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All the way to the outskirts of Pittsburgh, the beautiful scenery along the way makes you unaware that you have just left the city.
In fact, this highway, Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway, can also take you all the way to appreciate many famous historical relics and architectural treasures.
If driving all the way makes you feel a little tired, stop at these places and enjoy the unexpected scenery along the highway.
Rare Wildlife Park Living Treasures Wild Animal Park Just 82 kilometers from Pittsburgh, there are more than 300 wildlife of more than 50 species in the precious wildlife park.
Especially suitable for family trips, bring children here to experience the fun between nature and the animal world, not only to feed wildlife, but also to experience the joy of horseback riding, or to watch some exhibitions of large carnivores.
fallingwater Fallingwater The reclusive house, situated on the Mill Run in Pennsylvania, was built by the architect Frank L.
Whether it's a perfect blend of natural surroundings or a beautiful space made of water and rock, this villa has become one of the most famous houses in the United States.
Nowadays, many tour groups offer villas'sightseeing service, which can not only take you to appreciate the combination of nature and architecture, but also take part in deep tour group to see the beauty of villas' interior and at dusk.
cucumber falls Cucumber Falls Leaving the city, you might as well come to Ohiopyle State Park nearby and enjoy the leisure of nature.
This 19,000-acre natural park is covered with dense forests and abundant hiking routes.
Of course, if time is short, don't miss the cucumber waterfall in the park.
Without hiking, you can enjoy the elegant scenery in this 9.1 meter long waterfall.
Don't forget to park in the upstream of the waterfall.
You can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall along the steps.
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