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In addition to England, New England in the United States usually refers to the northeastern part of the United States, including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode IslanD.In autumn, the scenery of New England attracts tourists from all over the worlD.Here, you can capture the color changes in autumn, let alone miss the following wonderful destinations!
Milano Noch, Maine Millinocket, Maine Fall foliage at base of Mount Katahdin, Millinocket, Maine Milano Noch is Maine's largest town, with pleasant scenery and simple style.
And when autumn comes, the scenery and rich outdoor activities here will become your ideal travel destination.
Milano Noch Mountain Motorcycle Experience, Maine Ride an ATV in Millinocket, Maine Starting from Milano Noch, you can also visit the nearby Baxter State Park to visit Mount Katahdin, one of the world's best mountain climbing sites selected by National Geographic magazine.
And the best way to open autumn is to climb mountains, overlook the autumn-colored leaves around, and the beautiful scenery of the blue lake.
Or, with the beautiful autumn scenery, you can enjoy the rapids and the pleasure of watching elk.
Elk, Milano Noch, Moose in Baxter State Park, Millinocket, Maine, Baxter State Park, Baxter State Park, Baxter State Park, Baxter State Park Green Mountain Landscape Trail, Vermont Green Mountain Byway, Vermont Stowe, Biking in Stowe, Vermont The two rows of maple trees and birch trees on the highway are lined with mountains behind them.
They pass through two national forests and three state parks.
The essence of autumn is concentrated on this green hill Scenic Trail.
Quietly tell you, if you come to Vermont from mid-September to mid-October, the color of autumn leaves will be more beautiful.
Stowe, Gondola ride over Stowe, Vermont Don't forget to stop at Waterbury Center State Park, Smugglers Notch State Park or Mount Mansfield for a moment on your self-driving trip to feel the refreshing cool and autumn breath in the air.
Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Factory, Waterbury, Vermont The highway journey of the Green Mountain Landscape Trail started from Waterbury and eventually arrived at Stowe.
These two towns also have many interesting scenic spots.
For example, Waterbury is home to Ben and Jerry, the famous American ice-cream brands, whose guides will take you behind the scenes of the legendary ice-cream brand, while Stowe, known for its resort villa, has many outdoor adventures waiting for you to discover.
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