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Whether you are a film fan, a drama fan or a variety fan, there may be such questions:
Where are the beautiful costumes and scenes of movies, TV plays after filming?
Where are the clothes, scenes and props that have appeared in the cancelled variety shows?
Can stars walk down the red carpet only once and never see them again?
These second-hand stores may give you the answers you want!
IT'S A WRAP Photocourtesy of IT'S A WRAP, Facebook Since 1981, the huge 7,000-square-foot fashion and props reseller has become Hollywood's clothing database, and its founder, Janet Dion, was working at CBS Radford Studios.
At first, the resale shop was used to auction wardrobes and string puppets in The Muppet Movie.
Then, some scenes in Titanic and Hard Country were auctioneD.Dion gradually realized the significance of the resale shop and expanded it.
Photo courtesy of IT'S A WRAP, Facebook Now you can find some props here, as well as accessories and clothes with huge discounts, but the most popular is the designer's exclusive commodity area upstairs.
There are brands such as Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Yves St.Laurent.
These clothes are all your favorite movies.
The clothes worn by stars in TV plays are usually only 5% to 65% of the market price.
The store also added labels to the items, including the name of the item, the original price, and the names of the actors who had worn the dress.
Now there is a promotion every two to four weeks.
~ Address:
3315 W.
MAGNOLIA BLVD.BURBANK, CA 91505-2306 PREVIOUSLY ON Photo courtesy of:
Previously On Film companies often buy countless movie props, such as high-end sofas, tables, lamps, to complete the film set when filming.
When the film was finished, where did all the scenery go?
Go to Previously On and find it.
Many exquisite household items will be sold here, and many fans or recyclers will find what they want here.
In addition to film scenes, some film and television companies will sell props that have been discontinued and cancelled in variety shows.
Photo courtesy of:
Previously On What better way to alleviate the pain of losing your favorite show?
A little shopping therapy may help you.
Here you can collect what you see on the screen at a low price, and there are more small items used by stars for sale here.
~ Address:
3516 W MAGNOLIA BLVD BURBANK, CA 91505 DECADES Best Stylist Hand Me Downs - Decades Celebrities often don't wear the same suit in publiC.This may cost stars and sponsors a lot.
For decades, their stylists have often commissioned the sale of designer clothes that customers used to wear.
From customized dresses worn on the red carpet to dresses worn at various conferences, you may find them in this store.
Although it's a loss for stars and sponsors, it's good news for us.
Photo courtesy of:
Decades Who doesn't want to wear high-end customized fashion, or buy a relatively cheap dress from Sharon Stone, Selena Gomez or J-Lo?
Whether it's Prada's skirt, Chlo_'s pants, or fantastic Givenchy shoes, you can find them in Decades and occasionally meet stars in stores.
Best Almost-Famous Halloween costumes-Western Costume Co.
There is no other place in the world where ordinary people can find T-shirts worn by actors in No Country For Old Men and Catch Me If You Can, let alone any clothes that appeared in TitaniC.As long as you want, you can find almost all the costumes of the actors in these movies in WESTERN COSTUME CO.
Best Almost-Famous Halloween costumes-Western Costume Co.
From providing clothes for Gone with the Wind to providing clothes for many of the latest budget studio works, Western Costume Co.
can be said to be the eldest brother of Hollywood Apparel Company, dating back to 1912. Clothes in the store can be rented or solD.Now if you want to visit the store, you'd better make an appointment in advance.
You can also set up an account on the store's website, browse the huge warehouse online and find the clothes you want.
~ Website:
//westerncostume.com Address:
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