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When we hear spring, we can't help but think of cherry blossoms in full bloom.
Japan and Washington, where spring is abundant, may be the first places to catch our eyes.
In fact, in some little-known small cities in the United States, you can also see the "extraordinary" spring, see the vitality and vitality of the earth's recovery.
Xiaobian quietly shares with you two small cities today.
If you are still planning a spring outing, you might as well seriously consider them.
Macon, Georgia Macon, Georgia Located in the middle of Georgia, Macon is known as the "heart of Georgia".
As we all know, Washington, D.
C.is a place to enjoy cherry blossoms, while Macon's 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees are equally unwilling to show weakness.
You know, the name of the city may not be familiar to you, but it has the reputation of "Cherry Blossom Capital of the World".
Every March, when cherry blossoms blossom, Cherry Blossom Festival will be held here.
With the warming of the temperature, this year's Cherry Blossom Festival will be held between March 16 and 25, and friends who have plans to play here can regard it as a destination.
Of course, Macon's charm goes far beyond that.
Spring Spirit Stroll, another well-known local holiday, will be held from March 16 to 18 this year.
An hour-long tour takes you to a beautiful cemetery in Macon City.
A professional tour guide tells you about the mysterious history of the town.
Just Tap'd Craft Beer Festival is a festival for tasting refined beer, during which rich and interesting activities can enable you to taste the format of refined beer, at the same time, understand the relevant knowledge of beer production, tasting, appreciation and storage.
Don't miss these festivals if you come near Macon in March.
Michigan, Netherlands Holland, Michigan Perhaps all parts of the world called the Netherlands are full of spring and tulips.
Like the Netherlands as far away as Europe, the Netherlands in Michigan is also an idyllic town.
From May 5 to 13 this year, the world-famous Tulip Festival will be held here.
At this time, hundreds of thousands of "flower lovers" gather in the Netherlands to record with their own eyes the grand scene of five million tulips fighting for beauty.
Tulip is not the only highlight of this festival.
A variety of art exhibits, three famous Michigan parades, coveted local cuisine, and thousands of Dutch wooden shoe dancers will meet you in May.
Grab the tail of spring and have a close date with this dazzling sea of flowers.
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