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What kind of experience is group travel in the United States?
As a member of two tour groups in the United States, I wanted to answer this question at the end of the first group, but then the second group, thinking that after the end of both groups, I could give the theme a perfect 4D experience.
In the United States, he joined two regiments, one in the West and one in the East.
Next, I can give you an all-round answer about how the group feels from eating, drinking and sleeping in a messy way.
The theme is that you can feel my feelings and feel my feelings.
What is the concept of a tour group?
Just follow it.
You don't need to worry about anything.
You just need to gather in the place where the guide waved the flag on time to ensure that you have no worries about food and clothing.
Secondly, this is an American delegation, in which there are people from different countries.
This vision, magnified 10,000 times, in the past few days, I feel that I know a country.
Come here, serious business, the first place to live in the US delegation is very gooD.They are all three-star or more.
Hilton and Sheraton are both regular members of the delegation.
They are basically four people.
So, I suggest that when you join the delegation, you take a look at the number of your teams.
Generally speaking, it is more convenient to have double numbers.
I think the four people are the best combination and miss my little companions.
1. OK:
Buses are all buses.
No matter how far they go, they are buses.
If they join the group, they will shoot one gun for another place.
They will get up early and take their baggage back to the hotel in the evening.
It's troublesome but convenient.
2. Eat:
When it's time, the tour guide will take you to a place to eat.
Most of them are buffets.
They can choose whether to eat or not, what to eat, and they don't want to walk around with you.
It's also possible to buy something else.
3. Lazar:
There will be toilets on the bus.
On the first day of the tour, the tour guide will tell us that although we have this toilet, we can't use it.
Of course, I understand that a car has to run for several days, and Larry's noodles can't be cleaned up, so how can we live?
True bladder bad friends do not need to worry, the bus will have a rest station, about two hours, urine urgency and frequent urination no longer how will not urinate pants, rest assured.
4. Cost:
I think that's what you should be most concerned about.
The cost of this newspaper group is not particularly expensive.
I forgot about the details, but when I joined the group, I thought, well, it's cost-effective.
But there is a rule that two packages and three packages are not includeD.The group fee only includes accommodation fee and bus fee.
It does not include food, scenic spots and tips.
Eat, guide to take, solve, scenic spots, where to pay for tickets, what scenic spots to buy tickets, the tour guide will recommend, and then choose their own, suggest that you choose the classic, some places can not go without the need to go, and some places it is necessary to go.
It's important to emphasize that if you want to travel freely, you also need to pay for it.
There are tips.
Usually, the driver has four knives a day and the tour guide has four knives a day.
How much do you give yourself in a few days?
The tour guide will collect money from the scenic spots.
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