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With out-of-print black glue record stores, cutting-edge artists'design works, storytelling bookstores, a dazzling agricultural market.
Whether it's exquisite, elegant or local, you can always meet surprises by hanging out in Hollywood.
AMOEBA MUSIC Instagram by @danny.
h As a fanatic music fan, if you don't go to Hollywood AMOEBA MUSIC will definitely regret to cry.
Located on Sunset Avenue, this large record store is like an inexhaustible treasure.
With a large number of second-hand or new black-film records, you can spend a whole day searching for your favorite treasures.
There are music-related original books, soundtracks, movies and related delicate surroundings, so don't worry about the lack of surprises.
And the record store can be turned into a live house, where there are countless bands holding new album debuts or tours, including Paul McCartney's legendary performance in 2007. Address:
6400 W.
SUNSET BLVD.HOLLYWOOD, CA 90028 HOLLYWOOD FARMERS'MARKET Instagram by @lazygirlliving Arriving in Los Angeles, where is the most local experience of life?
Let's go to the farmer's market.
HOLLYWOOD FARMERS'MARKET is one of Hollywood's most famous large-scale farmers'markets.
It operates from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Sunday.
There's the latest variety of farm products and hidden lunch recipes in Los Angeles.
1600 IVAR AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90028 IGUANA VINTAGE CLOTHING Instagram by @jvn2 There are so many occasions for cross-dressing.
Halloween, Christmas, friends'birthday parties and masquerade dances all require you to find a suit that suits you well and is amazing.
Graceful retro, futuristic, weird.
Whatever style you prefer, this Hollywood IGUANA classic will find a good match.
Cheerleading uniforms, disco costumes, tie-dyed shirts with unique styles are all available.
If you are a simple antique lover, you might as well meet in the basement here and be surprised.
6320 HOLLYWOOD BLVD LOS ANGELES, CA90028 LARRY EDMUNDS BOOKSHOP Instagram by @risingphoenixrep Hollywood, with its boundless scenery, is also different from bookstores.
LARRY EDMUNDS is one of the best feature bookstores in Los Angeles, where books record the lives of stars and directors, allowing you to explore Hollywood full of dreams, ambitions, frustrations and desires.
People who love collecting around Hollywood will not be disappointed by the movie posters and studio photographs that LARRY EDMUNDS owns.
6644 HOLLYWOOD BLVD.LOS ANGELES, CA90028 The RECORD PARLOUR Photo courtesy of The Record Parlour, Facebook Amoeba Record Store is an irresistible temptation for music fans.
When you go there to punch in, don't forget The RECORD PARLOUR.
The two shops are very close and can be reached on foot.
It's like a sea of black tape records.
It's super rich in quantity and types of musiC.It's lucky to run into an event where a dollar in the store takes away a piece of black tape.
LOS ANGELES, CA 90028 GLITTER DEATH Photo courtesy of Glitter Death Glitter Death is equally cool from shop name to product!
You don't need to integrate into the crowd here.
Every corner of the store embodies "unique", "free" and "unusual" incisively and vividly.
The store is full of underground cultural symbols, trying to find everyday clothes out of the street.
Sorry, No.
But if you want to wear an unforgettable look once, you won't be disappointeD.There are other chic gadgets in the store, shape accessories, leave enough time to clean them out.
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    ABOUT colorado local customs, tourist attractions
    colorado tourism and leisure
    The United States of Denver city: this coffee shop not money"
        Want to pay much money to pay, to help.
    In a coffee shop in the United States citizens of Denver Bunard Bozzie couple.
    The customers love how much money is out of money, or just not only to help the couple to journeyman, this can let the hungry people have food to eat, and to give them the feeling of Guests feel at home.
    The shop has now opened the first half of the year, still "survive".
    Money money money.
    An old neighborhood in the city of Denver on Kerr Fake Faith Avenue, Bunard Bozzie and Libby Burch couple small cafe has been open for 6 months.
    But they don't know how much money you have, do not know their customers at a time for a bowl of spicy chicken or a pesto pizza pay.
    In the name of the "Datong coffee shop (SAMEcafe)" shop, people do not pay attention to the price and profit.
    The word "SAME" is "to eat the same meal (SoAllMayEat)" acronym, while people in this shop in mind this point is.
    Libby and Bunard had worked in a number of charity free restaurant obligation helper for many years, they want to create a place, can let the hungry people have food to eat, they will not distinguish with ordinary customers.
    This cafe is no pipeline type service free restaurant, what food is not freely donated by people into mass production.
    Here is fine fresh food being sold, and the place is dining in the restaurant, but the restaurant did not even register.
    Libby and Bunade to customers often say, do you think the meal is worth it to pay much.
    Do you have much money out of money.
    Money people can go to a collection box inside the outside shop throw a few coppers.
    Who can not afford the money will go to the kitchen helper, cut onions, wipe the pot, to return to any kind of whatever way.
    Equal hospitality to the beggar Libby and Bunade could be put directly into the coffee shop cash donated to a homeless shelter, not only as much more than the shop, and is very likely to provide food for more hungry people.
    But their focus is not on this point.
    "We not only provide food for the people," Libby said, "generally speaking, the homeless, those who need help is not the same with ordinary customers' attention and care.
    But here in the US, people will recognize them, the people in the shop will take look at them and talk to them, let them feel and any one of the store as honorable.
    The purpose of our shop here."
    But Bunard has refused to accept several beggars.
    Every day he held 4 hours of this pizza dough, not for charity.
    He and Libby hope to create an atmosphere in the "Datong coffee shops", to attract students, including bankers and blocks of women, all kinds of people.
    They hope this small space filled with a friendly atmosphere of harmony.
    The United States of colorado, the situation of colorado
    Have a challenging slope and rich amount of snow in the state of colorado, is an ideal resort skiers, skaters and snowmobile enthusiasts.
    Summer snow melts, these same mountain to walkers and mountaineers waving, meet their visit.
    colorado is a historical and cultural center.
    Visit the colorado Museum of natural history, will let people have a sense of return to the age of the dinosaurs, or the cheyenne Prison Museum to cheyenne Wells, a former western life to experience hardships.
    The most popular attractions for the Mesa Verde National Park and with tall mountains, crystal clear lakes, snow capped and wild animal diversity, Rocky Mountain National Park attracts more than 3 million tourists.
    17 highway in the state are picturesque and famous in the history of the bypass, while Durango and Silverton narrow gauge railway can escort passengers through the colorado Rocky Mountain terrain.
    If you love and enjoy the feeling in the air, the world's largest suspension bridge is located in Royal George, is not to be missed attractions.
    Here, the world's most steep, traffic on the slopes of the tram will bring you down the excitement.
    For less active travelers, the state offers from the luxury five star hotel to the cabin resort, affordable roadside motel equipments, campsites, apartments and hotel breakfaSt. Major tourism projects: Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver natural history Museum, Pueblo reservoir (PUEBLO RESERVOIR), Denver zoo, cUREcANTI recreation area, the us Air Force Academy, MESA VERDE, ROYAL GORGE National Park, national dinosaur Memorial, National Memorial chorten in colorado.
    capital: Denver Denver, August 1, 1876 to join the Federal
    Location: located in the Midwest inland and Arizona Arizona, Kansas, Kansas, Nebraska, New, Mexico, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Oklahoma Utah, Wyoming Wyoming border Area: 104100 square miles, including land area of 103730 square miles, water area of 371 square miles
    Population: 1048319
    State bird: LARK-FINcH lark
    State: centennial State / colorful colorado centennial State or state of color
    The shock of the us - colorado Grand canyon Sitting in the Grand canyon Hopi Point cliff waiting for the sunset.
    Looked at the foot of gully, boulders lie.
    The horizon of the sun the heavy clouds away, dumping of rocks in the canyon, to the red rock on the dazzling golden cross.
    The Grand canyon in the sun changes in different colors, like a fairyland colourful and boundless 1. Millions of years ago, the colorado canyon and Himalaya mountains, was a 1 sea, orogeny make it rise.
    However, due to the soft stone, after millions of years of rushing colorado river erosion, the rock was cut into friction on both sides of today, a total length of 446 km, an average width of 16 kilometers, the maximum depth of 1740 meters, the average Valley depth of 1600 meters, a total area of 2724 square kilometers of the world famous Grand canyon.
    The shock of the us - colorado Grand canyon The Grand canyon is a masterpiece of the colorado river.
    The river originates in the Rocky Mountains of colorado, through Utah and Arizona, from california, california bay.
    A total length of 2320 km.
    "colorado", in Spanish, meaning "Red River", which is due to the large number of river sediment entrainment, the river appears red, it has this name.
    The shock of the us - colorado Grand canyon The long.
    term erosion of the colorado River, regardless of day and night running, sometimes cleave, sometimes the way back, in the upper reaches of the mainstream and tributaries have carved the Black canyon, canyon, Glen canyon, Bruce canyon 19 and then flows through the canyon, Arizona rocky Kaibab plateau, more amazing the formation of the pen, the length and the breadth of the deepest gorge in colorado this spectacle, and become the river all the canyon in the "canyon of the king".
    The shock of the us - colorado Grand canyon The road is low canyon hiking line of the grand canyon.
    The Grand canyon in a very classic foot line, difficulty difficult or easy, with different lengths, if you want to go hiking tour pal, it is best to first understand clearly the difficulty of each line and the time required to clearly understand the supply situation of each line.
    I did not arrange on foot, is the biggest regret of the grand canyon.
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