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In the American highway system, a highway is called "Mother's Road" by Americans because it symbolizes the pioneering spirit of the American Dream and the pursuit of freedom.
Although it was removed from the U.S. highway system because of the rise of the Intercontinental Highway, it was re-added to the map in the name of National Landscape Road because of its important historical value.
This famous highway is known as Highway 66. Highway 66 was built on November 11, 1926, and completed in 1938. It started in Chicago, Illinois, and traversed Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, slanting across the U.S. territory to Los Angeles, California (later to Santa Monica, San Monica), spanning eight states, three time zones, a total length of 3943 kilometers.
It took about half a month to drive a full distance.
 Beginning with this article, the series of "Los Angeles to New York" has officially started from California and entered the vast Midwest of the United States along Highway 66. Highway 66 was once a dream road for farmers in the Midwest to seek wealth in CaliforniA.In the minds of many Americans, it symbolizes the grand road to fulfill the American dream.
Nowadays, although Highway 66 is broken, the scenery on both sides of the road is still so shocking and charming.
The vast cornfields, the scattered cactus and trees in the vast fields, the wooden house pub near the highway town, and the neon-flashing motel.
It's like the scenes in the western movies.
In a trance, you even think there's a duel in front of the pub at noon.
It's a long journey to the heart of the United States in such a nostalgic atmosphere, but I promise you will never want to rush through.
All kinds of cities, towns, scenic spots and delicacies along the way show you the most pure American charm, and a story behind it tells you about the legendary western history of the United States.
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