Although different states have taxes ranging from 5% to 9%.
But after that, the maximum is about 160 yuan.
Think about how much cheaper it is.
Next is the category of wrapping clothes.
The same is true of American brands, which are much cheaper.
The most representative is coach.
This product has been mixed with small luxury brands in ChinA.But locals are much cheaper.
If you're not so entangled with the latest model.
Be sure to go to outlet.
There will be a good discount, and sometimes you will get some discounted vouchers when you go to the shopping center.
Coach in outlet is basically 4% off the domestic price.
Individual models are cheaper.
I've bought two small bags before.
Mobile phone can not map.
EmbarrasseD.Basically less than 500 yuan, and later search Taobao to buy on behalf of 1200 +.
In addition, brands like tommy, ugg, Lee and levis, which seem not cheap in China, are super cheap.
Outlet can be browseD.Many people drag their suitcases to buy them.
Others bought suitcases directly from outlet and continued to buy them.
Because there are some brand names such as New Beauty, American Travel and Tui, and the first two are American local brands.
It will be much cheaper than at home.
Anyway, if you take the luxury route, outlet will be a good bargain, and if you are a student party like me, you will have a good branD.I bought a lot of AA, AF, AE and so on.
In addition, even shopping is gooD.I bought a wallet in San Francisco's Famous Street in August 13 years ago and spent 1500 RMB until January 2014. See Yintai new products on the market, 3000 or 3500 RMB is not discounteD.Another purchased purse of 4000RMB is similar.
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