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Looking back at Georgia's tremendous contribution to the development of blues music, it's not hard to understand why its atmosphere is full of literary and artistic atmosphere.
Of course, art is not all about GeorgiA.The Southern cuisine here is equally amazing, especially the representative barbecue.
There are many big and small cities in Georgia, including Atlanta, Savannah and Athens, which are rich and unique.
What are you waiting for?
Plan a trip to Georgia right now!
Atlanta Atlanta As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta has so many reasons to attract you.
In 1960, Martin Luther King, the famous leader, launched the famous black civil rights movement here.
Today, you can also visit Martin Luther King Jr.
National Historic Site, where he once lived, to trace this surging history.
Do you know that Coca-Cola, which everyone likes to drink, originated in Atlanta?
Almost all visitors to Atlanta will visit Coca-Cola headquarters to gain a deeper understanding of the history of the legendary brand and the story behind it.
By the way, you can also get all the Coca-Cola drinks here for free, and have the chance to taste some unheard-of flavors.
After the Coca-Cola headquarters visit, you can come to CNN headquarters to learn how to make a wonderful program.
In addition, Atlanta has the largest aquarium in the United States, 30 acres of botanical gardens and other attractions worth visiting.
Whatever mode of travel you pursue, here are some of your most memorable experiences.
Savanna Savannah On a cool afternoon, stroll along the sidewalks of the Savannah River, passing buildings with a long history.
Or stop at the art gallery on the street, sit in the cafe on the corner, and watch the boat go slowly.
This is the perfect way to open Savannah.
If you are fascinated by the beach, go to Tybee Island, where there are not only clean beaches, but also delicious seafood waiting for you to taste.
After the big meal, it's better to go to the city market to visit the characteristic shops and listen to the live music coming from the roadside.
At this moment, what you feel is Savannah's soul!
Athens Athens Athens retained many pre-Civil War buildings, as well as the "pre-war route" used by the southern fugitives during the Civil War.
You can visit many historic neighbourhoods and museums, look for the customs and customs of the Civil War hundreds of years ago, and the charm of the city bestowed by history.
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