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Rose Bowl Stadium has hosted two gold medal competitions in the Summer Olympic Games, the football match in 1984 and the bicycle race in 1932. The 1984 grand competition between France and Brazil for the Olympic gold medal in football attracted 101,799 spectators, breaking the previous record for the number of spectators in Olympic football matches and setting a record for the number of spectators in American football matches.
This record is maintained until 2014. Rose Bowl Stadium will also be one of the most important venues for the Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2028. Super Bowl Photo courtesy of NFL For professional football fans in the United States, there is no bigger game than the Super Bowl, the annual NFL championship.
The Super Bowl is usually held on the first Sunday of February, so Super Bowl Sunday is also widely regarded as an unofficial American holiday.
The Super Bowl is one of the world's most interesting annual sports events, with more than 100 million people watching it on match days in the United States on average.
Rose Bowl Stadium has held five Super Bowls, the 11th Super Bowl in 1977, the 14th Super Bowl in 1980, the 17th Super Bowl in 1983, the 21st Super Bowl in 1987 and the 27th Super Bowl in 1993. Vocal concert In addition to sporting events, Rose Bowl Stadium has welcomed many legendary musicians and contributed many great musical performances, such as Depeche Mode (1998), Metallica and Guns N'Roses (1992), Michael Jackson (27th Super Bowl Midfield Performance), The Rolling Stones (1994), U2 (2010), Beyonc_and Jay-Z (2010), Eminem and Rihanna (2014).
And so on.
In September 2014, tickets for the men's group One Direct sold out for three consecutive nights at Rose Bowl Stadium, which was the first time that such a grand performance had taken place.
Rose Bowl Flea Market Photo courtesy of Rose Bowl Stadium On the second Sunday of each month, the famous "Rose Bowl Flea Market" will be held in the stadium, rain or shine.
It boasts the largest flea market on the West Coast, with more than 2,500 vendors and attracts nearly 20,000 visitors a month. come here and you will see a very lively small market, antique collections, antique clothing, furniture, works of art, old photographs, jewelry, ceramics and so on.
There are all kinds of interesting gadgets.
Ticket prices vary according to time.
Tickets are $20 at 5-7 am, $15 at 7-8 am and $10 at 8-9 am.
Tickets are $8 from 9 am.
Children under 12 can enter the flea market without tickets.
The earlier they arrive, the more babies they have and the more fun they have.
By the end of the 4:
30 p.m. event, you will have the chance to grab the last minute special.
AMERICAFEST Americafest| Photo courtesy of Rose Bowl Stadium, Facebook Every year on July 4, the Rose Bowl Stadium holds Americafest, a spectacular Independence Day celebration featuring "the largest fireworks show in Southern California", live music, food vendors, handicraft sales, etC.There is also a family picnic party on the grass outside the stadium, and the atmosphere is very lively.
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