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It is the first museum of modern art in the United States, located in the famous Dupont Circle in Washington, D.
, and its collection of precious paintings attracts art fans from all over the world to punch in.
It is the Phillips Collection.
The Museum has three main visiting areas.
The main building is the former residence of Philip, the founder of the museum, built in 1897. The other two exhibition areas are Goh Annex and Sant Building, built in 1960 and 2006 respectively.
In order to accommodate more works of art, the internal gallery is constantly expanding.
There are not only many famous paintings of European Impressionists, but also many American paintings of the 20th century, totaling more than 4000 masterpieces.
The priceless art treasures make the Philip Collection one of the top modern art galleries in the world today.
The works of Van Gogh, Renoir, De Bourne and other masters can be seen everywhere.
If you want to get a deeper understanding of the background of the work, you can choose to download the official App (search the Phillips Collection) or rent a voice interpreter live.
Not only that, but the Philip Collection is also a good place to learn about American history.
The Migration Series by Jacob Lawrence, a well-known painter, shows nearly 60 paintings, describing the migration of African Americans from South to North during the First and Second World Wars, which is also a very important part of American history.
In addition to the indoor exhibition area, don't forget to go to the open-air garden to see the museum's collection of sculptures, murals and other works of art, then go to the Tryst Cafe for a rest, then go to the museum store to buy some special souvenirs home, full load and return!
The Philip Collection is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Tuesday to Saturday (extended to 8.30 p.m. on Thursday), from 12 noon to 6.30 p.m. on Sunday, and closed on Monday.
Take the DC Metro Red Line and walk down to the Museum at Dupont Circle Station.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Hollywood is a famous indoor concert venues is expected to officially become a landmark building in Losangeles.
    According to southern california public radio news network (89.3KPcc) reported on September 29th, the approval of land planning and Management committee of 20, the city council recommended Hollywood music hall in the historic landmark paladin.
    If the proposal is accepted, the paladin hall will join the capitol Records tower, panoramic dome cinema, Ponte Hodges theatre ranks.
    But these spots are very close, you can go on foot.
    "This is the Hollywood for the future development of the paradigm, we protect the landmark, history is recorded in there."
    Senator Mitch Ofarrell (Mitch O Farrell) said, "it retains our cultural identity, which is very important for the people of Losangeles.
    People have emotional attachment to the beautiful and historic buildings, this is what we need in life in urban.
    We should have let us express reverence and place."
    However, the reason is not only the nostalgia and architectural appreciation.
    The paladin for music hall of historical and cultural landmarks and commercial considerations.
    crescent heights development company (crescent Heights) plans to build a multi-functional building two building 30 layer in the vicinity of the Sunset Strip, there are more than 700 commercial housing.
    This project was AIDS Foundation opposition, with its headquarters located in the street opposite.
    In April, the fund had filed a lawsuit.
    At the same time, the AIDS Foundation has been "community integrity initiative" supporters.
    The initiative is committed to reducing the large high density building.
    But the initiative was also united against a bunch of business organizations, labor leaders, developers.
    With modern streamline style Paladin hall was built in 1940. From Frank Sinatra to Jay-Z have opened the concert here.
    If the crescent heights is not agreed to retain the music hall, so it works great for local and 1 people are difficult to accept.
    So, the company will be in the construction of residential buildings while preserving the paladin music hall.
    In fact, the development of maintenance funds will be used on the music hall.
    "The advantage of the plan is that if not for the new project, we do not have enough funds to repair the music hall."
    O Farrell said.
    He also said that the plan can stimulate the vitality of the paladin retail.
    Whether the paladin hall can become historical and cultural landmarks by the Losangeles city council will make the final decision.
    Natural Bridges State Beach (Natural Bridges State Beach) Address: 2531 W cliff Dr, Santa cruz, cA 95060 This seaside park coast is the famous natural bridges, swarms of pelicans, cormorants in the bridge wings, jumping, beautiful scenery, full of vitality.
    Also near the grass, winding trails in the meantime, we can see Marley calvatum attracts more than 100000 monarch (usually October to February), experience the beauty of nature.
    The natural bridge there is a huge tidal pool, across the sea anemones, starfish, hermit crabs and other marine organisms.
    The children stared at the tidal pool observation for several hours, and other interesting sea creatures suddenly appear.
    The sand on the beach is very fine, suitable for sand;
    sea breeze breeze, open space, but also a good place to fly a kite.
    could have a picnic on the beach, or on the beach after Eucalyptus in the pine grove barbecue.
    San Francisco mayor Li Mengxian in July 1st in the municipal government office building, and a number of government departments and community organizations on behalf of 1, announced that from now on the lowest salary in San Francisco, raised to 13 yuan per hour, in 2018 the city towards the target of 15 yuan per hour and reached out a solid step toward the United States, is also the first state - california the key to achieve the goal of 2022 paid 15 yuan at the lowest step.
    One trillion and four hundred and thirty billion five hundred and twenty-five million two hundred and eighty-eight thousand seven hundred and eighty-three Li Mengxian said that San Francisco is the increase of wages at the forefront of the city, he is also very pleased with the rapid recovery of the economy, so that workers can share the fruits of economic prosperity.
    He praised the majority of workers in the process of promoting the economic development of San Francisco, play a big role.
    Improve the workers the minimum wage to help San Francisco achieve economic success in twenty-first century.
    chinese progress senior community organization director Liu Maoqi pointed out that 12 years ago, the San Francisco labor and community organizations together, for the increase in the minimum wage, San Francisco and california and 0, with the soaring index of life, raising the minimum wage of workers.
    Today, the San Francisco labor for 15 yuan per hour minimum wage target on the way forward, has taken a solid step.
    Nevertheless, in view of the San Francisco rent such as the rocket soared, many families are still struggling to survive in labor.
    A recent report shows that San Francisco's rent is the highest in the United States, another report also shows that a person must have an annual salary of 216 thousand and 129 yuan, can afford to rent a two bedroom apartment in San Francisco, which is beyond San Francisco for the majority of working.
    class income.
    Philippines community center organization member Mario de Mira said that in the past few years, although the San Francisco in the United States took the lead through labor law prospective, but the majority of workers still can not afford the rent in San Francisco, they even moved to Antioch live, who work in San Francisco and the surrounding areas, and even the daily commute distance of 50 miles.
    She pointed out that San Francisco increased the minimum wage for workers to 13 yuan per hour, only one aspect to ease labor economic pressure, the San Francisco municipal government to continue to strictly enforce the labor law at the same time, the construction of more affordable housing, so that the workers can afford to live in San Francisco.
    If the minimum wage workers in San Francisco encountered problems, please call (415) 554.6292.
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