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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Airports are often crowded, cluttered or confusing, but it is undeniable that flying is still one of the fastest and most convenient means of transportation.
In order to avoid missed flights, many passengers will arrive early to check in at the airport, especially those taking international flights.
The longer the waiting time, the more likely they will spend at the airport.
As savvy travelers, we always try to find cheap tickets when booking flights, and try our best to save travel expenses when traveling.
But in fact, the money we saved may unconsciously be spent at the airport.
From transportation, luggage, catering, etc.
, these expensive but unequal services and goods can be accessed through all kinds of parties.
Law to avoid buying.
Here are some money-saving suggestions for tidying up.
I hope I can help you all.
Use public transport to get to the airport Public transport is by far the cheapest way to get to the airport.
For example, taxis from downtown New York to Kennedy Airport cost more than $80, but public transport costs less than $10. Tourists are advised to check the information online in advance, or to ask hotel/hotel staff how to take the airport bus or subway to the airport, depart early and avoid the rush hour, so that they do not have to pay high taxi fees.
Take your own food to the airport I believe everyone agrees that airport food is expensive and tasteless, especially airplane food, which has been rejected by many people.
Although some good domestic airlines will provide free breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, but foreign airlines basically do not provide any free food and drinks, tickets can be booked in advance or purchased on the plane.
Preparing your own food is the best choice for tourists who want to save money and enjoy good fooD.Hamburg, sandwiches, noodles or nuts, chocolates and other snacks are all delicious foods for starvation at airports and airplanes as long as they carry foods that do not contain soup or fail to pass security checks.
Fruit can also supplement nutrients and water in flight, but some countries are right.
Exotic fruits are quite sensitive (some of them may be exotic or carry exotic species, causing irreversible damage to the country's ecosystem).
In addition, as a qualified tourist, the food with heavy or peculiar taste should not be brought on the plane.
Please think more of others.
Preparing your own food not only ensures delicacy, but also saves money.
It's absolutely a win-win situation.
If you are not able to cook during the journey, visitors can also buy food before going to the airport, which will certainly be cheaper than the airport.
Cheap Food at Airport If you really can't prepare your own food or buy food in advance, there are cheap food in the airport that can temporarily fill the hunger.
Some airport convenience stores have sandwiches, or can order a fresh fries in the bar, which can be very heavy.
Take your water bottle with you Perhaps this also happened N times on the knitting body, bought water or drinks to the airport before it had time to finish drinking, or throw them away or drink them on the spot.
It is highly recommended that you take water bottles and be an eco-friendly passenger.
Instead of spending expensive bottles of water at the airport, you should bring your water bottles.
There are tea rooms at the airport to provide clean and sanitary water for passengers to drink.
In addition, taking water bottles on the journey can also save the cost of going out to buy water, which can be packed in restaurants, hotels and other places in advance.
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    ABOUT minnesota local customs, tourist attractions
    The children's Museum of Minnesota
    Minnesota children's Museum located in Minnesota, St Paul, which is a non-profit social organization.
    The Museum's purpose is "to stimulate the child's enthusiasm for learning through play, here to give children a touch, climbing, crawling, push, pull, press the free environment.
    The children and their parents for 6 months to 10 years old can be here in 7 exhibition hall experience hands-on fun and adventure.
    The children's Museum of Minnesota in 1981 years and 12 month 12 days in Minneapolis Downtown hall, the children began to have the opportunity to experience the children's Museum of interactive exhibits from then.
    The Museum's founder insisted on a very important principle in the Museum strongly not "do not move".
    Because the number of visitors are rising every year, the children's Museum capacity has been challenged in the next few years in the Minnesota children's Museum moved to the two site, eventually settling in St Paul in early 90s.
    One of the best point of the Minnesota children's Museum is done anywhere in the Museum, almost all can see the trace of education, the education is not the education of children but to educate parents, through some simple words let parents understand the child's growth process, so that parents can become a child life mentor.
    Here is the shadow game, interesting knowledge, turtle life exploration..
    In the Lego castle Adventure exhibition, the children also put on the white horse prince, or monster costumes, to build their own towers and the castle.
    In addition, the Museum also specifically for children under 4 years old for a toy Museum.
    Minnesota children 's Museum
    Reason: the children's Museum of Minnesota, the most interesting
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    city Attractions: St Paul [Saint Paul]

    One of the best places to emigrate: Truth
    Truth is a city in Gwynard County, Georgia, USA.
    As a suburb of Atlanta, ITT Institute of Technology has a branch here.
    In the absence of public transport, Truth is a highly car-dependent city, close to Interstate 85. According to Forbes magazine, Truth is the 26th most suitable place to emigrate in the United States and the most affordable suburb of Georgia in Bloomberg Business Weekly.
    The city's adjacent attractions are Stone Mountain and Lake Lanier, of which about 7.
    5 million visitors visit Lake Lanier every year, making it a good place for summer vacations.
    Lake Superior Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world.
    It was discovered by French explorers in 1622. The name of the lake is from French Superior, meaning "Shanghu".
    The lake, shared by the United States and Canada, is surrounded by Ontario, Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.
    The lake is 616 kilometers long from east to west, 257 kilometers wide from north to south, with an average altitude of 180 meters, an area of 82414 feet, and a maximum depth of 405 meters.
    The water storage capacity is 12,000 cubic kilometers, accounting for more than half of the water storage capacity of the Great Lakes, which is the fourth largest lake in the world (the first three are Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal and Lake Tanganyika, respectively).
    The lake shoreline is 3000 kilometers long, with dense forests along the coast and winding Lake bays on the North coaSt. Nearly 200 rivers flow into the lake, with the Nippigon and St. Louis rivers being the largeSt.
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