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Burning Man Festival is one of the largest outdoor art carnivals in the United States.
It is held every year in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.
This unique annual event attracts more than 75,000 art fans every year.
This year, Fireman's Day airborne in Washington, D.
, combines outdoor and indoor art areas.
The unprecedented grand Art Carnival will bring visitors a different Festival experience.
The event was organized by DC's renowned Renwick Gallery.
From now on until January 21, 2019, the streets and alleys of Washington will be filled with the festive atmosphere of "Fireman's Day".
New art exhibitions will be displayed at the Renwick Gallery, and many classic outdoor art installations have been moved into the interior gallery as they were fabricated.
The original exhibition area on the first floor shows the works of Marco Cochrane, Candy Chang and Richard Wilks, while the second floor of the gallery is the exhibition area of Leo Villareal and Fold Haus art series.
Never miss the theme exhibition "City of Dust:
The Evolution of Burning Man", which was set up by the Nevada Museum of Art for the Renwick Gallery.
It showcases many historical relics and works of art closely related to Fireman's Day, and can only be seen here!
Apart from Renwick's interior gallery, there are also many related art and stone sculptures on display in the Golden Triangle community near the museum.
There are six sculptures here.
Can you find them all?
銆銆The United States: introduction is easy to apply professional scholarship

The United States to study at their own expense to be successful, is the key to apply for a scholarship.
The United States "Time" and "news report" released the investigation report to a university scholarship competition degree, the report shows: 1, the most competitive professional: Business Administration, dentistry, law, medicine, surgery, marketing, finance, fine arts and performing arts etc.
; 2, more intense competition for the professional: Computer Science and engineering, electronic engineering, material science, information science, automatic control, intelligent technology, artificial intelligence and cognitive science, technology, aerospace engineering, psychology, medicine, clinical medicine, market economics, food science etc.
; 3, the general competitive professional: system science, operational research, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, marine engineering, power engineering, environmental engineering, power engineering, laser technology, chemical technology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, immunology, medicine science, brain science, psychology, comparative literature, crime American history, politics and sociology, etc.
; 4, weak competition professional: mathematics, statistics, physics, high-energy physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, basic geological engineering, physiology, marine biology, animal science, botany, agriculture science, philosophy, education, European history, Indian history, anthropology, archaeology, history of africa.
The expert analysis, professional scholarship application difficulty is not absolute.
For our students, if the college education belongs to the range of subjects of intense competition, it is better to apply for other related professional and close to the subject, such as a computer professional graduates can apply mathematics or statistics better.
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