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What kind of experience is living in the most expensive city in the United States?
No one answered the question.
Let me just talk about it.
The feeling of living in the Bay Area is super cool.
Four seasons are like spring.
You don't have to experience the cold winter in Boston, New York, or the strong wind in Chicago.
The Bay area is surrounded by mountains and seas, so it is very suitable to go out to play in the mountains and rivers on weekends.
It can cultivate a very healthy lifestyle.
Not only does it feel like a big city like San Francisco, but it also feels like a small, delicate city like Sausalito and Palo alto, and it also feels like a little bit of central America in San Jose.
Adjacent to Berkeley and Stanford, there are technological elites in Silicon Valley.
People's ordinary lifestyle is focused on health, there are many Asian restaurants (both in China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Matai) and there are many fusion creative cuisine.
It's also very close to NAPA Vineyard, so people who like to drink wine can go and push it.
Those who like fashion and play will choose San Francisco, while those who like quiet and leisure will choose around the Bay AreA.Americans in the Gulf are basically OPEN-MINDED.If you're in a central city, the average American probably doesn't even know what morning tea is.
But in the Bay Area, Americans may chat with you about different ways of eating chicken claws.
It feels like Asians are generally well treated in California, and they don't feel racial discrimination or anything like that.
Probably because of the abundant sunshine and good weather, most of the people in the bay area are also very cheerful and helpful.
So it's not as cold as some big cities.
The acceptance of homosexuality is also very high, and the overall liberal and vibration is very suitable for young people.
Basically there are no shortcomings, the only shortcoming is probably expensive.
The rent is high and the tax is high.
But that's usually the case in big cities.
The biggest difference between living in the Bay Area and other places is that there are a lot of technologies here.
Three days at both ends of the conference, tech talk.
Every cafe has people talking about technology or new business ideas.
Any passer-by may introduce you to a VC investor.
All kinds of activities with entrepreneurship as a gimmick are related to technological entrepreneurship.
This may be a little like Haidian in Beijing now.
I'm studying in San Diego and now I'm living in San Jose as an intern.
I'm going back to San Diego for my third year of study this winter.
In the middle of the internship in Erwan for half a year.
Let's talk about how I feel about living in these three places.
As far as safety is concerned, the three places give me the same feeling.
But I live around the school in San Diego, and in the Bay and Irvine districts, I live in communities with more technicians.
So I think the answer to this question should be:
if you live in areas where high and middle-level people gather, it's still safe.
In downtown, however, crime rates in some neighbourhoods are still higher.
On the surface, San Jose paid me the highest salary.
It's 23% more than my internship in Erwan.
There may be some reasons for the difference in average salary and time (about a year), but as far as I know, the average salary of Qualcomm legal person in the Bay Area is lagging behind the average salary of the Bay Area as a whole.
Cost of living in the Bay Area, Bill Bay and San Diego.
Qualcomm raises wages by 8% to 10% in order to get San Diego employees to work in the Bay Area to offset the rising cost of living, but many people still say that it is not enough at all.
Look at the average house prices in the Bay Area and compare them with those in the Irvine Bay and non-coastal areas of San Diego.
In terms of less discrimination, I think California as a whole is very gooD.Not absolutely not, but really not much.
I've lived for so many years only to see Chinese discriminate against blacks and Indians, not to mention the discrimination around me.
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