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In the United States, where there are many kinds of wines, different regions have different kinds of wines.
Among them, bourbon and whiskey have become the representative wines in the southern United States.
In Kentucky, where the wine is full-bodied, well-known wineries are not in the minority.
To experience the fragrance of Kentucky's wine, you may as well follow the famous Bourbon Trail to enjoy the full-bodied wines.
While enjoying the wine, you can also understand the brewing process behind it, as well as the traditional spirit that continues to this day.
Louisville, Kentucky Louisville, Kentucky Whiskey bar, whisky bar During the Bourbon Wine Exploration, Louisville's status as the famous Holy Land of Mecca attracted countless tourists to make pilgrimages.
Starting from the Whiskey Row downtown, you'll explore the ingenuity behind Bourbon.
Before the total prohibition, there were fifty breweries.
The view of the Ohio River along the coast adds to the sense of petty bourgeoisie of wine tasting nights.
Fourth Street Music Show, Louisville, Kentucky, Fourth Street Live, Kentucky Restaurants in the city also have the opportunity to taste authentic bourbon.
On the first Friday of each month, many local restaurants and bars offer special drinks and different discounts.
In addition to enjoying wine and wine, Fourth Street Live, a shopping mall that combines shopping, food and entertainment experiences, will further enrich your travel experience.
Not only is there Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse for wine tasting, but also the surprise of shopping and live performances.
Kentucky Racing Museum, Louisville, Kentucky Derby Museum, Kentucky In addition to bourbon, Louisville is also the site of the annual Kentucky Derby in spring.
Of course, if you don't catch up with the race festival, you can also visit the Kentucky Derby Museum, which is open all year round, to learn the story behind the event.
Lexington, Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Downtown Lexington, Kentucky, downtown Lexington, Kentucky Lexington, surrounded by green mountains, has a Bluegrass Parkway that runs through the city.
Although the eight historic breweries have different ways, they have jointly preserved the city's wine-making culture to this day.
In downtown Lexington, for example, Altech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co.
supply good beer and Bourbon every day.
Woodbury Reserve Distillery, far from the city centre, is famous for its long history.
Inside the whiskey brewery, Inside a Whiskey Distillery How can we lack a good meal while tasting good wine?
Don't worry, there must be a restaurant and bar in Lexington that can satisfy your appetite.
In addition, Lexington owns a Kentucky Horse Farm, which provides a theme park full of childlike and educational significance for local residents and tourists.
Ranch, Lexington, Kentucky, Horse pasture, Kentucky Bades Town, Kentucky Bardstown, Kentucky Historic Bardstown, Kentucky, Badstown, Kentucky Bardstown is Kentucky's second oldest city, so the traditional whiskey brewing process is still preserved in the center of the city.
Wine is accompanied by wonderful music performance, so that the historic blocks are always vigorous.
In addition, you can buy souvenirs at Kentucky Bourbon Market, as well as exquisite products related to bourbon.
Frontier Whisky Factory, Claremont, Jim Beam American Stillhouse, Clermont, Kentucky On the other hand, the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey's collection of over 50-year-old antique whiskey bottles, whiskey advertising and brewing equipment will tell you about the ingenious manufacturing process behind a bottle of whiskey.
Badstown's wine-making culture has already crossed the American border and gained international recognition.
You know, the world's best-selling Bourbon brand was born at Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Bades Town.
If you come here, naturally don't miss the chance to taste a Bourbon here.
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