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    ABOUT connecticut local customs, tourist attractions
    Connecticut, one of 6 states in the Northeast American new England area, is the new England region the most southerly state. The north east of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, West adjoin New York, south across the Strait and Long Island. The state of things to the contour is rectangular, 90 kilometers wide north-south, east-west length of 145 kilometers. Area of 13023 square kilometers, forty-eighth among the 50 states in the. The population of 3596000 (2013), twenty-seventh in 50 states within the state, is one of the most densely populated. The capital of Hartford (Hartford). In USA Connecticut independent period, is one of the 13 state of the union. America Navy had in the state named USSConnecticut battleship

    Connecticut is one of the 6 states in the northeastern New England region and one of the most southern states in the new England region. North of Massachusetts, East Rhode Island, West adjoin New York, south across the Strait and Long Island.
    Climate and area: 14356 square kilometers of state area, ranking forty-eighth in the United States 50. The state'scontour was like a rectangle, 90 kilometers wide north-south, east-west length of 145 kilometers, mild and rainy climate, four seasons, the average winter temperature is slightly lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the average summer temperature is about 21 DEG to 24 DEG C, the average annual rainfall of 1092 mm.
    City and population: population 3 million 580 thousand (2011), ranking twenty-ninth in the United States, is one of the more densely populated state. The capital of Hartford (Hartford), one of the oldest city in the United States, Connecticut Lin Ge he West, an area of 46.5 square kilometers, a population of 139 thousand, is the nation's finance and insurance industry, many banks and insurance companies are headquartered in the city. The rest of the state including the main city of (Bridgeport),  (New Haven),  (Waterbury), (New Britain) and (Middletown) etc..
    Infrastructure: Connecticut transportation developed, hydropower and other infrastructure to improve. Bradley (Bradley) International Airport has been expanded in recent years, and the highway, harbour and railway transportation facilities have been expanded. A total of seven highways, the most important is 84, 91 and Interstate Highway 95, connecting the great city of New York and Pennsylvania, massachusetts. The existing airport 61 seat, 64 seat heliport, Bradley airport to provide service 24 hours a day, the annual cargo throughput of more than one million tons. There are 210 passenger and freight trains per day between Boston and New York. The Connecticut coast is 250 miles long, a deepwater port three: New Haven, Bridgeport and New London, intermediate harbour two: Novak and Dan's history.
    Aircraft engines, nuclear submarines, helicopter manufacturing to become the leader in the transportation equipment manufacturing industry in Connecticut. United Technologies Company under the Pratt & Whitney company is specializing in the production of aircraft engine company, American F-15 fighter engine was produced in this company; General Dynamic Corp is the only nuclear submarine helicopter manufacturers; the production of military aircraft company United Technologies Company caskie west.
    Connecticut is the nation's first, most economic strength of the region, in 2011 there are 14 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the state of the United states.
    Ge Corp (GE), 2011 "fortune" the United States ranked 500 in the top sixth, the world's largest multinational companies to provide technical and service operations. The product and service scope is wide, involving aircraft engines, power generation equipment, financial services, water treatment to the medical imaging and media fields. At present, the company operates in more than and 100 countries in the world, with 315 thousand employees.

     Connecticut is the third smallest state by area,[13] the 29th most populous,[14] and the fourth most densely populated[13] of the 50 United States. Called the Constitution State, the Nutmeg State, the Provisions State, and the Land of Steady Habits.[1]

     It was influential in the development of the federal government of the United States. Much of southern and western Connecticut (along with the majority of the state's population) is part of the New York metropolitan area: three of Connecticut's eight counties are statistically included in the New York City combined statistical area, which is widely referred to as the Tri-State area. Connecticut's center of population is in Cheshire, New Haven County,[15] which is also located within the Tri-State area.


    耶鲁大学(Yale University)
    卫斯理大学(Wesleyan University)
    费尔菲尔德大学 (Fairfield University)
    康涅狄格大学(University of Connecticut)
    三一学院(Trinity College)
    康涅狄格学院(Connecticut College)
    亚柏特麦格纳斯学院(AlbertMagnus College)
    南康涅狄格州立大学(Southern Connecticut State University)
    桥港大学(University of Bridgeport)
    桥港电机学院(Bridgeport Engineering Institute)
    圣心大学(Sacred Heart University)
    中康涅狄格州立大学(Central Connecticut State University)
    恰特欧克学院(Charter Oak College)
    东康涅狄格州立大学(Eastern Connecticut State University)
    哈特福大学(University of Hartford)
    圣约瑟夫学院(St.Joseph College)
    纽罕文大学(University of NewHaven)
    邮政学院(Post College)
    昆尼皮雅克学院(Quinnipiac College)
    圣艾尔奉萨斯学院(St.Alphonsus College)
    西康涅狄格州立大学(Western Connecticut State University)

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