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Because of the fierce competition and the uncertainty of the result, sports competitions can always bring infinite passion to the audience.
Even if you are not a supporter of either side of the game, you can't help but immerse yourself in the atmosphere of sports with your friends.
As a big sports country, people's enthusiasm for sports has melted into the marrow for a long time.
Passionate summer, how can we lack the help of sports events?
This summer, many exciting sports events will be held in the United States.
The following two are not to be missed, the editor recommended interested friends to watch live, by the way, an unforgettable trip to the United States.
US Open, 6/11-6/17 Southampton, New York Southampton, New York The annual U.S. Open is one of the four Grand Slam events in golf.
It is held in June every year.
The final round will be held on Father's Day.
The event is held at different venues each year, and this year's event will be held in Southampton, New York.
So in the week of June 11, you can come to Southampton and witness the swing of some famous golf players like Brox Copka.
The venue of the competition is only two hours away from the bustling New York City.
You can come to the capital of the world to enjoy urban life after watching the game.
If you also like the leisure life of sunny beaches, Southampton, Long Island, New York, has Coopers Beach, the best beach in the United States.
It's only 10 minutes away from the race field and will be a great choice for your seaside vacation.
World Extreme Games, 7/19-7/22 Minneapolis, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota The world extreme sports, founded and organized by ESPN, will bring together the most powerful sponsors and professional athletes in the United States to show the world the most fashionable way of sports today.
As in 2017, this year's competition will be held in Minneapolis.
During the four-day competition, you will witness the wonderful moments of skateboarding legend jumping off the pole and cross-country motorcycle riders taking off in the air.
After the game, you can feel the city charm of Minneapolis in comfortable weather.
In this picturesque advanced city, you can not only try various outdoor activities, but also enjoy wonderful art performances.
Such diverse urban styles make tourists from all over the world forget to return.
Watching an exciting baseball game at the Target Field, participating in a Broadway musical tour, or enjoying a taste bud experience in a well-received restaurant are all the best ways to open Minneapolis.
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