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"Keep Portland strange!
Keep Portland Weird!
"Portland is the largest city in Oregon, where you can find this sentence on every graffiti wall.
It's best to use the word "bizarre" to describe Portland, but there are amazing fashion and hippie cafes and independent local businesses with different styles.
The city has an annual naked bicycle ride, a 24-hour Elvis theme church and a museum covered with velvet murals.
This strange, bizarre and somewhat lovely atmosphere extends to Portland's fooD.Many restaurants in Portland have crazy ideas on their menus.
Some dishes are like a drunken artist throwing paint on a blank canvas.
Although Portland's food is strange, its development is becoming more mature, and it has formed its own unique flavor, which is mainly embodied in the form of gourmet dining car, so the city's gourmet dining car is full of flowers.
They have gradually become a way of life in PortlanD.You can find them in the city's squares, gardens and other corners.
The queues waiting for food can be seen in every block.
People are enjoying eating meat pies, vegetarian rolls and other foods while chatting on the street.
"Eat on the street.
" This is typical of Portland Street View.
On the other hand, dessert is also a major feature of Portland, where people like high-sugar food, and visitors who like sweet food are lucky.
The cafes, restaurants and bars here have their own dessert menus, as well as the emergence of independent dessert shops.
Strange combinations of desserts are dazzling.
Wonderful tastes and fantastic combinations are always snapped up by tourists and locals who come to seek novelty.
The application of the scholarship, from the first letter to get a full scholarship usually takes half a year to 10 months, American universities are generally in every March and April this year decided to dispatch the scholarship will be decided in February or May, some schools, which according to the different schools under the scholarship application deadline set.
Application specific steps are as follows: One, American University, the first letter of claim letter.
The first letter of the cable should generally include: with the return address, the degree and scope (Professional), admission time (term), ask for admission and scholarship application form, in addition to their background and TOEFL, GRE scores can be described briefly.
銆 Second, in TOEFL, GRE or GMAT and other necessary examinations.
Many applicants are in the exam before the first contact with the American College of letters, so outstanding can not be, but the first contact time should be at least a month before the study for 8.
銆 Three, prepare the application materials.
To prepare the application materials are very complicated, and not a little sloppy.
Including a complete set of application materials sent to: completed the school for admission, has completed various scholarships and financial aid application form, TOEFL, GRE (GMAT) transcripts, letters of recommendation two to three letters in English Professor, two copies of transcripts, resume, education certificate reading plan.
銆 Fourth, reminder and keep in touch.
The applicant should contact with the school after a few weeks, asked whether the materials are complete, whether the application has been completed, is granted scholarships and so on.
銆 Fifth, scholarship award and admission notice.
The school adopt circulating system evaluation, make evaluation in a couple of weeks after the receipt of materials or even shorter time.
Once the assessment is made, the school will notify you by letter form has a scholarship, how much is the amount of subsidy, the total consumption of funding is to cover the whole year, and asked the applicant whether to accept the scholarship as soon as possible to make a reply.
If you are not fully funded, the school will also let you find another source of income to make up all the expenses.
Then you should immediately return the ability to find other sources of funding, if not, should continue to require schools to give full scholarships.
If the school awarded a student scholarship is that the applicant is technically very good, not only because of undetermined fraction of the funding and the opportunity will have to give up the whole study, as far as possible to meet his requirements.
If the school funding conditions are satisfactory, reply to accept a scholarship, and express gratitude.
銆 Before making the final decision should be carefully considered, once accepted admission and scholarship, the school will be based on your decision to plan, then you should not withdraw their decision to accept another school, if the applicant's school in the first volunteer list, while other schools had yet to reply you.
We should send a letter to the school decided to admit you thanks and ask the latest reply when, then go to the letter to hope to go to the school, tell them that you have received another school admission and scholarship notification reminders when can learn about their decision.
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