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Space needle tower The most famous building on the Seattle skyline is the Space Needle, built in 1961. The 605-foot steel monster rose to the ground in 1962 when Seattle was hosting the World Expo, but in fact its base was 30 feet deep enough to lower its center of gravity.
Now this has become Seattle's impression of the city in postcards and TV programs.
Visitors can choose to eat at the Rotating Sky City Restaurant 500 feet above the ground, or look at Seattle from a 520-foot observation terrace.
Tourists are advised to take city passes, take elevators to the tower during the day and return at dusk to witness the bright lights of the city in the daytime and night above Seattle.
Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition Washington glass artist Dale Chihuly created many wonderful exhibits in the gardens and glass pavilions of Seattle Center.
In Chihuly Gardens and Glass, large indoor glass exhibits are enough to light up dark rooms, and outdoors are glass sculptures integrated into garden design.
To try out a unique artistic experience in Seattle, this is a must-see attraction.
Pacific Science Center Pacific Science Center is well suited for a traveler to travel with, to ensure that the whole family can find their own preferences, and this is also one of the places where city passes can be visiteD.In addition to circuses and science exhibitions for the elderly and children, there is an IMAX cinemA.One of the most wonderful short films is the eruption of Mount St.Helen, or you can choose to roam around the tropical butterfly hall, where visitors can experience the warm climate of the tropics, and let colorful butterflies fly around, some butterflies will fly on tourists.
Pike Place Market How come you've been to Seattle without visiting Pike Place Market?
Parker market has a history of more than 100 years.
You can find fresh seafood products, handicrafts or flowers in the market.
It is suggested that tourists leave enough time to explore this magical market, stop and smell flowers from time to time, taste fresh fruits and seafood, and there are a large number of street artists performing near the market.
This is the most vibrant place in the whole city.
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