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    ABOUT oregon local customs, tourist attractions

    Oregon is a state USA, Pacific coast is located in the south of American, the state for the state of California, north of Washington, mild climate, distinct seasons. Oregon's economy is developed, the per capita GDP of up to 80000 of $7000, is one of the important high-tech center American and financial center.
    Oregon State
    Alias Ohio, Beaver State
    Administrative region class state
    Belonging to area USA
    Under the jurisdiction of Portland area, Corvallis, Salem City
    Government resident of Salem,
    Zip OR
    Area of 255026 square kilometers
    The population of 3890000 (2011)
    The climate condition of marine monsoon climate
    The famous attractions Columbia River Grand Canyon, volcano Lake National Park, Mert Norma falls
    The airport of Portland International Airport
    High school of Oregon State University
    Industry of high-tech information industry, financial industry

    (Oregon) is located in northwestern United States, the Pacific Northwest Coast, west of the Cascade Mountains and coast mountains. The eastern half of the plateau.
    Climate and area: 254806 square kilometers of state area, ranking ninth in the United States 50. Oregon mild climate, seasonal, the western coast of rain, the eastern part of the plateau less rain, forest accounts for half of the total area.

    Major industries in Oregon are manufacturing, agriculture, services, trade and finance; the main products are electronic and semiconductor products, wood and wood products, metal and metal products, aircraft, food, paper, etc..
    Agriculture and animal husbandry: the main production of wheat, vegetables and fruits, such as agricultural products, instant bean, mint, sweet cherry, Gan Lanhe strawberry production in the United States occupies leading position; livestock mainly cattle, calves, poultry and dairy products; Oregon is the main origin of species in the world, grass production accounted for 60% of the total world output, focused on the United States the main lawn seed company, has 1500 grass planting field. Since 80s of last century, wine brewing has gradually developed into an important industry in the state, the area of grape planting acres of acres, more than 400 wineries.
    Fisheries: Oregon coastal and Columbia river rich tuna and salmon, salmon processing center is one of the world's largest fishery processing in Astoria (Astoria).
    City and population: population of about 3 million 870 thousand (2011), ranking twenty-seventh in the United states. Residents 78% are white, 12% are Asian Americans, 8% is a descendant of Latin America, the 1.3% is the indian indigenous people.

    Capital of Salem (Salem), the largest city of Portland (Portland).
    History: in the early years, the region has the Native American Indians, Indian Oregon meaning "beautiful water"".
    Economic indicators: 2011 Oregon GDP for $194 billion 700 million, ranking twenty-fifth in the United States, accounting for 1.30% of the proportion of the United States GDP; GDP50297 per capita.

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