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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
As a world-class metropolis, New York is also the center of PALACE-LEVEL music and art.
The NYC Summer Stage Performing Arts Festival (NYC Summer Stage Performing Arts Festival), which is held every summer in New York's parks, is distributed in all corners of Manhattan IslanD.The performance art brought by the summer stage enables New Yorkers and tourists to experience world-class performance excellence.
" Summer Stage Performing Arts Festival Stage Summer stage provides a variety of artistic performances for residents and tourists in New York, ranging from independent singles to African percussion, from Latin trap music to soul music, from reggae music to contemporary dance, from Fado to EDM, and works that cannot be clearly defined as genres.
This summer alone, more than 100 performances were held in 18 parks in the city.
More importantly, 90 performances were free to the public.
Audiences and Stages of the Summer Stage Performing Arts Festival From the most famous musicians to emerging artists, the summer stage is dedicated to performing high-quality performances that can be appreciated throughout the city.
The Metropolitan Opera House in New York is the world's leading organization for preserving and performing Western classical operas.
Some of its renowned opera performers will join the summer stage in 2018 to provide free concert feasts for those who usually want to see the Metropolitan Opera House operas, but are discouraged by high ticket prices.
Outdoor concerts GOOD VIBES WITH JASON MRAZ AND BRETT DENNEN Jason Mayers International ballad superstar Jason Mayers will appear in Central Park, where he will perform a series of tracks such as his most famous work I'm Yours.
Jason Mayers has won two Grammy Awards, and his album has been at the top of the top 10 Billboard Music charts.
$55 - 75 Time:
August 9, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Address:
Rumsey Playfield Central Park The United States should pay attention to the hot degree when applying for a visa to open

In the face of full opening in 2005 the United States visa policy, more and more students want to learn some basic knowledge to study in the United states.
In the summary of some United States notes, hoping to study in the United States are willing to help the students.
To apply for American universities or high school students in reading: although any theory of high school students can enter university courses.
But in the actual operation, successfully entered the U.S. high school students generally have the following conditions: get good grades, TOEFL or IELTS and SAT test scores and certain economic conditions; for the average applicant if willing to relax target of school choice, you can choose to enter the United States on the level of University of course; American college admission is not only look at the results, but the combination of a series of factors to make a decision.
For undergraduate or graduate courses for American students in reading: generally requires language scores (TOEFL, IELTS) you can start to apply, but TOFEL wants to enter the ideal of foreign universities, IELTS scores, outside also need GRE or GMAT score, where GRE is the Graduate School of University of Canada (in addition to all kinds of research and management school, School of law) an examination must have required applicants, whether it is one of the important standards of scholarship awarded to professor for the applicants; GMAT is an important examination for application for assessment of accounting, finance and management professional applicants.
Preliminary examination results also need to master some application tips, then put to good use; and "different China grind", Graduate Studies in the United States is "application" in the United States, because university departments and colleges are independent graduate recruit, so to master certain skills to win for the Admissions Committee is very good important.
9 should apply to American universities enrollment in the previous year the beginning of summer.
For example, 2006 fall admission, regular admission as of the date of the 2005 year 12 month to month 2 2006 years, of course, there are also part of the school enrollment enrollment in the spring, but spring semester enrollment is relatively less.
Before submitting the application materials, the applicant need to prepare a large number of application information, successful applicants need to put their competitiveness through the application documents in the application process (including: resume, personal statements and letters of recommendation) expressed in an appropriate way, and to ensure the school before the deadline of all the application materials mailed to the school; after receiving the application materials in the school, also need to communicate with the school and professor of admissions and scholarships matters; in the following year 2 months to 4 months, the United States will continue the university admission notice issued to the students.
The students accepted the admission notice, the school and the United States immigration visa will be issued for the I20 table.
The table will indicate how much the learning needs of students in the United States, and who will bear these costs.
Every year 5 months to 7 months is an American student visa (F-1) peak.
U.S. visa system is the most stringent in the world, is also the most special; and not the same as other countries, the United States visa interview this visa process to emphasize, bring a lot of variables; according to the statistical data of the Embassy of the United States, 2004 China, apply for studying in the United States visa pass rate of more than 70%, people generally think that the United States visa very difficult, in fact as long as fully prepared, and carefully prepared some key issues, the door is open.
For the tuition of universities in the United States many students concerned, according to the nature of the university level and geographical location and other factors have great difference.
In general, the top private university tuition is about 3-4 million dollars a year, general private schools need 1.5-3 million dollars a year, plus the cost of living, four years of undergraduate education about 15--20 million dollars; about $45 thousand about two years of postgraduate education, the strength of American universities usually offer strong the number of scholarships for international students; in addition, the school will provide students a lot of job opportunities.
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    See the name of the Museum will jump?
    Indeed, the first time I heard about the world there is a special toilet Museum, but had to believe the world is true.
    Barney Smith toilet cover art Museum is located in Sanantonio city, Texas, is a nine year old Barney Smith built the Museum, said the Museum, is actually a garage, and free and open to the public The Museum is composed of Barney Smith since 1970 created more than 1000 toilet cover, the creation of toilet cover is because he is a plumber, on the toilet feel warm, the most important thing is he with toilet suppliers closely, can get free toilet products.
    The toilet lid is cover and contain everything works, historical events, news and events, celebrity events, also has own life Barney, he through the paste, sculpture, mosaic, painting, installation and other methods to a combination of a variety of materials into various themes, various shapes of the toilet cover.
    Each toilet cover will be Barney's careful "care", he gave all the toilet cover number, photograph, sorting, each toilet cover have a "identity card" on the back of the toilet cover, indicate the number of creation, creative inspiration, materials, decoration materials and horse bung donor materials.
    Nearly 40 years of continuous creation of thousands of pieces of toilet cover works, need is the collection of all sorts of strange things, more need to emerge in an endless stream of creativity.
    In this strange Museum, in addition to enjoy all sorts of strange things outside the toilet cover, the audience can watch a 15 minute film, the TV Barney media reports are recorded, edited into a video for tourists.
    Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum
    Reason: the world's most surprising Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    city Attractions: Sanantonio [San Antonio]

    The Fort Worth Museum of modern art as the earliest Fort Worth Public Library and art gallery opened in 1892, has changed several names and functions.
    The main mission of the Museum is after the collection, exhibition and interpretation of the Second World War art in all media in the international development trend.
    The Fort Worth Museum of modern art, where the building opened in December 14, 2002, is located in the corner of a city park on the outskirts of the city of Fort Worth, by the famous Japanese architect Ando Tadao design, is a building of two storeys, standing in a large gravel pool, with modern characteristics.
    The building consists of 5 buildings arranged in parallel "box" as the basic unit of the "box", the length on both sides of the proportion and the whole design echoes, double surface structure with concrete and glass.
    considering the intense heat of summer sunshine, each building is all designed deep cornice.
    In order to show the theme of the exhibition space is also a "light", designed two kinds of natural lighting system, is given to high volume box space characteristics, also through the PTFE membrane onto the roof of the light.
    In the 4900 square kilometers of the exhibition hall, the Museum is a collection of more than 2600 pieces of art, the Museum in the central region of the United States after World War II the forefront of art collection.
    The fixed Museum exhibits from Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Richard Serra, cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol and other famous artists of the more than 3000 art works.
    Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
    Reason: the central United States after World War II, the most comprehensive Museum of art collection
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    Attractions: city of Fort Worth [Fort Worth]

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